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文章原始标题:Indian population, which is 140 crores, equals Chinese population. Using this population, if an intelligent person like you is given opportunity to lead for a definite period of a decade or two, how will you plan to make India at par with China?

内容简介:我的计划将让印度比中国发展得更快 1)将在学校课程中引入一门名为”进步研究”的新课程,教授每一种宗教的缺陷。

Aravind Varier Teacher (2011-present)
My plans to make India developed more than China
1) A new subject called “Progressive Studies” will be introduced in school curriculum to teach about the flaws in every religion.
2) All Babas, Mullahs and Pastors giving religious sermons will be BANNED.
3) Ethics and Civic Sense will be taught in Indian schools similar to the way Japanese teach it in their schools.
4) Two child policy will be strictly implemented in States which has Total Fertility Rate more than 2.1
5) Caste based reservation will be repealed and merit based scholarship will be given to the students.


6) All Religious institutions will be brought under the control of the State government to control religious bigotry.
7) Re — Education camps will be set up to deradicalize Islamists, Gau Rakshaks and other Moral policing groups.
8) 50 states will be created on linguistic criteria as part of improving the governance in the country
9) A seperate ministry will be set up to coordinate translation of the scientific material available in English to all the Indian languages listed in schedule VIII of the Indian constitution. This is done as part of imparting education from Kindergarten to Doctorate in their respective mother tongue.
9) More Judges will be recruited to fastrack justice delivery system in the country.
10) All the suggestions related to Police reforms made by the supreme court in the Prakash Singh vs Union of India case in 2006 will be implemented.

10)最高法院在2006年普拉卡什 · 辛格诉印度联盟案中提出的与警察改革有关的所有建议都将得到落实。

Sounderrajan Balakrishnan
Theoretically, what all you said look nice. I welcome all your suggestions. But, practicability!!!
If you touch religion, protests. If family children restricted to 2, protests. Education camps to de-radicalize, again protests. Caste based reservation repealed, again protests. Each protest is capable of pulling down the government. In a democracy, protests is a very powerful weapon to bring down any government.

【回复】从理论上讲,你所说的看起来都不错。我欢迎你所有的建议。但是,实用性! !

Aravind Varier
I need NOT have to worry about elections when the questioner have assigned me the task of leading India for Two decades.
That being said, everything that I have written in this Answer can be implemented in the present democractic set up in India and it requires little bit of cunningnes to achieve the goals.
All the policy recommendation that I have put forward in the answer can be implemented in India requires a detailed explanation and it can be done only through many Answers related to the subject.
Best Wishes 👍🏻


Karina Patel
Lets talk about india and in india thier is more than 70% of people speak and can understand hindi very well and we are living under hindi majority country and therefore we cannot goes against our countries majority.they want thier language to be taught through out whole india so how can u goes against democracy and majority?
It's typical like mallus wanted thier state language to became optional because it's hurt sentiment of minority of language.
U will get same treatment how u treat other.
If Tamil nadu can make laws to keep tamil as state language of whole tamilnadu same right must be thier for india.
U must thanks to india that thier majority do not want to treat u like u treat your own minority.
Am I wrong over here?
I hope u understand hypocrisy.


Why gujarati community living in Kerala learn Malayalam?if mallus living in india do not learn hindi?
Why do u want that malyalam as state language if we have English?
I feel I can not enjoy democracy in Kerala because I am minority .
Modi want hindi on whole india,dmk want tamil on whole tamilnadu, Kerala want Malayalam as state language it's violate freedom to enjoy language.
Every mother tongue must be respected and thier is urgent need to repeal those redical laws like tamil as state language.
If hypothetically Tamil was separate country than thier is 50% Probability that minority make full resistance against majority for language suppression.
Making tamil as state language is similar like hindi as national language.
I hope u understand want I wanted to convey.
Kerala and tamilnadu is far right wing undemocratic state of india .
Correct me if I am wrong over here.

为什么居住在喀拉拉邦的古吉拉特人学习马拉雅拉姆语? 如果生活在印度的mallus不学印地语呢?

Aravind Varier
Dear Friend,
India is a Union of states.
State government are NOT vassals of the Union government. Union government cannot impose their language on states.
Best Wishes 👍🏻


Keshaw Tiwari
Really, if army is given power it can effectively crush any protest.


Aravind Varier
Giving power to Army is never a pragmatic solution to resolve any protest in India.
Best Wishes 👍🏻


Varun K
You can teach the villagers English and computer literacy, and then outsource the back-office jobs to the villages. You can also take manufacturing over to the villages (one factory per village) and build a neat supply chain by building more roads and railways to ensure easy, cheap, and fast transportation of factory-made goods from villages and towns to the ports.
Ensure conglomerates are spending money on R&D and are competing with foreigners to gain significant market share and increase production and exports.
Make sure you bring private capital and technology to villages and farms.
Cheap capital for small businesses and start-ups.
Fast-paced infrastructure building.
Allow private sector to enter defence and aerospace. We can easily become a major weapons exporter like Israel.


Manohar G
I like your vision! Wish every Indian can think and live like this.


Sydney Kotian
The most important thing is to elect good educated leaders. Or they use the high population as their personal vote bank.


Pradipta Show
I agree with everything except point 9. But I would still vote for you if I had the chance


There are no gau rakshas.They are just political goons.Having lived in North india,our neighbours used to eat beef and didnt care whether someone chops cow off!!Not one did as far as i could see.


Suneesh A.S.
What you suggest is more ideological and i am not sure if a any politician would dare to implement the same. India could have gone for a true secular country from the beginning. After several generations several political parties originated india with religious and caste identities. Nobody is talking about development. If we look past how many times discussions happened on improving the standards of living by quality education and healthcare systems. We have discussing caste reservation and mandhir-masjid issues.


Joseph George
Perhaps Civics should be taught in schools seriously.


Primary goal I want greater india not china 2.0 , where people love to live and don't run away like east Germany
* Need to force traffic laws more , I see many police don't do anything, it will breake broken glass windows laws and let people know making offence is wrong and punishable
* Free education for all , Germany bombed 2 times but they build back very fast because of education
* Every children or college students get food 3 times for free , we need to do everything in order to improve our literacy rate
* More IT for all age and genders, any person any age can learn any Intustrial skills like carpenter, mechanic
* After education we need improve on infrastructure it will given 3rd most priority after food security and education

* 需要更多地强制执行交通法规,我看到很多警察什么都不做,这将打破玻璃窗的法律,让人们知道违法是错误的,是需要受到惩罚的。
* 全民免费教育,德国两次遭到轰炸,但由于教育的原因,他们很快就恢复了。
* 每个孩子或大学生都可以免费得到三餐,我们需要做一切事情来提高我们的识字率。
* 为所有年龄和性别提供更多的IT就业机会,任何年龄段的人都可以学习任何工业技能,如木匠,机械师。
* 在教育之后,我们需要改善基础设施,这将是继粮食安全和教育之后的第三优先事项。

* Every low income area need to serve in army 6 month this will displine them plus give 6 month money to improve that area economy and teach them IT as many low income people prefer farming more than any other work
* Give states more power like US because from top I can't see what is every culture work ethic and central government can't see what is the speciality of local area
* Lower the tax it will improve the internal micro economy and also improve our citizens life
* Remove all the forest NGOs and animals welfare, if forest have rare earth mineral we need to clear the forest and if we need improve the infrastructure we need clear forest for roads
* Open free market doesn't matter what happens to our company they need improve the quality or get out and it will give more employment
* Eventually negotiate technology sharing it help when we improve our middle class we have higher bargaining power

* 每个低收入地区需要在部队服役6个月,这将会很好地训练他们,另外,给他们6个月的钱,来改善该地区的经济状况,并教他们IT技术,因为许多低收入者更喜欢务农而不是其他工作。
* 给予各邦更多的权力,就像美国一样,因为从上面我看不到什么是文化和职业道德,中央政府看不到地方特色是什么。
* 降低税收,这将改善内部微观经济,也将改善我们公民的生活。
* 清除所有的森林非政府组织和动物福利组织,如果森林含有稀土矿物,我们需要清理森林,如果我们需要改善基础设施,我们需要清理森林用于修建道路。
* 开放的自由市场,不管我们的公司发生什么,他们需要提高质量或者退出,这将提供更多的就业机会。
* 最终协商技术共享,有助于当我们改善中产阶级的时候,我们会有更高的议价能力。

Dr.Nitin Gandhi PhD from University of Mumbai
I will not try to be at par with China or USA or Europe.
I will ensure food to all
Medical facilities to all
Education to all
Give kindle to children's upward of eight standard free and with a portal where they can download books if their choice free, once even 24% children's inculcate reading habit see the difference after 20 yrs.
Promote tourism
Promote indian culture like handicrafts, music, literature, music and films.
I will then start disabling all white elephants of government reduce sarkari staff to 50%
Do the press conference every week.
Strengthen RTI act.
Etc depending on the public support.
This will make our country wonderful!


Sounderrajan Balakrishnan Bachelor of Science Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, Osmania University
* India is a country of multi religions; Communal friction is regular. China has no religion.
* India is again a country of multi languages; Hindi- English- mother tongue language friction is always there. China has only one state language.
* India is a country of caste system, with fights going on since 70 years for and against the reservation system; China has no such problems and considers only merit.
* So, with so many problems in everything from multi religions, multi languages, multi castes, multi political parties, besides our freedom to obstruct everything in the name of democracy, India can never develop like China.

* 印度是一个多宗教国家,社会摩擦是常有的,而中国没有宗教。
* 印度又是一个多语言国家,印度语、英语和母语之间的摩擦一直存在。中国只有一种官方语言。
* 印度是一个种姓制度国家,支持和反对保留制度的斗争持续了70年;中国没有这样的问题,只考虑价值。
* 所以,印度在各个方面都有很多问题,从多宗教、多语言、多种姓、多政党,除了我们以民主的名义阻挠一切的自由之外,印度永远不可能像中国那样发展。

Ashish Shukla works at HCL Technologies
Very good question. The biggest problem is convincing people that whatever is being done is for their benefit and second remaining True to the public with that much power at hand and last but not the least dealing severely with anti-nationals…

【回答】在 HCL科技工作

Kanthaswamy Balasubramaniam Lawyer
They arent equal in Resources
Out of 32 areas - India is ahead in only two areas - Milk Production and Beef Production.
India is within 70% in 4 areas - Pharma Drug Exports, Ceral Production, Cotton Production and Chemical Production.
Everywhere else India is far behind
Solar Energy for example - India is 14% of China.
Iron Ore for example - India is just 16% of China (China has the most ore but sadly its demand is far more)
India is barely 20% of China when it comes to Vehicle Output and Manufacture
With 10% arable Land , Chinas Yield per Acre is 7.6 times higher than India on an average
China still produces more Rice than India.
China is 13th in terms of Natural Gas reserves, India is 64th and has only 9.1% of Chinas reserves (Which in itself is paltry relative to demand)
Silica, Bauxite, Zircomium, Gold, Diamonds, Coal - China has between 36% to 67% more than India
So besides the population, there is no equality


Ebin Varghese
Right now, I think India and Indians should just focus on getting better using what we have.
Even today, our biggest resource is the people. It's not too late for us to demand things like better education, better infrastructure, better worker and human rights, which will have a payoff only 20 or 30 years later. Indians leaving the nation is not the problem; the problem is that those who remain appear to be fine with how things are.


Sriram Narayanaswamy
Hey wait. First let us reclaim our vaunted greatness 2000 years ago, when we were splitting atoms, performing plastic surgery and being the richest nation in the world. Plus yeah, lets give it back to these Abrahamic religions and their followers because they are the *only* reason for our downfall. In the meanwhile lets coin slogans about “swachh”, “black money”, “minimum this, maximum that”, “make in your dreams” etc and consider that as progress.

【回复】嘿,等等。首先,让我们重拾2000年前我们自诩的伟大,当时我们正在分裂原子,进行整形手术,成为世界上最富有的国家。另外,让我们把这还给这些亚伯拉罕诸教和他们的追随者,因为他们是我们失败的* 唯一* 原因。与此同时,让我们创造关于“ 清洁”,“ 黑钱”,“使这个最小化,使那个最大化”,“在你的梦中制造”等等口号,并认为这是进步。

Agantuk Sengupta
You are a poet.


Goutham Anush
Nobody wants the ground reality whatever it is. We are proud of our country and that pride alone will take it to No.1
If you're looking to lecture hardwork, planning, implementation, meh… not sure what that is.

如果你想讲的是努力工作,计划,实施,嗯... 不知道那是什么。

Mukesh Reddy
Soon we'll be ahead in another aspect too, we are going to be most populous country in the world beating china in few years!! Hurray! Time to celebrate


Pritam Dhage
high taxation on fuel which increases transport cost. Made me to loose many export order.


Wait, what?


Aniket Vratya
Increased domestic consumption of milk = more cattle; Very less domestic consumption of meat = more available for export

【回复】国内牛奶消费量的增加 = 更多的牛;国内肉类消费量的减少 = 更多的可用于出口

Bro, cows are not supposed to be butchered and how can they be exported?


Aniket Vratya
India’s beef and milk industry is predominantly based on water buffalo. Water buffalo slaughter is legal.


Sohab Sethwala
India is second to Brazil in beef export.
All beef exporters are non Muslims.
I clarify this as commonly it is perceived that only Muslims are in meat business.


Its not Beef that India exports. Its called Carabeef which is Buffalo Meat.
In fact under the Regulations by State Govts of Kerala, TN etc - Both Bovine (Cow-Bull) and Buffalo meat can be regarded and called as Beef.
India is the Largest Exporter of Carabeef and also the largest producer of Carabeef
Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Angola etc all import Carabeef from India.
India does not export Cow Meat
Indias production of Cow Meat is only 27% as 73% of the beef is actually Carabeef.

事实上,根据喀拉拉邦、 泰米尔纳德邦等邦政府的规定,牛肉和水牛肉都可以被视为牛肉。

That is in paper only brother. The truth is something else.


Mukesh Reddy
Yes.. regardless of religion, people raise buffaloes for milk, but after they ages, they become useless & they can't feed them anymore, so they sell to beef exporters for money. So as long as milk production is done through natural method, our country will be one of largest beef exporters.

【回复】是的... 不管宗教信仰如何,人们饲养水牛是为了喝牛奶,但随着水牛老了以后,就变得没用了,他们不能再养了,所以他们把水牛卖给牛肉出口商赚钱。所以,只要牛奶生产是通过自然的方法,我国将是最大的牛肉出口国之一。

China and India are almost equal only in history and population!
Both China and India are home to one of the world's four great ancient civilizations,
Only China and India have more than 1 billion people, and it will be hard for a third country to do so in the next 100 years!
Another similarity is that the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949 and India became independent in 1947!


Mani Bharathy
“Chinas Yield per Acre is 7.6 times higher than India on an average"
How did you calculate this?
My calculation :
India has 50 percent arable land, China has 12 percent. But China has 3x the land of us. So. 12 percent of their land is 36 percent of ours.
So India has 1.5 times (50/36) of China.
But they produce almost twice that of India.
So China does ~3x more production per acre than India.


Kanthaswamy Balasubramaniam
Chinas yield per Hectare = 8.21 T
Indias Yield per Hectare = 2.64 T
China arable land = 10%
India Arable Land = 51%
China Desert Land = 28%
India Desert Land = 4.5%
Thus China is 2.19 times the Size of India
So 10% arable land = 21.9% arable Land in a country like India
Thus we get relative yield per hectare as:-
51/21.9 * 8.21/2.6 = 7.36

中国每公顷产量 = 8.21吨
印度每公顷产量 = 2.64吨
中国耕地 = 10%
印度耕地 = 51%
中国沙漠地 = 28%
印度沙漠地 = 4.5%
所以,10%的耕地 = 21.9%的耕地
因此我们得到的每公顷相对产量为:51/21.9 * 8.21/2.6 = 7.36

Mani Bharathy
“Chinas yield per Hectare = 8.21 T
Indias Yield per Hectare = 2.64 T”
I think this number itself is for arable land not the whole land area.
Dividing the both should give how productive China than India. Which comes about ~3x the same as my previous calc.
Can you share from where you got that data?

【回复】“中国每公顷产量 = 8.21吨,印度每公顷产量 = 2.64吨”

Hua Liu
7.6 times,because He compared India's average yield with China's highest yielding rice varieties. It's not fair.
In fact, Chinese people don't like this kind of high-yield rice, its taste is not very good. The planting area is only about 10% in China of this rice . As a reserve of grain and seeds.
Of course, if there is really a food shortage, this kind of rice can rapidly expand the planting area. So the scientist was awarded the highest prize in China.
According to a previous professional report, China's Current average production per acre is only 1.97 times that of India, not three times what you said.


Mani Bharathy
Yeah, I was just going for a high estimate which is still not 7x. Any link to the report?


Max Legend
Chinese people don't like this kind of high-yield rice, its taste is not very good. Why ?? Don’t believe it. All rice is edible food depending on how the ingredient prepare make it tasty.


Anshul Shah
You cannot compare Metals-Mining, Petroleum and natural gas. It varies from country to country acc to its border and area. Moreover, china’s area and population is also higher than that of India. Important is how efficiently you are able to use it sustainably.


India is all geared up to beat China in population, probably this is the only area we can compete and win against China.
Rabbles have taken up this responsibility, they are working very hard to achieve this.


Dhruv Pratap Singh
Sir, India will going to be among the top 2 electric vehicle producer in next 5 years.
I would recommend everyone to explore this space, there is genuinely something good happening there.


Narinder Singh
Where did you get data india is ahead of china in Pharma?


Ritesh Agrawal
I wonder why u compare China and India when u ask the youth of country to move out…its like not even providing ur child with pen, and then comparing their results with others…

【回复】我想知道,当你要求国家的年轻人迁出时,为什么你要把中国和印度作比较... 这就像甚至不给你的孩子提供笔,然后比较他们和别人的成绩...

Sachin Katti
India has now surpassed China in terms of rice production.


Hua Liu
If you're talking about export quantity, that's right.


Gunjan Shrivastava
Imagine if China had invaded Siberia after USSR collapsed, they would be no.1 in all natural resources by far. Wonder why they didn't separate Siberia from Russia?


Hua Liu
The previous territorial differences between the two countries have been determined by agreement.
Both sides respect this agreement together
In fact, there are only patrols on the border now... Not many troops.

事实上,现在只有巡逻队在边境... 没有多少军队。

Prashant Malik
Slight correction bhai but China produces about 4–5 % more beef than India.Infographic: The Biggest Producers of Beef in the World


Shubhamkr Singh
india has more arable land,more cotton production also iron ore production in china is 330 million tons compared to india 200 million rest is imported.
* Land use statistics by country - Wikipedia
* Top Cotton Producing Countrie

* 按国家分列的土地利用统计 - 维基百科
* 世界棉花产量最大的国家

Steven Chanthavong Lives in Georgia, US
India and China may have relatively equal population, but China has about 3x the land area as India, although this isn’t the main reason why India has difficulty competing with China.
When comparisons were made years ago between China and India, a common phrase was “India will overtake China by 2030 because we have democracy”.
When it comes to voting, then India is more of a democracy as her citizens can vote for the prime minister.
If it comes to getting the best results that people desire, then China is arguably more democratic.
In 2016, a Harvard University poll
showed that 95.5% of people in China approved of their government.
China has a meritocracy where officials can only be promoted if they have provided a good result for the people they serve.


Official’s performance are judged based on internal polling, elections, and internal assessments. The most competent people after many years have a chance of becoming the leader of the nation while the least competent don’t even have a chance..
If an official’s reckless actions cause too much damage, then they are tried and punished.


Because of Corruption addicted population. Because Democracy in a nation where majority of populations are corrupt. A Nation where Only 3% people pay and 97% eat. A nation where people are lazy enough and love to remain as poor. Those Population who day dream to supersede China without doing anything.
A part of China’s economy is contributed by Indians. Because india doesn’t produce anything but import many things.
India have all those capability to compete china. But the major problem is it’s population who are making this as a backward nation.
A nation that was sleeping for long time.
In 2014 a man called Modi Who become PM. After he become PM entire nation Realized that India is a backward nation. And Congress was doing nothing but looting India. And Now they are abusing Modi why this person making India wake up. Better they were sleeping. Suddenly China Gave Indian another shock.


It’s too late. China have already 20 yrs ahead of India.
Indians have to work too hard to compete with China with a stable government. And most important thing is totally killing the virus of “Corruption”. As long as corruption virus would be there India can’t compete with China.