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文章原始标题:Russian & Chinese bombers patrol off Japan

内容简介:中国/俄罗斯/伊朗是人类伟大的资产,正是他们对北约/美国法西斯主义及其世界统治构成了有史以来最大的威胁。正义的中国/俄罗斯/伊朗/叙利亚/巴勒斯坦 "VS" 邪恶的法西斯主义和种族隔离

CHINA/RUSSIA/IRANgreat assets of humanity it is they who pose the greatest ever threat to nato/usa fascism and world rule.china/russia/iran/syria/palestinethe good "vs" evil fascism and aparthied - UP: 54 DN: 0

中国/俄罗斯/伊朗是人类伟大的资产,正是他们对北约/美国法西斯主义及其世界统治构成了有史以来最大的威胁。正义的中国/俄罗斯/伊朗/叙利亚/巴勒斯坦 "VS" 邪恶的法西斯主义和种族隔离

Excellent partnership between Russia and China...Stay Strong 😎 - UP: 32 DN: 0

俄罗斯与中国的良好伙伴关系... 加油

the OPERATIVE word here is JOINT patrol. It is not just a signal to Japan but more of a not so subtle message to the US that Russia and China are now a TAG team. I don't think the US would miss that SIGNAL.Just a couple of days ago, Wang Yi (China's FM) spoke of its support for Russia in the Black Sea. - UP: 30 DN: 0


force the imperialists to swallow their own poison.well played, Russia and China! - UP: 42 DN: 1


World Wide->antiparasites
Or just laugh at russia and china for acting tough. - UP: 0 DN: 3


Scott Sollis
China and Russia will form the new Eurasian Alliance.The end of the Zionist regime is imminent. - UP: 44 DN: 2


White Vinegar
I take great comfort in seeing China and Russia up there keeping the peace, thank you! - UP: 11 DN: 0


Jasper Brenner->White Vinegar
That has been "the China way" for the last 6000 years.Believe it when you hear that China only wants more "lebensraum", and Russia is where China will get it. Along with raw materials. - UP: 0 DN: 11


Robin Wood->Jasper Brenner
Wrong mate, China has been the Middle Kingdom where it is now for 6000 years. It is Yankeeland and Russia that expanded enormously - UP: 4 DN: 0


Michael->Jasper Brenner
I am syre that you love Russia and its people. Do not worry for them you can loose sleep. - UP: 2 DN: 0


Jasper Brenner->Michael
Most expat Russians love their homeland. They only hate the dictatorships of the last 400 years. - UP: 0 DN: 0


LittleBuddha->Jasper Brenner
Alaska isn't really that far away. Russia wants it back anyway and China 'd be a big help. It is more profitable for them to join hands and split the prize. - UP: 1 DN: 0


Jasper Brenner->LittleBuddha
The only "prize" that China will settle for is the resources of Western Russia that are poorly defended. - UP: 0 DN: 3


LittleBuddha->Jasper Brenner
Everybody knows Alaska used to be Russian territories and Russian descendants still live there. Don't forget, Alaska is not contiguous to the US mainland. The treaty is only a LEASE and Russia has the original copy. Time has CHANGED, my friend. - UP: 2 DN: 0


Jasper Brenner->LittleBuddha
Come get it, tough guys. - UP: 0 DN: 2


LittleBuddha->Jasper Brenner
Your fellow countryman, Evan Neumann, wanted by American prosecutors over the January 6 riots in Washington, has just decided to seek asylum in Belarus. Putin : Naturally, this is not to everyone’s liking. Some of our Western partners are openly trying to drive a wedge between Moscow and Beijing. We are well aware of this. Together with our Chinese friends, we will continue responding to such attempts by expanding our political and economic sphere, and taking steps in the world arena.Don't fret, Russia will take back Alaska sooner or later. They are not called the Warrior Tribe for nothing. you should just hang in there to watch it unfold, pal. - UP: 0 DN: 0

你的同胞,埃文 · 诺伊曼,因1月6日华盛顿暴乱被美国检察官通缉,他刚刚决定在白俄罗斯寻求庇护。普京:当然,这并不是每个人都愿意的。我们的一些西方伙伴正公开试图在莫斯科和北京之间制造隔阂。我们很清楚这一点。我们将与中国朋友一道,继续通过扩大我们的政治和经济领域,在国际舞台上采取步骤,对这种企图作出回应。别担心,俄罗斯迟早会夺回阿拉斯加。他们被称为勇士部落不是没有原因的。你应该坚持住,看着这过程的慢慢发展,伙计。

Tammy Marie Darby->Jasper Brenner
Its for sure the US has nothing they want They are now richer than the US and they have passed the US in technology - UP: 0 DN: 0


David William Bullock
Well these pilots have better navigation skills than the US and UK ships and planes, they do not fly or sail into other people's territorial air space and waters ;-) For those who call Russia poor they should look again as Russia is actually more solvant than the USA. - UP: 11 DN: 0

这些飞行员比美国和英国的舰船和飞机有更好的导航技术,他们不会飞入或者驶入别人的领空和水域 ;-) 对于那些说俄罗斯穷的人,他们应该再看看,因为俄罗斯实际上比美国更有偿付能力。

Geraldo Lino
Hahaha, maybe the F-15 pilot just wanted to take some pics, as it was common pratcice between American and Soviet pilots during the Cold War. Well, tensions apart, it's not every day that one can watch such an aeronautical wonder like the TU-95 in action. - UP: 8 DN: 0


Jay in New Zealand->Geraldo Lino
Personally I like the white swan 🦢 TU 160 - UP: 1 DN: 0


littlwilli->Geraldo Lino
The Japanese absolutely love taking pictures!! - UP: 0 DN: 0


Groingo->Geraldo Lino
Agreed. - UP: 0 DN: 0


This comment was deleted.


Jay in New Zealand->Guest
Does USA have democracy, didn't shaman get 41 months for opposing the USA government. Didn't those people opposing the actions of a tyrannical government go to jail, what happened to their democratic rights - UP: 1 DN: 0


Akksfei->Jay in New Zealand
USA does bad things. Does that justify what China does? - UP: 0 DN: 0


Richard Kuo->Guest
Most of time, democracy = 1- you can periodically vote for whoever is on the ballot, 2- when you complain, you don't have to go to jail. 60% of American vote. 50-50, so, you have 30% supports the results, other 70% don't like/care the result. Per Statista Nov 2020 survey, 82% of Chinese trust their government, 42% for US government. Chinese used meritocratic system for century. yes, they do not have what we say about democracy. - UP: 1 DN: 0


Morgan Keating->Guest
Westerners slave away to pay taxes and can they vote? Yes, but it means dick-all. Voting machines decide. - UP: 1 DN: 0

西方人辛辛苦苦地交税,他们还能投票吗? 是的,但这完全没有意义。投票机决定。

John Lyall->Guest
Just like in Canada. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Varkov Ukuntski"
The joint Russian Chinese patrols are not aimed at any Third Parties, it's just a standard operation against Sympathisers of that Third Reich, Japan, USA and that usual lot - UP: 7 DN: 0




America, the EU, and NATO fly close to Russian borders every single day...... - UP: 5 DN: 0


Jay in New Zealand
Wow Japan is upset by a few planes, imagine what they would say if someone dropped two nukes on them... Oh... Wait - UP: 12 DN: 3

哇,日本被几架飞机搞得心烦意乱,想象一下,如果有人向他们扔两颗原子弹,他们会说什么...哦... 等等

FuryDragon->Jay in New Zealand
Too late... Someone DID in 1945! - UP: 1 DN: 0

太晚了... 1945年就有人这么做了!

Dee Smith->Jay in New Zealand
Imagine when the nukes fall on New Zealand. - UP: 1 DN: 5


kase->Dee Smith
Hes Russian. - UP: 1 DN: 3


John Whitehot->Jay in New Zealand
great one xDDD - UP: 0 DN: 0

牛逼 哈哈哈

John Garrity->Jay in New Zealand
Love it. - UP: 0 DN: 1


The UK F-35 is now a £100m submarine. - UP: 7 DN: 1


Black Widow
Those props on the Tu-95 are something else. Did you know that it's almost as fast as the B-52 but has a longer flight time. And the tips of the props break the sound barrier. - UP: 4 DN: 0


Jay in New Zealand->Black Widow
They're incredible planes - UP: 2 DN: 0


Black-Jack bombers & TU-95's flew round the clock missions from Russia to Syria and back home, occasionally using Iranian airbases too..........long-range bombers blitzed the CIA trained terrorists. - UP: 4 DN: 0

黑杰克轰炸机和TU-95,全天候执行飞行任务,从俄罗斯飞往叙利亚,然后回国,偶尔也会使用伊朗的空军基地...... 远程轰炸机突袭受过中情局训练的恐怖分子。

William A Barros
I like Japan but Japan should do a REFERENDUM asking their people if USA Military Bases are Welcome in Japan!! is NOT Japan a Democracy??!! - UP: 3 DN: 0


oakroot->William A Barros
japans people have tried to expell the fascists and terrorists but usa/nato big dollar bribes own japans government and overrules the voices and democracy of the people.usa is the greatest ever threat to democracy and voices/wills of humanity.usa fascism sucks - UP: 7 DN: 0


William A Barros->oakroot
Yes! And I am writing again! CHINA, CUBA, North Korea have a much better DEMOCRACY than USA and its Colonies! The Propaganda works to FOOL people!! - UP: 4 DN: 0

没错!我再说一遍!中国、古巴、朝鲜比美国和它的殖民地有更好的民主!宣传手段愚弄了民众! !

Jay in New Zealand->William A Barros
The USA is so good at it... I'm impressed and disgusted equally - UP: 1 DN: 0

美国在这方面很在行... 我既佩服又厌恶

Jay in New Zealand->oakroot
You're so right - UP: 2 DN: 0


Japanese are almost completely brainwashed by America. They still think US is the sole superpower - probably because Japan is the only country defeated by US. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Im amazed they can stay in the air with their propellers turning so slowly. - UP: 4 DN: 1


It is called the Strobotic effect. Sometimes, like cars shown in films, they even rotare backwards! - UP: 4 DN: 0


ron slow
Threats must be occurring, and significant Threats from outside China and Russia.War has seemingly addicted poor addicts of militarism. It is a condition like alcoholism, seems foolish to the non drinker to spend so much on the substance. - UP: 2 DN: 0


Dennis Constantinos
Okay but if they gonna do it, why don't they do it in the Yellow Sea near South Korea? South Korea claims Noktundo, Primorsky Krai, Yakutia, Khabarovsk (all belong to Russia), and Shangdong province (belong to China) as "Korean", especially the nationalistic politicians. Such deranged nationalists like Sin Chaeho are revered and taught in history books. Also South Korean military is directly subordinate to US and NATO general through Combined Forces Command. They are the only country in the Far East to be so, not Taiwan, Phillipines not even Japan.Now that the US have lifted missile restriction, there is rumor that they are developing IRBMs with range of 5000km that can hit deep into Russia. They already have SLBM that can reach Vladivostok - UP: 2 DN: 0

好吧,但是如果他们要这么做,为什么不在韩国附近的黄海做呢?韩国声称鹿屯岛、 滨海边疆区、 雅库特地区、哈巴罗夫斯克(都属于俄罗斯)和山东(属于中国)是“韩国”的,尤其是民族主义政治家。像申采浩这样疯狂的民族主义者,在历史书中备受尊崇和讲授。此外,韩国军队通过联合部队司令部直接隶属于美国和北约的将军。他们是远东地区唯一这样的国家,不是台湾(地区),也不是菲律宾,甚至不是日本。现在美国已经取消了导弹限制,有传言说他们正在开发射程达5000公里,可以深入俄罗斯的远程导弹。他们已经拥有可以到达符拉迪沃斯托克的潜射弹道导弹。

Smoothie Fin
Where is the Gringos? Let's bomb some Gringos... - UP: 2 DN: 0

外国佬在哪里? 我们去炸几个外国佬...(译注:Gringos,拉美人对美英等外国人的蔑称)

Cindy Crawford's Russian mole->Smoothie Fin
Nuke for a nuke - UP: 0 DN: 0


Robert Burwell
It is clear, this generation has no clue, no understanding of the true devastation of nuclear warfare. Even the slightest conflict will render this planet dark and sub zero long enough to destroy all of humanity ! Warfare in the world we once enjoyed...is gone ! The imaginations in the minds of people thinking this side or that side would win are totally false and irrational (actually insane). No one wins...no one survives ! - UP: 0 DN: 0

很明显,这一代人对于核战争带来的破坏一无所知。即使是最轻微的冲突也会让这个星球长期处于黑暗和零度状态,足以摧毁所有人类!我们曾经经历过的(传统)世界战争... 已经消失了!那些认为这方或那方会赢的人,完全是错误和荒谬的(实际上是疯狂的)想法。没有人会赢... 没有人能活下来!

Tammy Marie Darby->Robert Burwell
Yes those of who are prepared will survive - UP: 0 DN: 0


razzims->Robert Burwell
Chill. Even if we know the devastation of nuclear warfare, conflict between the west and the east are inevitable. Why so serious? - UP: 0 DN: 0


owen arvon jones
This certainly sends a subtle message to Japan. However I think the PEOPLE of countries, such as Japan, Australia, Britain, and many others such as Australia; need to get the MESSAGE!, Hosting American bases, makes them a prime target, in any future conflict. The U.S. isn't PROTECTING these countries against a non-existent enemy; it is simply using them as pawns!, disposable pawns of course! Deceitful politicians in these countries, doing America's bidding, should be thrown out!....protect your OWN people, not Americans...thousands of miles away! - UP: 1 DN: 0


Tom Pell
small country like Japan, should not let itself be used as a pawn in hegemonic competition between super powers. - UP: 1 DN: 0


I dated a Russian lady she had a furry neck. - UP: 2 DN: 2


You looked so ugly that she was shuddering from revulsion. - UP: 3 DN: 0


Jay in New Zealand->kase
Have you heard the saying... Dude looked like a lady - UP: 0 DN: 0

你有没有听过这句话... 这男的看起来像个女人

Dimona Target
Let the lazy jews fight their own wars :-) ah ha ha ha ah ah ah - UP: 1 DN: 1

让那些懒惰的犹太人打他们自己的仗吧 :-) 啊哈哈

Cindy Crawford's Russian mole
Yet neither has successfully fielded a commercial airlines internationally - UP: 1 DN: 2


James->Cindy Crawford's Russian mole
Care to explain how boeing are falling out of sky every now and then? - UP: 0 DN: 0


Cindy Crawford's Russian mole
The peace loving Russia & China. - UP: 1 DN: 2


Lei Wei - Xinjiang->Cindy Crawford's Russian mole
Unlike the brokeback cowboys and the LGBTQP NATO army... - UP: 2 DN: 0


Another Guy
As we see with the covid hoax, all of the world leaders, especially the superpower nations like the US, China, Russia, etc. Are controlled by an elite kabul. If any war were to break out it would be a completely orchestrated controlled event. - UP: 1 DN: 7


Dee Smith->Another Guy
Smartest comment here. - UP: 0 DN: 3


kase->Another Guy
Russia is far from a super power in fact its been 30 years since you could even think that lol. - UP: 0 DN: 9

实际上,俄罗斯远不是一个超级大国,你甚至可以认为30年前就不是了 哈哈

Russia is a superpower. Your facts are just 30 years out-of-date. At this point, Russia has an advantage over NATO and US military forces. - UP: 6 DN: 0


Jay in New Zealand->kase
With hypersonic ibm that travel at over 20 times the speed of sound the Russian bombs would land before USA even sounded an alarm... That's super power... But keep thinking what you do at your own peril - UP: 2 DN: 0

高超音速洲际导弹的飞行速度超过音速的20倍,俄罗斯的炸弹在美国发出警报之前就会落地... 这就是超级大国... 但是,继续思考你的所作所为带来的危险吧

kase->Jay in New Zealand
How the pretending to be new zealander coming Ivan ? sorry Ivan but Russia is far from a super power its navy is green water it cannot project it has the economy smaller than italys so go ahead and get yourself into a arms race because really Russia cant afford it lol. - UP: 0 DN: 6

假装新西兰人是怎么回事呢,伊万?不好意思,伊万,但俄罗斯远非超级大国,它的海军是绿水海军,无法投射,经济规模比意大利还小,所以,去吧,去加入军备竞赛吧,因为俄罗斯真的负担不起 哈哈。

the best->kase
Shut it Sammie. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Let's not forget pearl Harbour and the pacific theater. Ya think Boston dynamics is the leader in robotics? Japan has crazy super secret robotics tech 20 years ahead of the curve? Have u seen them make swords? Meticulous precision. There hive minded samurai warrior spirit almost took out all the other navies. And there propaganda machine had young mothers jumping off cliffs into the sea clutching there babies at the mear sight of a G.I. Japan would give Russia and China merciless holy hell. There officers would behead surrendered pows, what do u think there super advanced robots will be programmed to do? I'd say it's probably best to leave Japan well alone. - UP: 1 DN: 8


Kino C->pat
China is a lot different then then it is today. Japan is nothing but a vassal state of the US. Not strong at all. - UP: 6 DN: 0


FuryDragon->Kino C
Yup ... the Americans made the Japanese changed their names by putting Family *Surname* names behind! Japanese..Korean .. and Chinese by tradition put their Family Names in front! This is an INSULT of the HIGHEST ORDER to the Japanese. It makes their dead ancestors turn in their graves! They might as well commit Hara Kiri out of shame. - UP: 0 DN: 0

是的... 美国人让日本人改了名字,把姓氏放在后面!日本人...韩国人... 以及中国人,按照传统,都是把姓氏放在前面!这是对日本人的最高侮辱。这会让他们死去的祖先在坟墓里打滚的!他们还不如出于羞耻切腹自杀。

uba ilah->pat
But their robots could not even handle the fukushima reactor meltdown up to now, no matter how hard they try. Meanwhile they kept dumping radioactive water to the ocean, and the west/u.s is silent about it. This is more serious threat, more urgent than the hype about climate change, though they just swept it under the rug. In exchange, they also poison their own people with u.s covid vaxx. - UP: 5 DN: 0


Albert K->pat
You live in a fantasy world. - UP: 2 DN: 0


Time to bring out the magma from Mt Fuji. It has been smoking again not so long ago. There should be sufficient time to use those magnificent katanas on themselves and their families before the moving magma burn them alive. - UP: 1 DN: 0


pat->the best
The current micro chip and micro processor and most manufactured goods shortage is not a supply chain issue. It's because China has gone full war machine and is frantically pumping out its robot army instead of new car parts. How much scrap metal have they got from the world over the decades? But Japan's robots r better. - UP: 0 DN: 2


China's HYPERSONIC way, way better! - UP: 1 DN: 0


John Garrity
Nato has nukes in Taiwan, and south Korea, as well as Japan. Not to mention wherever the Ohio class submarines are positioned. They need to think bigger if they hope to avoid destruction. - UP: 1 DN: 10


FuryDragon->John Garrity
And yet you think NATO are the good guys... Geeez! - UP: 2 DN: 0

然而你却认为北约是一群好人... 我的天!

Rob campbell->John Garrity
We all seen how 90% of your missiles were either shot down or fell out of the sky in Syria - UP: 1 DN: 0


Kino C->John Garrity
Good laugh JG. - UP: 1 DN: 0


Omas BimboIaden
Propellers are rotating ways to slow. Probably fake. - UP: 1 DN: 12


John Garrity->Omas BimboIaden
I was gonna explain it to you, but it will take too long. Google it. - UP: 5 DN: 1


CHEVI789 .->Omas BimboIaden
Really? I'll tell you why they look slow, it's because of the camera frame rate, learn a little before mouthing off dude. - UP: 2 DN: 1

认真的吗?我会告诉你为什么螺旋桨看起来慢,这是因为相机的帧率,口无遮拦之前先学点东西吧 兄弟。

Brantley Foster
Russians knows to behave. China has them bye the throat. - UP: 1 DN: 13


ron slow->Brantley Foster
China might be like a turtle neck sweater, a gift from your golden age grandma. - UP: 4 DN: 0


A.z->ron slow
His grandma probably gifted him with itchy sweater knowing not to spend good money on a slow grandson - UP: 2 DN: 0


FuryDragon->Brantley Foster
Playing the Role of The Fire Starter much eh? - UP: 1 DN: 0


the best->Brantley Foster
You funny there. Sucka. - UP: 0 DN: 0


This comment was deleted.


How can they afford to fly all those planes? Or Fuel them? Or get Aluminium and raw materials to make them?stupid troll - UP: 9 DN: 0

他们怎么能负担得起所有这些飞机的飞行费用呢?或者它们的燃料?或者制造它们的铝及原材料? 愚蠢的喷子

Easy there public spending is terrible lol. - UP: 0 DN: 4

简单,他们的公共开支很糟糕 哈哈。

Tammy Marie Darby->kase
Easy they don't waste billions on illegal's - UP: 0 DN: 0


We have a lot of gas and water...we're cooking corn... but Europe will most likely have to eat raw if there is no Russian gas... - UP: 4 DN: 0

我们有大量的天然气和水... 我们烹饪玉米... 但是欧洲很可能不得不生吃食物,如果没有俄罗斯天然气的话...

Деда Калоперовић->Guest
Hunger and poverty in America Hunger and poverty are closely related. People with lower incomes are less likely to be able to afford healthy food regularly. However, not everyone who faces hunger lives at or below the poverty line. Two-thirds of our neighbors in need live above the poverty line and, therefore, are ineligible for food programs that could help them make ends meet. - UP: 4 DN: 0


Деда Калоперовић->Деда Калоперовић
2/3 Americans doesn't have money to eat. - UP: 5 DN: 0


Tammy Marie Darby->Деда Калоперовић
Who the hell needs money to eat? Up here we hunt, fish and grow a huge garden. Its the city people who are starving, poor bastards. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Dee Smith->Деда Калоперовић
Neither does 2/3s of Russians, the difference is Americans can complain about it Russians who complain end up in the gulag. - UP: 0 DN: 5


Rob campbell->Dee Smith
Then why does America have the highest incarceration rate in the world? - UP: 1 DN: 0


Деда Калоперовић->Dee Smith
No one is starving in Russia. Unlike in US... - UP: 0 DN: 0


Dee Smith->Деда Калоперовић
Liar. - UP: 0 DN: 0


kase->Деда Калоперовић
Yet America like the west population is increasing Russias keeps declining - UP: 0 DN: 7


John Whitehot->kase
the only thing that's increasing is illegal migrants. Western proper populations were never so old and sick as of today. - UP: 5 DN: 0


FuryDragon->John Whitehot
Yup at the rate they are increasing the President would soon be a Latino! And the world could live in peace. - UP: 0 DN: 1


Tammy Marie Darby->FuryDragon
As they breed like rabbits they will be trying to figure out how to feed themselves - UP: 0 DN: 0


John Whitehot->FuryDragon
sadly, whoever gets to be president must first receive his blessing from the cryptarchy. After they messed up with Trump they won't be fooled again lmao - UP: 0 DN: 0


Robert Burwell
Problem is....when children play with matches inside a powder keg.....we all get blown up ! Unless you truly want total alienation of mankind.....be more responsible with your power. Seriously, ...no one is going to back down. In fact, an unintended or accidental wrong move, may set off an A.I. response that no one can stop ! Put the matches away boys . Play time is over ! - UP: 0 DN: 0

问题是... 当孩子们在火药桶里玩火柴时... 我们都会被炸飞!除非你真的想要人类的完全异化... 对你的力量负起更多的责任。说真的,没人会让步的。事实上,一个无意或意外的错误举动,可能就会引发人工智能的反应,没有人能够阻止!把火柴收起来吧,孩子们。游戏时间结束了!

That's very good. Now the game of the western war mongers, regime change coup planners and the regime change war mongers seems to be over. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Russia will take back Alaska soon enough. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Brantley Foster
So, Am I expected to do what the Russians or the Chinese say if they take out the government here? I got news for you bud! Stay off My lands! - UP: 0 DN: 0


Jay in New Zealand->Brantley Foster
Your land? - UP: 2 DN: 0


Rob campbell->Brantley Foster
Native Indians - UP: 0 DN: 0


Morgan Keating
China and Russia should do training exercises around the borders of Europe and North America. - UP: 0 DN: 0


These are bombers, with fighter jets! - UP: 0 DN: 0


Juan More->andtam008
Fighters have escorted bombers going back to WW2 for sure and possibly even WW1 - UP: 0 DN: 0


I bet Japan has great stuff or will have. They just don't talk about it. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Japan is as active member of the WW2 AXIS powers, not allowed to have great stuff.And according to international law, Russia has the right to bomb Japan to the Stone Age till they surrender. - UP: 3 DN: 0


What are you on about; no one has the right to bomb civilians- no one. - UP: 0 DN: 2

你在说什么? 没有人有权利轰炸平民,没有人。

Jay in New Zealand->IndegenousBrit
2 bombs were dropped on Japan citizens .. Days apart... Who did that - UP: 2 DN: 0

2枚原子弹落在日本公民身上... 相隔几天... 这是谁干的

Japan and Russia are technically still at war, and only a cease fire is active, for Japan ww2 is still running. And therefore there are no civilians, only collateral damage. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Chinese plane is no problem because we are good old friends each other.Russian plane is yet to be friendly unless Russia acknowledges its war crime against Japanese civilians left in northern Korean peninsula. - UP: 0 DN: 0


ROFL, you have a slightly warped perception of reality if you demand an apology from Russia while thinking that the Chinese are your friends. :) - UP: 3 DN: 0


Just Me->Michiko
Japan should be the last to bring up the topic of crimes against humanity - UP: 3 DN: 1


IndegenousBrit->Just Me
What happened nearly a century ago has no merit today. It’s what people do today that you should be judged on. I bet if we go far back in everyone’s family history; a distant relative would have murdered someone. Doesn’t mean you should be treated as one does it. Get over history - UP: 0 DN: 2


Well, as far as i know them bloody anglos are still doing it today covertly! How about you get your facts straight! - UP: 0 DN: 0


there is a prophecy from christianity, islam and judaism, a war that will end all war. WWI and WWII is not it. Its going to be the next world war - UP: 0 DN: 1


Jasper Brenner
Why is this even news? The US/UK/NATO etc. flies its planes around China and Russia all the time, and Russia and China return the favor. It is no more outrageous than the sun coming up in the east.Click bait? - UP: 0 DN: 3


Joël Pichette->Jasper Brenner
well it's filmed in 4k, it's better than any click bait the us has. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Jeff Z
I don't see Japan as being Russia's business. Russia has territorial disputes with China and Japan, yet Russia and the US have managed to divide China and Japan. - UP: 0 DN: 3


FuryDragon->Jeff Z
Learn History dude! - UP: 0 DN: 0


I take great comfort that Russias economy is ranked 11th in size :) - UP: 0 DN: 7

俄罗斯经济规模排名第11位,这让我感到很欣慰 :)

Tammy Marie Darby->kase
I take great comfort knowing their planes don't fall out of the sky like the US paper airplanes - UP: 0 DN: 0


John Garrity->kase
Microsoft and apple are each worth more than all of Russia. - UP: 0 DN: 8


Tupolev 144->John Garrity
On that basis you could say Microsoft and Apple are worth more than the whole of America while the country and its people are drowning in debt. That statistic of the 1% owning 40% of the worlds wealth is down to greedy corporations - UP: 4 DN: 0


the best->kase
US is bankrupt. End of discusion. - UP: 1 DN: 0


the best->kase
Russia is a super power. You sucka. - UP: 0 DN: 0


If this was a NATO fly pass everyone here would be saying it’s a disgrace. How hypocritical. But hey that’s RT - UP: 0 DN: 7


Some Person->IndegenousBrit
I wonder why. Maybe because Russia and China doesn't have a list of countries that they decided to destroy on the lamest pretext ever? - UP: 7 DN: 0


Tony Robbins
Impressive display of antiques. The pilots must have been relieved when they made it home. - UP: 0 DN: 10


Christian Revuelta->Tony Robbins
Well the UK pilot had to ditch his Failed 35 in the Mediterranean a couple of days ago... lol - UP: 9 DN: 1

好吧 几天前,英国飞行员不得不在地中海放弃他的故障F-35... 哈哈

mabonwales->Christian Revuelta
Yes, and that aircraft was brand new and cost 100 million dollars! - UP: 3 DN: 0


Shon Mardani->Tony Robbins
Because they are always parked. Once British pilot tried to fly one, he crashed. lol - UP: 0 DN: 0


Gano1->Christian Revuelta
Still can't find it. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Tony Robbins->Christian Revuelta
And still the F-35s incident rate per flight hour is more than 100 times better than the Su-57. The first production Su didn’t even complete its first flight :) - UP: 0 DN: 1


Gano1->Tony Robbins
Ask the CIA terrorists in Syria how accurate they are........whooooosh......bang!. - UP: 3 DN: 0

问问在叙利亚的中情局恐怖分子,他们有多精确... 嗖的一声... 砰!

Jasper Brenner
Russia. Always the bridesmaid. Never the bride. - UP: 0 DN: 1


Klingon warrior
Let us face it, with 120 active US military bases in Japan, coupled with the deep and historical hostility between China and Japan, and between Russia and Japan, should a war breaks out in the Pacific, the first salvo is going to land in Japan. - UP: 0 DN: 1