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文章原始标题:How Far Is China Lagging Behind In The Semiconductor Industry?


William Lynn
Same question 10 years ago: How Far is China Lagging Behind in "SPACE TECHNOLOGIES"? And now, China is exploring Moon as well as Mars! - UP: 20


Richard Fan
Nothing is impossible.
Everything is possible for China. - UP: 186


Not only price wise. When China catches up, China will keep marching. All those who can cooperate with China will be shooting for the stars together. This means most parts of the third world. And for those who are belligerent to China will only be left in the dust. - UP: 6


Winston Wong
When China is successful in this field... you can buy those chips as "cheap" as those potatoes chips from the supermarket. Haha - UP: 178

当中国在这个领域取得成功的时候... 你可以像在超市买土豆片那样买到“便宜”的芯片。哈哈

Bill Lee
Wish one day we can buy a decent smart phone at the price of an ice cream. - UP: 13


William Langley
Necessity is the mother of invention, and the west is making it happen. - UP: 59


Boon Teoh
Slow and steady China will persist and may come up with a better alternative. - UP: 41


Cɪᴛᴀʀᴏ SR
China is fast and steady - UP: 4


Danny Lam
According to the historical records, When USA pushes or embargo on China each time, China will worked better and better. The American have no idea what should have to do ?🤣🤣🤣 - UP: 89


WalkingTime Bomb
What don't kill China only make China stronger. The harder they try, faster they fall. - UP: 8


Cashmere Cat
Rememerthis old saying; whatever you’re good at, there always be Asian who does it better than you..China will soon achieve this goal.. - UP: 62

记住这句老话:不管你擅长什么,总会有亚洲人比你做得更好... 中国将很快实现这一目标..

Walter Dayrit
I hope the are successful in making more new computer chips. The world has a shortage of computer chips nowadays. - UP: 86


Tsui Leung
In that case, we can continue to enjoy cheap , good quality products, and poorer countries and her people will catch up with the rich countries. - UP: 4


river front
USD is collapsing that's why us sanctions china - UP: 2


@river front Which stock market is going up? US or China? - UP: 0


@chanfranc if the US stock market is really a reflection of its economic, why the us still have highest number of homeless ever? The stock market booms coz printing money and it wont last for ever. - UP: 1


James L.
@chanfranc You do realize a country facing inflation or hyperinflation, the stock market ALWAYS go up right? All that printed money don't just sit there. Look at Argentina's history, a notorious serial defaulter. Look at Venezuela recently and all the countries that have had hyperinflation. Weimar Germany saw their stock market go up like crazy. The only difference between those countries and the USA is the Global Reserve Currency status which every country knows is going away - UP: 0


Hope you will make the world happy to make large scale semiconductors from 7nm to 2nm. We are eagerly waiting. This is a liberation wars of independence. - UP: 82


Lim Benjamin
China is a late comer in the semiconductor industry. Given time, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, China will make breakthru in this industry. And USA will regret her decision. - UP: 11


Bung Kusi
China should also focus on RAM & SSD which is easier. This will hit samsung, sandisk & western digital. So they will understand not to bully china. - UP: 41

中国也应该把重点放在 RAM(随机存取存储器) 和 SSD(固态驱动器) 上,这样更容易。三星、 闪迪和西部数据都会受到冲击。这样他们就会明白不能威胁中国。

Already caught up - UP: 3


alex Lo
They has their own memory factories. But this products depend on cost effective. From outer skin It does not seem hi tech. however it depends on same manufacturing line as others ics . The tiny nano scale you got, the more densly memory you can make. - UP: 1


There is no self-sufficient nation on earth. Semiconductor needs chemicals, equipment, and materials, plus technology. The US is very much behind in many things. Intel can not product even 7nm. American politicians have zero understanding, and just making a mess in the industry. They do not realize the market is China. They keep forgetting they survive because of Chinese market. - UP: 69


Eddie Wong
Chinese are very busy, they must do everything from scratch. Semiconductor for example, although China has the ability to design the chips, but the country must manufacture it from start to finish, from the preparation of raw material to design and fabless, while there’re so many different countries, combining their efforts for chip manufacturing. Thanks to 1.41 billion population, and the continuous scientific research and development, China would have the ability and know how to produce all kinds of advance technological products. I would not be surprised to see China could massively product the most advance 2nm semiconductor chips in 5 years. - UP: 91


John Smith
5 years?!? I think it will be much less.
<2 years. Watch. - UP: 7

5年? ! ? 我想会少得多。

Eddie Wong
@John Smith My estimates is based on the comment of Peter Wennink, the CEO of ASML, the monopoly manufacturer of ultraviolet lithography equipment. He said China will develop its EUV equipment in 3 years, by then, ASML shall be out of business. On the other hand, engineers and technicians would need some time to improve the production yield rate so to achieve mass production. - UP: 9

我的估计是基于 ASML 首席执行官 Peter Wennink 的评论,ASML 是紫外线光刻设备的垄断制造商。他说,中国将在3年内开发其 EUV 设备,届时,ASML 将会倒闭。另一方面,工程师和技术人员需要一些时间来提高生产成品率,以实现大规模生产。

China has every recource on hand from minerals to brains. - UP: 1


The one key thing they lack is creativity. They cannot invent as the western mind can. - UP: 0


@Counterpoint Let's see in 70 years from ABSOLUTE poverty to some of the most advanced infrastructure in the world space stations moon landings. Where do you think another 50 years will se them at that pace considering America is collapsing. - UP: 0


Free Style
I think China are closer than what we think. - UP: 62


andrew koi min wong
They are secretive...That is good. - UP: 11

他们很有城府... 这很好。

China needs home developed and manufactured chips not just for tech economic security reasons, but for security against NSA surveillance embedded into US controlled software/hardware. - UP: 50


Engchoon Koay
China l believe will always come up with strategies that will shock the world just as it has been doing for thousands of years! - UP: 98


China is looking into other materials as silicone is coming to an end, carbon is a better bet. - UP: 37


Tan Ming Wooi
Yes they are looking at graphene to make chips - UP: 6


Eight inch carbon based wafers produced in China October 2020. - UP: 7


Heart Diamond
Always support Huawei, support Chinese semiconductor industry - UP: 107


Yes you should move to China to support them. - UP: 0


Heart Diamond
Yes, I support China - UP: 1


Heart Diamond
@chanfranc Yes, move to China means live a good and happier life, I faithfully hope China’s industry become better and Huawei can overcome all difficulties! - UP: 1


Wafers and chips are way beyond my knowledge. I just wish China will be largely self-sufficient soon and not held to ransom by the West. - UP: 209


I wish all the western countries don't let China rule the world. - UP: 0


@chanfranc Nice of you to admit those days when the US can single-handedly steamroller a big sovereign country are long gone. Now they need to gang up the G7 and set up weak coalitions like the Quad to carry out their evil fantasies. - UP: 4


Ainz Ooal Gown
when China catches up in semi conductors it would be like how China destroyed all competitors in the solar panel market that was once lead by EU countries - UP: 50


Azhar Idris
silicon wafers and chips are beyond most people knowledge or interest.. but having said that and staying on this issue.. i kept reading that China is not really interested in catching up with existing technologies that so call top technological nation possesses.. China as a matter of fact is trying to leap frog into another dimension all together to do with all these issue.. and many think something is happening.. there's a saying in China.. don't tell people of your plans show them the result.. with China that's what seems to be happening of late on a massive scale.. its making some of those so called expert on China with racist over tone looks really stupid.. even amongst those that is quite positive on China they just can't keep up.. i think a tsunami of new concepts and idea will turn the world upside down for the better in just a few years from now.. - UP: 38

硅晶圆和芯片超出了大多数人的知识和兴趣... 但是说了这么多,还要继续讨论这个问题... 我不断读到,中国并不真的对追赶所谓的顶尖技术国家拥有的现有的技术感兴趣... 事实上,中国正在努力跨越到另一个层面,来处理所有这些问题... 很多人认为有些事情正在发生... 中国有一种说法:不要告诉别人你的计划,而是给他们看结果。对中国来说,这似乎是最近大规模发生的事情... 这让那些带着种族主义色彩的所谓中国问题专家看起来真的很愚蠢。即使是那些对中国相当乐观的人,也跟不上这节奏。我认为,从现在开始的短短几年内,一场新概念和新思想的海啸,将让世界变得更好。

Joel M
I heard the same thing that China is working on a better technology than what is currently being used to manufacture chips. - UP: 1


peace finder
Be patience, China will achieve it all. - UP: 104


Ahmed Phaisal
Wishing China a brighter future, from maldives - UP: 82


Hilary Sexton
It is essential that China becomes self sufficient. It will succeed. - UP: 107


Lee Ronald
Yes, China must work very hard to become self sufficient not only in Semiconductors but in other material science. US/UK Japan and South Korea will not be able to blackmail China in this area. China will succeed as the will of the Chinese is now unstoppable after being oppressed and technologically suppressed. China own Space Station is a good example. God bless China. - UP: 6


Edu Wino
@Lee Ronald do you people really understand the semiconductor industry? Chips making machines materials and software took decades to develop , they are not cheap watches which can be knocked off in a year , minus tech transfer China should be ready to spend 30 years minimum before they get anywhere. the current chips you use were built by machines who design and research was done 40 years ago - UP: 1


If China can stop importing $350bn+/year in chips, that would be worth investing $700bn. The raw material,silicon, is almost costless. - UP: 51


mt m
Agreed, and the foreign chip suppliers potentially will be making $350bn less. Less profit means less in product research and development. US basically providing a stress test for China chip maker industries. - UP: 2


Wai-Sun Chia
The day when a 1024 core GPU costs $10 is near - UP: 18


Crypto W
The sooner the world realizes how self-centered the United States the sooner the world suppliers will make money for themselves! - UP: 11


Kwok Wai Lai
The US has started the war on technology. Karma will come one day and China will finish the war. - UP: 31


Ilyas Lee
Totally agree with you, China will definitely catch up soon, is just a matter of time. 🇨🇳👍From Malaysia 🇲🇾 - UP: 145


Nothing is predetermined. 3 millenia passed and China still didn't catch up on such a basic technology as using a sensible alphabet for writing. They incredibly still waste time on memorising thousands of pictograms. - UP: 1


@rosomak computer age is not 3 millenia, it started from 1970's. mobile phone age is just 15 years. they are catching up on the latest technology. they will by far be able to make intel core 2 duo level processor. the discussion is about 5 nm, 3nm, 2nm or new processes including the supply chain. No company is able to make products for the complete ecosystem supply chain. USA focused on software, Skorea and Taiwan focused on hardware. Netherland produces lithographic machines.
Since they are all colonised by USA , they are forced to obey their master unfortunately. China is now innovate the whole industry from A to Z. they will catch up soon - UP: 8


@rosomak you do not understand the rational of the chinese writings. I was like you 20 years ago. When you begin to understand the characters of the writing then you will understand the deep meaning it conveys. When one is ignorant, (I was too, 20 years ago) one makes, alot of idiotic comments. - UP: 1


What kind of human is that tried to stop others advancing and improving the mankind in the world? - UP: 69


Maybe it has something to do with white supremacist ideology. It looks clam on the surface but it is vibrant underneath. - UP: 0


kevin the great
The evil orangutan this devil must be eradicated at all cost. - UP: 1


Greg Olsen
Total agree... China may have to pay the price for it and initially experience a set back but those who challenge China will eventually regret their action and they will pay big price for it. - UP: 61

完全同意... 中国可能不得不为此付出代价,最初可能会遭遇挫折,但那些挑战中国的人最终会后悔他们的行为,他们将为此付出巨大的代价。

Victor Chew
China shooting rockets to Mars, moon and now space station. Impossible is not in the Chinese dictionary. - UP: 16


Wishful Guy
All those chips 14nm n above China produced the most chips in the world. Most of our electronics goods are good enough with 14nm chips. Those higher end 5nm n below for higher end technology products was where China lost out. However, they will catch up eventually within years with all the talents around. Huawei start to do Research on Graphene Chips. If it succeed it will be an evolution. - UP: 4


Kong Wee Peh
@Wishful Guy 14nm is enough for supercomputing. China already sufficient on that. 7nm, 5nm still not appear in supercomputing field yet. For domestic personal computing and mobile, china is far lag behind. - UP: 0


To me: I think competitions are great to humanity! It is the only way! - UP: 22


I'm definitely SURE the moment China master the simi conductor chips technology, all the world electronic goods price will heavily comes down, way cheaper and best.... It will be a blessing for developing countries. - UP: 25

我敢肯定,一旦中国掌握了半导体芯片技术,全世界的电子产品价格都会大幅下降,更便宜,更好... 这对发展中国家来说是一件好事。

Yup. Chip companies usually go for more than 50% profit margin, it is actually quite crazy. In 5 years when China starts producing top-end chip at scale, we might see that all the higher-end tech like drones, laptops, phones prices gets 0.5x or even 0.3x in price. - UP: 0


R1 B2
@XZSaw thats what i like about China - UP: 0


Bung Kusi
1.This is just a matter of time
2. USA showing the true face of imperialism will make China more determine to fight back. - UP: 197

1. 这只是时间问题
2. 美国展示了帝国主义的真面目,将让中国更有决心反击。

Jean Léveillé
It's very true ` When China wants to do something, no cuntry or Compagny can stop it '' - UP: 59


Full Moon
Just be patient China will be there ! If China can build space station, everything is possible and undoubtedly it will take time. - UP: 24


A space station requires technology from the 1980-ies. Please tale a look at a calendar. This is 40 years ago. - UP: 0


guy truth
We love Great China. You can do it
We have utmost confidence in China capabilities. The
Country that can make impossible possible. The land of many wonders. 👍👍👍👏👏👏 - UP: 43


Keep dreaming.. matter of time? Do you really think other countries will simply wait there doing nothing waiting China to catch up? Do you really naively think China can master hundreds of chip making process from scratch? This is a global industry. Raw material is from Japan. Equipment is from Europe and US. Design software is from US. Manufacturing is in Taiwan. They already invest billions and decades on research and development. Matter of time? Ha Ha probably at least 30 years. So, will other countries simply do nothing during this 30 years? Whoever controls the leading technologies dominates the market. Even now, smic 28 nm cannot even compete with tsmc 28 nm. Hope you guys waste more of your money - UP: 0

继续做梦吧... 只是时间问题?你真的认为其他国家会干等着中国追赶吗?你真的天真地认为中国可以从零开始掌握数百个芯片制造过程吗?这是一个全球性的产业。原料来自日本。设备来自欧洲和美国。设计软件来自美国。在台湾生产。他们已经在研发上投入了数十亿美元和数十年。只是时间问题?哈哈,可能至少要30年。那么,其他国家会在这30年里,什么都不做吗?谁掌握了主要技术谁就控制了市场。即使是现在,中芯国际的28纳米技术也无法与台积电的28纳米技术竞争。希望你们浪费更多的钱。

Bing Wang
Current silicon-based chips have almost reach its limit according to Moore’s law. But carbon-based chips can break through Moore’s law and become the mainstream of next-generation chip manufacturing. In the field of carbon-based chip research, China leads the world. In addition, China is also the leader in the field of quantum chip research. Therefore, in the process of commercializations of carbon-based chips and quantum chips, China will surely lead the world in the next five years. - UP: 9


I know nothing about chip technology, but if what you're saying is true, its indeed good news. Wish China all the best, its about time China let US and its dogs have a taste of their own medicine. - UP: 0


kevin chen
I trust china can do it - UP: 72


YL128 Pang
It is not "Can"
it is "When" - UP: 0


Roger Lim
They now have a space station after being ahut out from the International Space Station. All in good time for China. - UP: 13


A bit late to the game, 40 years late for that, but they waste money on modern pyramids too. - UP: 0


Jeremy Pink
I pray China will soon overcome all hurdles to be the world's best source of cutting-edge semiconductors. And, yes, at a price that drive out inefficient western manufacturers. If they sell a unit at $30, China sells an even more advanced unit at only $3.50. - UP: 4


Doug M
The imperialists are pulling out all stops to contain China's rise. In time China will achieve their goals in the semiconductor industry, just like what they did in building a space station.
The advance of China is unstoppable. Persistence and determination alone is omnipotent. - UP: 10


Night Sky
To the Chinese, if there's a will, there's a way!!! - UP: 1


Bob Innis
Necessity has always been the mother of invention. China's vast pool of highly educated and talented scientists and engineers will prevail and triumph. Not just that. China will pursue new thinking out of the box of convention and come up with a completely new type of chip, surging past tired old countries like Japan and America. - UP: 4


Lionel Wong
China might pull out a big surprise to the semi conductor manufacturing, possibly change everything known to traditional ways in manufacturing semi conductor chips. - UP: 10


François MengWan
"to a hammer everything looks like a nail", Don't be a hammer, progress and development are not nails !
It's not a war 🤗 - UP: 0


Hidong Cucuk
If we recall the competition between
Betamax vs VHS, the former was better. But it lost out as the market adopted the bulkier vhs as the cost of equipment and consumables are much cheaper. In the same way, if China, the world's biggest electronic market decide to switch to the chips and design philosophy used by their aerospace and supercomputer industries. All the r&d for more advanced chip designs and equipment will turned into investment in white elephants, if demands switch back to 28nm chips. For example electric vehicles don't need 7nm if 28nm chips could meet all requirements and are very cheap. Since ev buyers are more concerned with things other than chips performance. This will be more devastating than China catching up and more easily achievable. - UP: 4

(录像机行业)Betamax 相比 VHS,前者更好。但由于VHS设备和消耗品的成本要便宜得多,所以市场采用了体积更大的VHS,因此前者失去了市场。同样,如果中国,这个世界上最大的电子市场决定转向他们的航天和超级计算机工业所使用的芯片和设计理念。如果需求转回到28纳米芯片,所有更先进的芯片设计和设备的研发都将变成无用的投资。例如,如果28纳米芯片能够满足所有要求并且非常便宜,那么电动汽车就不需要7纳米。因为电动汽车的购买者更关心的是芯片性能以外的东西。这将比中国赶超更具破坏性,也更容易实现。

Entertainment Joke
When China masters semiconductors, electronics stuff will be cheaper. Why? Because the damn USA unable to monopoly and sell high price. - UP: 5


Chingwei Lai
I have been worked in the semiconductor field over 30+ years in Silicon Valley, It is just hard work. More resoures pulling in, more chips coming out. China is encouraged by USA strategy on Semiconductor war so that China must pull in more resources, which create many job availabilities and leading into creative works. China will surpass USA in Semiconductor race very soon. - UP: 18


jah largie
Love from Jamaica - UP: 11


kevin chen
I have strong believe in China
Chinese will never say die - UP: 43


sindhuraj d


Not to win, but to succeed. - UP: 0


fer na
China must win. The world needs to be free of the USA blackmailed. - UP: 9


Rick Chung
Sounds confident.....👌🏻🍷 - UP: 6


Independent Voice
When someone push a person in a corner, that person will find a way out. - UP: 0


Mike Bacchus
Lesson is never force China against the wall or you come out with a bloody nose. - UP: 7


That is why the West should sanction China. - UP: 0


sv12hwv-,. bxvl
Necessity is the mother of invention. China should thank the West for banning the sale of semiconductor chips and forcing it to be self reliant on semiconductor chips. For the world also it is good because as soon as China catches up with the US companies in the manufacturing semiconductor chips price will come down.
Had US not banned the Chinese would not be motivated to invest in Semiconductor industries. - UP: 12


Fanny Albi
why should china always need to thank US? did US ever thank china for buying huge amount of debt bond? - UP: 0


dang Shorty
China never fail to impress the world with their breakthrough. China definitely can catch up in the semicon industry - UP: 0


Gerald Kueh
Can't wait for China to chase up and see how the other nations is facing when this happens. - UP: 1


Jeremy Pink
I have relatives in both mainland China and in Taiwan. Actually Taiwanese engineers can travel easily to and fro. People on both sides are the same people although governed by different governments. I'm from Singapore and each time I visit my maternal relatives in Quanzhou, I also schedule a trip to Taiwan to see the relatives on my father's side. Talking to my relatives on both sides I've come to understand that people on both sides don't really care about politics - we all just want Chinese people of the world to do well. The sinister anti-China operations waged by Anglo-Saxon countries are not simply as they claimed targeted only at China. All Chinese people must stand as one to defeat western evil, hypocrisy and jealousy! - UP: 9


Spot on. - UP: 1


So true. It is unthinkable if a non white nation becomes too powerful for them to dominate and manipulate. - UP: 0


Perseverance and Persistence triumph all. - UP: 2


Rc Ch
They don't have to win the tech war, all they need to do is,
produce their own and not rely on the US! - UP: 1


Deekshith M S
If China enters chip market then no country can stop them. 👍 - UP: 27


Philip Low
Absolutely agree with you that China can do it. - UP: 2


Billy Poon
West is like an annoying little brother constantly yelling and blaming. At everything. - UP: 0


In years to come Americas actions will be taught in schools as the greatest economic blunder ever made. You control the market then say to your best and smartest customer do it yourself... - UP: 0


China has already mastered the 14nm and up semiconductor cycle, which is 70% of the market. China only needs to progress to the point where they can satisfy their own demand. Once this occurs the semiconductor industry in the US will be wiped out. - UP: 1


Win Kus
i hope china could master this very crucial technology.. when china mastered this technology, everything will be much much cheaper. - UP: 1