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文章原始标题:What has China done to make Western countries so worried and scared?


Ridzwan Abdul Rahman, Self employed (2000-present)
The following statement, from the introduction to the US “Strategic Competition (against China) 2021 Act” explains it all:
"The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is leveraging its political, diplomatic, economic, military, technological, and ideological power to become a strategic, near-peer, global competitor of the United States. The policies increasingly pursued by the PRC in these domains are contrary to the interests and values of the United States".
In other words, China’s growth is limiting the US ability to do anything and everything as they please. This is why the US is worried and scared. They can no longer be the sole superpower in the world.


Lee Henry
It's all about US god given rights to squeeze others, so when the shoe on the other foot it's not right.


Essop Akoob


Jon Lee
It can all boil down to one sentence, it's against US interests.


Lio Ng
Sadly your understanding of the statement have a very different interpretation amount the American and their allies.


Ridzwan Abdul Rahman
So explain your understanding of that statement


Lio Ng
American doesn’t care what the statement means. They are fearful of everything and would hate on China regardless.


Jim Sorensen
IMHO an American individual only has an opinion about China when a network news outlet or a politician tells them what to believe.


L.K. Ee
Put simply, the US will brook no competition.


Sadly When China was poor and weak the world looked down upon it snd its people AROUND the world. Chinese around the world ( especially in hostile SE Asian countries) were bullied, made fun of and called names saying Chinese people are poor, stupid and ugly ( I experienced this in the 80s as a child). Now that China is rich and strong, it is seen as a threat.


Barbara Wunderlich



Felix Su
A better picture would be how much Africa has increased their GDP since China has been investing in Africa vs. the 400 years that the West has been “involved” in Africa as a ruler.

【回复】一张更好的图片应该是,自中国在非洲投资以来 vs 西方统治者“介入”非洲的400年,非洲的GDP增长了多少。

Charles Balderama
The West hasn’t ‘ruled’ Africa for 400 years. I’m not sure where or how u studied history but that’s just ridiculously off. The slave trade wasn’t the west ruling. It was a trade.
the scramble for Africa isn’t even 200 years ago and didn’t even last 100 years.


Jensen Lean
Pax Americana is still based on multilateralism, while, on the other hand, the Chinese is based on unilateralism and the deliberate indebtedness of other countries in order to then be able to control them.


Dipak Pant
I’d beg to differ, Mr. Lean. Actually, I have travelled and stayed longer periods (for work) in China and a few African countries where the Chinese have been doing infrastructure works. I am quite well impressed by Chinese actions in Africa. Of course, there might be some problems here and there; but they are minor. Overall, Africa is gaining by Chinese investment, not losing.
Actually, there is no Pax Sinica geopolitical strategy of hegemony like Pax Americana. From China, it is pure business - infrastructures and industries in exchange for market and natural resources, without any coercion. And, a little, soft power projection - demonstration of China’s “superiority” in governance, economy and logistics.


Très Bien
Your definition of multilateralism is threatening, sanctioning, and giving coloured revolutions to those who do not obey the Yankee?


They have shown that if the United States especially ever no longer is the leader of the United Nations and the global market. That they would be one of the possible candidates to take their place. And they don't like that nor do they want that to stay a possibility. That is why all these conspiracy theories come out about them and all these allegations of trying to start another world war. But I think in the end they're consequences and result will be the same like it's been for everything else they tried to deny and cover up.


George Cunningham
If china doesn't start to become a global player than it can't take over usa. It need to form ties and defense treaties and not just belt and road initiative (as its mostly economical). China has been practicing self isolation since about the beginning of the pandemic which a world leader doesn't do if it wants to lead. Economics is only a single part of being world leader.


Ayoub Elamrani
kudos to equatorial guinea


Steven Mak, lives in Newark California (2003-present)
The West is not worried or scared of China.
The West is upset that they can’t stop China’s rise, and can’t do the Eight-Nation Alliance against China today.


Feelix Wee
Is it so difficult to take USD100 billion out of a bloated USD700 billion a year defense budget and invest that money into education and infrastructure? No country in the right or even wrong frame of mind is going to attack USA. Even with a 600 billion as opposed to a 700 billion budget, that's still more than the best 10 countries defense budget combined. I would preferred a vibrant, strong America alongside China working together for a better world, rather than the risk of Armageddon WW3.


Lance Chambers
Totally agree with you last sentence.


Erwin Lee
You have to understand running 800 military bases around the world plus research and development of new weapons are not cheap. It is a form of US investment in my opinion.


Stephen Springer
WE don’t want to stop China’s rise. A strong Chinese economy makes America strong and vica versa.


Michael Ciao, Business Owner Investor (1977-present)
Not “Western countries” but US only, and US absolutely is not worried nor scared of China.
US always needs an enemy, without a big enemy, there is no more reason for the US military, there is no logic to spend more and more money on military, peace is bad for American military industrial complex. The civilian jobs retired military personnel go to is with weapons makers and private contractors. If there is no enemy, all the reasons for the entire military-industrial complex disappear.
Military-industrial complex created the China enemy to keep business going on.


Renjie Teoh
Include Australia too. The hysterical fear of China is very real here, firmly entrenched even amongst the centre-left!


Arun Vaya
The US has a market share of 39% in international arms exports, and war helps their economy.


Terry Wong
The US is scared of the economic factor. The US is now behind the 8 ball past the point of no return. Industries, education, infrastructure, civil strife, everything is crumbling. The money printing won't save them.


Nathan James Geopolitical pundit and blogger.
Western countries have an over-active imagination. They think that China is a malevolent oppressive regime based on the fact that it is not a Western-style liberal democracy. They refuse to believe that China’s political system could possibly be peaceful and benevolent and good to its people.
And to the entire world.
In point of fact, the only things China has done are:
* protect its citizens from COVID-19
* improve its citizens’ standard of living hundreds-fold
* protect its citizens from terrorist violence in Hong Kong and Xinjiang
* protect its territorial rights in the South China Sea, including Taiwan
* trade with all the nations of earth and in the process enriched their citizens
* help countries in the Global South build their infrastructure via BRI

* 保护本国公民免受疫情的影响
* 将本国公民的生活水平提高数百倍
* 保护本国公民免受香港及新疆恐怖暴力的侵害
* 保护其在南海(包括台湾)的领土权利
* 与地球上所有国家进行贸易,并在此过程中使其公民富裕起来
* 通过一带一路帮助南半球国家建设基础设施

* help countries in the Global South to vaccinate their populations as the rich Western nations have abandoned them through vaccine hoarding
* pursue diplomacy throughout the Middle East rather than bombing the shit out of the region — recently, China signed a 25-year cooperation deal with Iran
* negotiate with the Taliban for the future of Afghanistan instead of invading and occupying the country for 20 years
* engage the ASEAN countries in peaceful trade through RCEP, the world’s largest free trade bloc
* invite all nations to participate in its space station program, including the United States — recall that USA banned China from the ISS
* refrain from waging wars — China hasn’t fought a single war since 1979
But the Western countries’ over-active imagination twists all of the above into nefarious deeds.
China just can’t win.

* 帮助南半球国家为其人民接种疫苗,由于富裕的西方国家囤积疫苗抛弃了他们
* 在整个中东地区开展外交,而不是轰炸该地区,最近,中国与伊朗签署了一项为期25年的合作协议
* 与塔利班就阿富汗的未来进行谈判,而不是入侵和占领该国20年
* 通过RCEP(世界上最大的自由贸易集团)让东盟国家参与和平贸易
* 邀请所有国家参与其空间站计划,包括美国——要记得美国禁止中国进入国际空间站
* 不发动战争——中国自1979年以来从未打过一场战争

Bruce Mah
China can’t win if someone else makes up all the rules … racist rules.

【回复】如果所有的规则都是别人定的,中国就不会赢... 种族主义规则。

Sing Lau
China did nothing to make western countries so worried and scared. It is what the western countries did in the past that makes then worried and scared. Because these western countries in the past attacked and conquered others, enslaved and massacred others that, they worry, once China becomes so powerful one day, China will do to them what they did to others in the past. In Chinese we called this 以小人之心 度君子之腹,which means ‘wicked people use their wicked hearts to measure the hearts of the righteous’.


Frank Jens
More like 以美国之计 度中国之略 😏

【回复】更像是“以美国之计 度中国之略”😏

Zbigniew Dzwonkowski
Yes and Carl Jung the Westerner , could say : “the wicked people project their wickedness on others around” … in reality, they are afraid of themselves…


Richard McMahon
Good idea! Soon China will be powerful enough to enslave and massacre the Western countries and be just as wicked as them.


David Barry
China isn’t western though and will not succumb to such low grade ways as the west.


Richard McMahon
That makes so much sense. The West invented evil and ‘low grade ways’. Other peoples of the world are saintly.


David Barry
European history and US current behaviour can hardly be matched. I very much doubt China will plan to invade, bomb and regime change like the US has done or to colonise and enslave like the UK did.


Lance Chambers Interested in US politics since the Kennedy assassination.
China is surpassing them economically.
China GDP growth rate 2.3%
US GDP growth rate -3.5%
That’s enough to send the US insane because if this continues CHina WILL surpass the US and that, the US, will not allow.




Zeis Siez Lee
And this is why the USA is afraid of the rise of Japan (which the USA managed to control) and China
As long as the West keeps innovating and keeps a productive economy, they will do more than just fine. Today, most people in the global south just spend on the essentials like food. When Africans and Asians get more developed, they could afford to buy more inexpensive products from countries like China. When China gets richer, the Chinese could afford to buy world’s top products like Apple, Mercedes, Gucci, Bowers & Wilkins, Boeing from the West. After that, as more Africans and Asians get rich, there’s more demand for products from the West. It’s all good.


The problem with the West is the USA. The economy system in the USA only works by being a world hegemon.
The USA has just 4% of world population and geographically isolated from the main part of the world, the Eurasia-Afro super continent, where 87% of the people live.
How does the USA stay as the biggest economy with such a small population? The US dollars as the world’s reserve currency. The USA created a huge consumption-based economy that encourages the US dollars to flow out of the country and circulate in the world, strengthening it as the world’s reserve currency. Also, by running a trade deficit, America encourages countries like China and Japan to buy its Treasury Bonds, because bringing all US dollars back to China or Japan and exchange to the local currencies would inflate the local currencies, making their exports expensive. By holding debts in US dollars, Japan and China would have to support the US dollars, allowing the US to continue printing money. That is the reason why America, one of the richest countries in the world is in-debt to a developing country like China, which has just 1/5th of the USA’s GDP per capita.


When the huge population in Asia and Africa grow in economy, the share of America’s economy shrinks, and the importance of the US dollars shrinks accordingly. When that happens, the USA would no longer able to print money out of nothing without an inflation like Venezuela. The faster Asia, Africa and South America grow, the earlier that will come. Inflation caused by money printing is exported to other countries, particularly the agricultural countries. Because unlike the manufacturing countries, when inflation comes they could produce more goods to mitigate the problem. For agricultural countries, they can’t ramp up production because it’s limited by land and time. And also since agricultural products are generally not uniquely produced in one country, they face competition to lower their selling price. So the poor countries will continue to absorb the inflation and continue to be poor. Our wealth in cash depreciate about 9% every year since the abolishment of the Bretton Wood System. Keeping the global south poor is essential for the US dollars to continue its dominance. That’s why the USA wants to disrupt the Belt and Road Initiatives, which build infrastructures and promote trades in Asia, Africa and South America, by accusing China of setting up debt traps in Africa and Asia.


* In 2000 Saddam Hussein said he would start selling oil in Euros not Dollars. Saddam was hanged by the US.
* In 2009 Gaddafi made Libya export oil in Gold Dinars. Gaddafi was killed by US-backed NTC.
* Syria had an independent Central Bank NOT under the Rothschild and Federal Reserve controlled Bank of International Settlements (like Iraq and Libya once had before US regime change). Obama attempted to overthrow Bashar al-Assad.
* Iran has been trading oil in currencies other than US dollars since 2011. Iran was being sanctioned by the US.
* In 2011, Russia started to find alternatives to dollars in oil trades. Russia was sanctioned.
* China introduced the BRI, the ADR and digital-Yuan which bypass the SWIFT system. Now it’s China’s turn.
Both the USA and China did not want a Cold War, as the relationship between them has been win-win for the last 4 decades. American corporations like Walmart and Amazon have been the big beneficiaries of the relationship. Likewise America is the most important trade partner for China and the relationship created jobs. But no sane countries want to be looted by the dollars system forever. So far, China’s strategy of handling the dollar is by exchanging the dollar with building infrastructures both domestically and in the BRI projects, because infrastructures are genuine assets, and they lay the foundation for new trade markets for China. And this threatens the US dollars.

* 2000年,萨达姆·侯赛因表示他将开始以欧元而不是美元出售石油。萨达姆被美国绞死。
* 2009年,卡扎菲让利比亚以黄金第纳尔出口石油。卡扎菲被美国支持的NTC击毙。
* 叙利亚有一个独立的央行,不在罗斯柴尔德和联邦储备委员会控制的国际清算银行之下。奥巴马企图推翻巴沙尔•阿萨德。
* 自2011年以来,伊朗一直以美元以外的货币进行石油交易。伊朗一直受到美国的制裁。
* 2011年,俄罗斯开始在石油贸易中寻找美元的替代品,俄罗斯受到了制裁。
* 中国推出了绕过 SWIFT 系统的一带一路、 ADR和数字人民币,现在轮到中国了。

Frank Jens, Ma Public Diplomacy, University of Geneva
Developing. And not liberalising.
A non white country, Non liberal and non “democratic", who has effectively developed means and demonstrates that development is not the by product of “democracy”.
That completely destroys the idea that advanced means “liberal democracy"


Bill Zhang
it’s more like Chinese democracy (true)vs western democracy (fake).

【回复】这更像是中国民主(真正的) vs 西方民主(虚假的)。

Fred Chuatiuco, former Healthcare CFO
Western countries had the run of the world for the last few centuries.
And China is truly the only country with the size . . . and now the technological resource . . . to totally dominate the West.
This is what China has done and become to make western countries worried and scared.
And it’s not just China. It’s the entire Eastern hemisphere, especially East Asia and the Asean. The core of global economy is in the East now.

而中国确实是唯一一个拥有规模... 现在还拥有技术资源的国家... 能够完全主导西方世界的国家。

Richard Chak
Let add some spices to what you said because the West have been a hagemonic beast for the last 200 odds yrs. They equate that China will behave like them at her peak of her power. Thus the fear of the yellow Peril…however, China will not & never will behave like the Westerners…why? China has existed for thousands of yrs. they have never Colonise other countries.

【回复】让我在你回答的内容中加上一些佐料吧,因为在过去的两百年里,西方一直是一头霸道的野兽。他们认为,中国在其权力巅峰时期的行为将会表现得和他们一样。因此,才有对黄祸的恐惧... 然而,中国不会也永远不会像西方人那样行事... 为什么?中国已经存在了几千年。他们从来没有殖民过其他国家。

Nick Davidson
We should note that the world is at war with each other


Chien-Sheng Tsai, BA Psychology, Fairleigh Dickinson University
What China has done is peacefully ascend to its rightful place in the world of nations through the efforts of its people. This does not sit well with the USA and its Western cohorts, especially the American lapdogs.
America has been the big schoolyard bully, and that is all that it is—a nasty bully. America has been riding roughshod over the world and its global hegemony is being threatened by China’s presence. So the US wants to stymie China as it had Japan and the USSR.
America First and Only is the USA’s win-lose approach—beggar thy neighbor is the American “rule-based world order”. America hypocritically claims to be a force for good, but it has evolved into a most Evil Empire—a fact that it does not want to and cannot admit.
It’s nothing that China has done or is doing; it is just the USA and UK and the Anglo-Saxons lapdog countries.


Dimicii Chelsea
Before that, what has Western countries done to China or to the world? Then you will see the answer.


Ng Brian, Bachelor Pharmacy, University of Sydney (2009)
A successful and developed socialist nation in the world will spell the demise of their capitalist system. The status of developed nations among themselves mostly gained through systematic exploitation of those less developed nations, the latter usually limited to resource extraction and tourism by whatever policies prescribed to them by the West.


Sulskis Galina
The answer is simple.
For long, the western world tried and succeeded in convincing people that capitalisms and Christianity are the key to prosperity. That’s the way, and the only way! Other ways will fail!
With China’s success, it started to shatter that belief. People start to look at the China, and think, oh, there may be an alternative way to reach prosperity. And that’s what Western countries are so worried and scare.


James Santos
China GDP per capita is $10,200 same as Mexico a developing country.
China has 600 million chinese living in poverty making less than $140 a month.
China minimum wage is$360 a month working 996.
Western countries are afraid of China collapsing.


David Barry, Lived in East Asia for Many Years. Now in Europe.
Nothing wrong at all. The west is in decline and sick from within. It is now following the evil US war narrative in turning on non white, non Imperialist countries. The west fantasises about White domination of the planet like in the old days of the 19th century. The US and Europe are in sharp decline. They have to accept this, instead of risking WW3 for their own attempts to dominate and follow the sick and evil USA.


Juliusz Turek former Construction Manager (2008-2009)
Simply put: in the last 30 years, the most powerful state of the West, the US, has sparked 13 wars that US taxpayers have paid $ 14 trillion dollars, and only 1% of the richest Americans have made a profit, so today they have as much wealth as the entire American middle class (170 million people).
At that time, the Chinese transformed their poor agricultural state of the Third World into a world industrial and technological power and the largest economy in the world by investing in education, science, industry, modern technologies, infrastructure, etc. Today China has millions of well-educated engineers and STEM doctoral students who will decide on the progress in science and technology of China.
Westerners have no reason to be happy and optimistic. Especially Americans, whose state from democracy has turned into plutocracy-kleptocracy and the center of political power in America today is Wall Street + military-industrial complex, not the US Congress and the US President.
Hence the "business model" of America, based on 800 military bases around the world and 6,000 nuclear warheads, with the help of which it is impossible to win in the field of economy, industry and technology. And this is the arena of competition for world leadership in the global world of the 21st century.

在那时期,中国通过在教育、科学、工业、现代技术、基础设施等方面的投资,将其贫穷的第三世界农业国转变为世界工业和技术强国和世界最大经济体。今天,中国有数百万受过良好教育的工程师和 STEM 博士生,他们将决定中国的科技进步。

Brady Milton
YOu could have said it in one sentence. China has developed while USA hasnt.


Juliusz Turek
Most Westerners fail to recognise that China has in the past 40 years copied the Industrial Revolution - a process of technological, economic, social and cultural changes - that took place in England and Scotland in the 18th century. This is the foundation of China's success. Worthy of the highest admiration.


Greg McHale
much of what you write is true.. however this China miracle has some serious problems today… debt carrying is a serious issue
Unemployment is also a major issue in China these days.
also foreign investment is leaving China
while it is great China has been able to rise up from their prior low levels of life quality, but all is not rosy and China faces major issues.

【回复】你写的大部分都是事实... 然而,这个中国奇迹今天有一些严重的问题... 债务负担是一个严重的问题。

Juliusz Turek
I know all these troubles of China. It's just that the US / West has no less. And it has one larger, but crucial one: demographics.
The West is aging, shrinking, dying as a civilization. In the US, in 20 years, whites will become one of the racial minorities, losing their privileged social and political status. Trump played this 'white people fear' card in 2016 and 2020. He won once, lost once, but what happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 makes me afraid that America is slowly falling apart. It is no better in Europe: it is drifting.
The West has no idea for itself, capitalism as a political and economic idea is over.
West needs someone like Deng Xiaoping.


Greg McHale
China has a serious population crunch coming up.. there will be more old people than young to support them.
It is very true America is a mess today (I am not an American and never will be one). It is unclear if the USA will survived these painful times. how 20 million can accept such lies of the Republican Party is just crazy.

【回复】中国即将迎来严重的人口危机... 将会有更多的老年人而不是年轻人。

Lio Ng, works at Creative Ideas
Back to history. China was invaded and partially occupied by foreign countries at the tail of ancient China. Now China is on the raise standing on it own too feet again. Population numbers are strong, economically doing ok. Who aren’t afraid China is not over the past wanting some revenge. I would say a logically China would never do such a thing. Yet hey, if you are the school bully and the kid you push over day in day out is a feet taller now aren’t you afraid of some revenge?

【回答】在 Creative Ideas 工作

Richard McMahon, Lecturer at University College London (2018-present)
Partly, China just worried the West because it is a rising superpower. In the past, the rise of new powers has often led to conflict between the rising and declining powers. China may work within the existing international governance system, in which it has thrived. However some Westerners resent its increasing role in this system, which threatens their previous dominance within it.


Dan-Wee Loh
China’s rise as a global power house is unavoidable ever since the dawn of civilization. Peaceful rise of a global house with economic, military might that can take on the USA and western developed nations with different language , culture and political ideologies. China is not eager for success as they just cruise along at their own pace.
The worry of western nations are self initiate, selfish attitude that has yet come to the reality that there are other nations that will rise up as leaders in this global village.


George Limlosuy former Director (2000-2005)
The west is worried about the rise of China because they remember that in the 19th and early 20th century, they treated China badly by invading, occupying and plundering the country and made China pay huge reparations. With the rise of China, they fear that China might take revenge and push them around. They cannot accept the fact that a non-white nation can become richer and stronger than them. That’s why they stopped the rise of Japan in the 1980’s and 1990’s by forcing them to appreciate their currency and surrender their electronics intellectual property.