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文章原始标题:This map shows why China cannot be pushed around anymore, PLA missiles now out range and cover all US forces in East Asia within range.


When USA has a lot of military bases close to China, they still say that China is threatening USA !


How dare China put their country so close to US military bases?? 😤😤😡😡


US forces outside of SK in Asia is a waste of money. They've never seen action so US economy is better off reinvesting those resources towards domestic infrastructure.


US economy is better off reinvesting those resources towards domestic infrastructure.
Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and the rest of the US' weapons manufacturers would all disagree with you.

洛克希德 · 马丁公司,波音公司,诺斯罗普·格鲁曼,雷神公司和其他美国武器制造商都不会同意你的观点。

Yep. "US economy" is the MIC and support for that.


It not a waste of money for the true constituents of the US (MIC).


War is the US infrastructure


US MIC must find an enemy to boost their profit. No enemy means no revenue.


Hawaiian living in Texas here, what the hell is a “domestic infrastructure”?


When you have roads that were paved 90 years ago, duh.


They need to consider the story of France’s Maginot Line and how Hitler completely side stepped the fortifications by going around through Belgium and the Netherlands. China need to consider fronts being opened along India, Mongolia and even Russia (however low the probability that maybe)


Indias border is basically the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau, an invasion over it would be suicidal.
Mongolia is deserts, mountains, and steppe. Also a bad decision.
The Paektu mountains are the border between the DPRK and the PRC, who are allies anyway.
Russias border is very wide and hard to traverse, but fair point nonetheless.
The other areas are by Xinjiang, but that border is equally hard to cross into, and Iran is really close.


They would never invade China's territory. They don't want that kind of conflict with China because the US knows that it would kill many American soldiers and would result in an escallation of violence, which would be bad for both sides. What the US would probably do is striking Chinese ships across the strait of Taiwan, without any formal declaration of war. Also, the Chinese border with India is mostly the Himalayas, which are impossible to cross.


Those counties might not invade China, but US and NATO forces flying bombers over them is not beyond the realm of impossibility


That kind of invasion wouldn't be benefitial to the US, considering that China has a large Air Force. If they did this, China could use it as a pretext to bomb US islands in the Pacific and even the East Coast, which would kill many people; an escallation of violence like that wouldn't be benefitial, especially for a country that is recovering from a pandemic.
Wars like WW2 are very unlikely to happen again, both countries have nuclear weapons and don't want things to get bad to the point one of them uses neclear weapons. The US would only invade Chinese mainland if China had a weak army and no nuclear weapons.

考虑到中国拥有庞大的空军力量,这种入侵对美国来说不会有什么好处。如果他们这样做,中国可能会以此为借口轰炸美国在太平洋的岛屿,甚至东海岸,这将导致许多人死亡; 这样的暴力不会有什么好处,特别是对于一个正在从疫情中恢复的国家。

This. If humanity managed to avoid WW3 during the First Cold War, it's not gonna happen today, specially considering all the economic ties between the USA and China, which means a conflict would entail economic MAD, and the fact that China is much stronger than the USSR. The USSR's GDP was around half of the USA's, while the Chinese economy is almost as big as the American one, will surpass it in a few years and might double by 2035.
Fortunately, it seems like the age of wars between global powers ended after WW2.


Chinese GDP is already much bigger than the US, check GDP PPP.


Since when has the US cared about the death of its soldiers?


Since Vietnam absolutely destroyed them. US politicians don't want to upset the population again like they did during during the Vietnam War, it wouldn't be good for the elections.


Idk if you’ve been to the US but I see homeless veterans at least every week during commutes


I've never been to the US, but I heard about that. I was talking about soldiers getting killed while in service. Politicians don't want a lot of soldiers dying while they are still in the army; however, after they leave the army, that's a whole different story.


Oh true. I misread your argument. I didn’t take that into account, but it’s true people get emotional over one death compared to thousands. One is a tragedy, a million is a statistic. Americans aren’t willing to die for wars, they prefer to just bomb. Bombing only helps so much, you’ll need troops on the ground at the end of the day.


No problem :) I agree with what you said about Americans prefering to just bomb, that's why I don't think that a conflict between China and US would result in a serious war.

没毛病 :) 我同意你说的美国人更喜欢轰炸,这就是为什么我不认为中国和美国之间的冲突会导致一场严重的战争。

Which is incredibly ironic, considering the budget of the Veterans Affairs alone is larger than the entire Chinese military budget, and its not like the latter is skimping on benefits for discharged personnel either.


US "healthcare" is about putting money in the pockets of the insurance companies, not results. It's corruption.


The lesson the US took was "don't let the media report independently or even in a neutral manner on its wars."


Impossible to cross? Well, if Pakistan and India can fight in Kargil and Siachen glacier


But that's different, they don't have to cross the entire Himalayas do fight each other. If the US wanted to invade China they would have to do so. Also, the US would have a lot of trouble sending supplies to the soldiers in the front if they tried to cross the Himalayas.


India is not low probability. The Afghan/Xinjiang corridor is also likely


Afghanistan, too.


And all without increasing the percentage of GDP spent on military and sacrificing quality of life. Unlike America, where the hegemony is being funded by a collapsing republic and dying people.


This map also shows why Western politician and media is so concerned about Uighurs and believe every word prophet Adrian the Zenze utters.


Excellent :) Time is on our side

好极了 :) 时间在我们这边

These stupid US Satellite / Proxies countries are dumb for harboring US bases, US Troops, US missiles launchers. Don't they know that THEY will be the first to be wiped off the map if the US does something stupid?
Instead of harboring a war mongering / extremist regime like the US military, they should instead play nice and be friends with China. Trade with China. And remove the US out of the region. They are instigator and rapist. Every day, a US troop rapes a girl in Japan / S. Korea. And Japan / S. Korea has to look away and obey the USA.


Imperialism is a paper tiger. Especially now with advanced missiles. Good luck Americans in trying to assert your dominance anywhere close to the coast of China or anywhere in the South China Sea. Get ready to be wiped out as the cockroaches that you are.


Taiwan and Hong Kong should learn who has the strategic advantage.


More interesting (and difficult to obtain) than that would be coverage maps for various ISR assets like OTH radars, drones, satellites, etc. Given a certain region of the SCS/WestPac, what kind of sensor density does China have on that region at any given time.
Nobody serious questions the fact that China can put missiles on a target with exceeding accuracy. What's questioned is how capable it is of tracking and targeting.


And DF-41s better be pointed straight at Washington


Pretty sure US "forces" is aware of the Chinese artificial islands, 7 of them and over 2,000 acres as of 2015(!). That's at least 7 additional aircraft carriers (most with landing strip, and unsinkable) armed to the teeth and not just war planes, sitting there without the need of refueling, nor arduous travel.
Wonder how long can US navy keep up their FON sillies, also nice of them to provide PLA a closer look at their targets.


Overwhelmingly it’s the US who is the biggest threat to peace in this world and surveys from around the world show most foreigners agree with me.
China doesn’t want war, China just wants to sell the products it manufactures in every country and nothing more. China is smarter than our war mongers in Washington, China realizes war costs both sides far to much.


Richard Herron
When should America just start getting along with other countries might be a good question.
Who’s dick is biggest?
try thinking in more humanistic friendly ways and you’ll start to see that most people are just the same.


Harry Wang
If China did not expand the navy in the past few years, I am afraid that the United States has already launched a war against China. After all, Pompeo hates China so much. I don’t know why he hates China so much.


This is why China is “expanding its navy and air force at an alarming pace”. Because Americans want to destroy China for having an army and navy.


Damn this seems like it’s escalating fast.


I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this :)

当我看到这图片时,我松了一口气 :)



Patrick Quinn
I expect so. Any substantial weapon of any kind deployed against a US warship is conceivably some kind of threat to the platform. The trick is landing the shot. (Not the weapon, but the warrior who wields it.) I’ve been dodging the missile questions for awhile, and in the past I’ve pooh-poohed the notion that Iran’s two naval combat arms pose any kind of serious threat to US carrier strike groups, but I’ve no doubt that the People’s Republic isn’t building junk. I don’t think Chinese weapons are second-class, and I don’t think the People’s Liberation Army Navy is a bunch of punks.


Charles Lee
Currently, within the first island chain, the Chinese navy together with it missile and Air Force, working together in tandem and in a coordinated manner and having home field advantage will likely win the fight with the United States. Within that zone, its navy will be protected by its missile forces, Air Force and drones and it is unlikely that the USN can even come close to the Chinese mainland. Its growing fleet of ultra-quiet AIP submarine armed with technologically advance torpedoes will also likely make a significant difference. The USN pivot to the pacific region is a recognition of that fact.
Outside of the first island chain, as things currently stand but which is rapidly changing, the US will prevail.


In the years to come, as the Chinese military continue its rapid modernization not only in hardware but also doctrine and training, it will be unlikely (short of nuclear war) that it can be defeated. China will also likely to be able to access BRI military bases that is serviced by a road and rail BRI network. The industrial base of the United States is too small relatively for it to succeed in an extended war - this is not to say that the USN may not win battles against the Chinese Navy BUT in the future, it is unlikely to win a war.
Most western military analysts are not able to fully comprehend where the Chinese military is as far as capabilities or purpose because it has been growing at an exponentially rate and because Chinese military thoughts are based on Chinese military writing, which because of language barrier, western analysts does not understand or comprehend. This is true of their hardware, their training and the military doctrine which guide the use of their military. The analyst are at least five years behind what the Chinese military capabilities is at this time.


Peter Gould
Americans need to remember that China has been prep’g for a possible US Naval attack since the 90’s. And they have done there best to turn the China Sea into a killing zone. In the end its a American Bluewater fleet with Air Force support verses China’s more shallow water Fleet supported by Shore defences (alot) & Air Force. America could ware them down but I really doubt America got the stomic for the personal cost in american lives and ship loss. I wonder about the level of american resolve once they loose 2 to 3 aircraft carriers plus what ever else.
Now on the flip side if they decide to stand off and avoid the kill zone and just blockaide all china related shipping? America could shut down all traffic at a small butcherbill. It would criple China but might cripple the world in the process.

美国人需要记住,自90年代以来,中国一直在为可能的美国海军攻击做准备。他们竭尽全力把中国海变成一个杀伤区。最终,拥有空军支援的美国蓝水舰队 vs 拥有空军支援和海岸防御(很多)的中国更多浅水舰队。美国可以警惕他们,但我真的怀疑美国是否有勇气为美国人的生命和舰船的损失付出代价。我想知道一旦美国失去了2到3艘航空母舰,再加上别的什么,他们的决心有多大。

Chris Schene
I would think the US would just blockade their ocean traffic


Jack Menendez
As long as the conflict remains in the region of China protected by land-based mobile anti-ship missiles, China will do well. A conflict outside of that geography, not so much.
The US objective of a wider conflict, a world war, would be to destroy China’s SLBM. China’s fleet would have to protect them. That appears to be China’s current naval paradigm, to create a safe place in the Oceans around China for its SLBMs to lurk protected by land-based mobile anti-ship missiles, non-nuclear attack submarines, and a surface fleet. They must protect their SLBM subs long enough to launch the missiles.
China does appear to be moving beyond this paradigm to be able to project power as the US does but they have a way to go.


Al Morrow
China is not so careless to have their Navy take on the US Navy. First and foremost China’s objective would be to take Taiwan and they would have all the land base military firepower to take on the US Navy that would not have any land base resources but Taiwan. The US Navy would be vulnerable being at sea vs China mainland being able to easily support Air & Sea forces against the US Navy. Taiwan would be taken by China in two days and the US would have to withdraw.


Victor H Hurtado
Perhaps in a similar manner where the much vaunted and larger Italian Navy in the Mediterranean was dealt a major blow by elements of the British Royal Navy during WWII. China may suffer that same route. Ultimately though, you never underestimate the abilities of your opponent. And it’s likely China, father of Sun Tzuo, hold a similar sentiment as well. Btw, it wouldn’t be just the U.S. navy that China may confront. Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand navies would also join the fray.


Jack Ye
The best chance China has is to bring the battle field close to the shore of China.
So that air force, submarines, and missile force can provide a huge amount of support.
I do not think Chinese Navy has any chance against US Navy in the ocean. China simply doesn’t have enough planes nor enough nuclear submarines. That is a massive disadvantage.


Harry Teo
It’s in China territory & seas , easy for China to throw all they got at the US navy . All their latest military hardware are design for that anticipation. They will be sorry for the provocation & need for to be taught a lesson. Their navies will used for target practice to test China new designs weapons & getting respect for Chinese bravery. I think he has lost its balls & wouldn’t dare to Attack chinese assets.


Mert Toker
China is not challenging US militarily at a worldwide scale. It is limited to Chinese sea and India. The economical models of China and US are very different when it comes to arms expenditures.
American defense industry manufactures huge amount of weapons each year. Each year there shall be a ‘’threat’’ to close the business deals. It is mostly about business and defense contractor lobbies in US. Not much to do with bases in Germany or Japan anymore. Most of the bases in Europe is unnecessary militarily. Maybe just to be sure that some politicians in Europe behave in line.
Therefore it is really difficult not to be close to American bases on the planet we live in.


Despite recently closing hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad—from giant “Little Americas” to small radar facilities. Britain, France and Russia, by contrast, have about 30 foreign bases combined.
There is a big gap between China’s arm sales and US’s in this aspect. In US maintaining a giant military is a major business. In China, they prefer to spend their resources on exports of daily goods.
Therefore Chinese bases located around South China and mostly about the defense of mainland. If they have any military ambition it is mostly about Taiwan and checking India on long run.


Bob Stone
China is not ready or has the desire to compete with US in any worldwide arms race. They would not do the same strategical mistake of Soviet Union and drain their resources. Instead they would attempt to control the country which US relies most to deal with China. It is India… Pakistan might be a good Chinese ally on long run. For now, they play both sides of the equation against each other.

中国没有准备,也没有与美国在任何全球军备竞赛中竞争的愿望。他们不会重蹈苏联的覆辙,耗尽自己的资源。相反,他们会努力控制这个美国在与中国打交道时最依赖的国家——印度... 从长远来看,巴基斯坦可能是中国的一个好盟友。现在,他们在等式的两边互相竞争。

China would challenge US in a limited area especially on Indo-Pacific ocean. The problem is they would need bases around the Indian ocean to refuel and repair their big fleet.
China’s military to challenge U.S. supremacy in the Indo-Pacific, most visibly with a plan to put half-a-dozen aircraft carriers in the world’s oceans. Still, China has a problem: He needs bases around the world to refuel and repair his global fleet. So far, China only has one overseas military base, compared with dozens for the U.S., which also has hundreds of smaller installations.


Still, China is getting the best and most effective bases in history. Economical bases… Each economical Chinese step taken in Pakistan or Africa would provide more than bullets, missiles etc. on long run. By creating economical alliances soon they would not need a military base in Pakistan. After a while, Pakistan army might sideline with Chinese willingly. Getting an army of another country by its side might be the best base any state would get.
Commercial ports of China below (Dark red dots):
Chinese military ambitions are very limited. Military conquest in not Chinese way of thinking . Thousands of years Chinese history provides some clues. In general, they handle their enemies by time and different soft power methods... It might be wrong to tell the same thing for economical targets though… Money always buys the best allies on long run.

尽管如此,中国正在获得历史上最好和最有效的基地——经济基础... 从长远来看,中国在巴基斯坦或非洲采取的每一项经济措施都将提供比子弹、导弹等更多的东西。通过建立经济联盟,他们很快就不需要在巴基斯坦建立军事基地。过一段时间,巴基斯坦军队可能会心甘情愿地与中国人并肩作战。让另一个国家的军队与自己并肩作战,可能是任何一个国家所能获得的最好的基地。

中国的军事野心非常有限。军事征服不是中国人的思维方式。数千年的中国历史提供了一些线索。一般来说,他们用时间和不同的软实力来对付他们的敌人... 对经济目标说同样的话可能是错误的... 从长远来看,金钱总是能买到最好的盟友。

So,when you see a gang of thugs out side your house aiming the rifle at you.
What should you do?
Defend yourself!
That is what China doing now.
US had a military base in Korea and Japan, would US also permit Russia or China to have same military base in Canada or Mexico, or Cuba?
The US threatened to start a nuclear war when they found Soviet bases in Cuba.
There are dozens of US bases so close to China.


Max Von
Maybe China just simply wanna protect its Asian brothers!


Nathan James
America is doing everything it can to demonize China, including lying and falsely accusing.
China is not being aggressive. Like all nations, China is trying to short up its national defence against potential invaders like the United States. Let’s not forget that over 100 years ago, Western powers descended on China when it was weak and abused, and raped China inside out. China certainly hasn’t forgotten.
The United States is a major threat to China, as it is a major threat to many, many other countries around the globe like Afghanistan, Bosnia, Congo, Cuba, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, etc.
Here is an incontrovertible fact: In the last 40 years, China has not fought a single war.


Bora Taş
From the picture, currently, China is launching warships faster than the USA in WW2. It added an entire British Navy to its fleet in just 2 years. The scariest thing is China is doing all of this in conjuction with rapid technological advancement and with just 1.7% of its national economy. The build-up will only get faster. If this trend continues, the Chinese navy will dwarf the US Navy by 2050. America is trying everything to stop China from further economic growth. Villification of China is just one of the measures.