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文章原始标题:Who did Yang Jiechi’s eating instant noodles humiliate during a bilateral meeting in the US?


Bill Chen lives in Singapore
This is a cabinet level meeting of the two largest economies in the world.
It was requested and hosted by the Americans.
Why in the name of washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt would it be held in the middle of freezing nowhere Anchorage, a town of population 300,000?
And a 4-star hotel to boot.
Even Kickstarter project meetings are hosted with more care, and rationality.
Yang jiechi’s instant noodle snippet was a lucky gem caught between whispers. It wasn't a public comment or intentional leak designed to embarrass the hosts.
But I won't be surprised if the Chinese delegation brought their own supplies and refused American “hospitality” entirely.
The Chinese don't treat guests that way.


Christian Gunnerson
Chinese people love noodles so it was probably what the diplomat requested.


Bill Chen
This is the trouble with foreigners who completely miss the point when they insist the Chinese have to behave and think like them.


Camille Yolande
I think the choice of location (Alaska, of all places) was picked as a deliberate snub towards China. Just a few days prior, the American delegation went to Japan and Korea, which are only a few hours away by flight to Beijing. Instead of just going to Beijing for talks which would have been easier, they flew to Alaska, essentially making the Chinese delegation chase them halfway back to America just to sit in for a condescending lecture. This is a way of saying “you’re unworthy, know your place.”


Duncan Yum
Regardless of location, the whole deal reeks the smell of Hong Men Yan from the beginning.
Feel free to read my short answer on that topic…
In Chinese culture, the term Hong Men Yan ("Feast at Swan Goose Gate") is used figuratively to refer to a trap or a situation ostensibly joyous but in fact treacherous.
And all the dick moves that the US pulled over the last 2 weeks fully vindicated that assessment.
As such, does it really matter whether the host made no provisions (expecting the talk won’t last long) or that the Chinese delegates expecting the host would poison them?
Then again, we all expect drama and so far, not disappointed…


Amir Patel
Let's be real, America is no saint it has military bases all across the world but blames china for its military presence in South china. What gives US a right to do so? They still haven't proved that Saddam Hussein was building nuclear weapons, which they used as an excuse to topple regime. It only sanctions those countries which doesn't obey it, last time I checked they still haven't sanctioned Saudi Arabia for bombing civilians in Yemen or sanctioned Israel for breaking international laws in their illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, it is pretty clear America only sanction those countries that don't kowtow to it's needs to further it's geopolitical hegemony. But I must say china needs to be wise, America provides military safeguard to it's allies and uses it's allies for economic suppression, towards countries which challenges it's hegemony. China needs to create strong allies with neighborhood countries or else America along with it allies can economically bully china like they did with huawei. China needs to have good relations with all countries in Asia like US has with west(Europe). And also assure them of military safety, like US does with Europe. And china can use it's allies to retaliate economically if America tries to bully china economically. China can be isolated by America with it's allies so china need to create a strong alliance instead of picking fight with it's neighbours. And give away border disputes with india. It's old American strategy to make growing super power fight with each other in there regional conflict, while it has no conflict of it's own in it's own region, neither with Mexico nor with Canada. China and India's prosperity lies in it's border stability, not fighting each other like what America wants.

让我们面对现实吧,美国并不是圣人,它在世界各地都有军事基地,但却指责中国在南部的军事存在。是什么赋予了美国这样做的权利?他们仍然没有萨达姆 · 侯赛因在制造核武器的证据,而以此作为推翻政权的借口。它只制裁那些不服从它的国家,上次我查了他们仍然没有制裁沙特阿拉伯轰炸也门平民,或制裁以色列违反国际法非法占领巴勒斯坦领土,很明显,美国只制裁那些不向它卑躬屈膝的国家,以进一步巩固其地缘政治霸权。但我必须说,中国需要明智,美国为其盟友提供军事保障,并利用其盟友对挑战其霸权的国家进行经济压制。中国需要与周边国家建立强有力的盟友关系,否则美国和它的盟友就可以像对待华为一样在经济上欺负中国。中国需要和亚洲所有国家保持良好的关系,就像美国和西欧一样。同时保证他们的军事安全,就像美国对待欧洲那样。如果美国试图在经济上欺负中国,中国可以利用其盟友进行经济报复。中国可能会被美国及其盟友孤立,因此中国需要建立一个强大的联盟,而不是与其邻国挑起战争。放弃与印度的边界争端。美国的老战略就是让崛起的超级大国在地区冲突中相互争斗,而它在自己的地区里却没有冲突,无论是与墨西哥还是与加拿大。中国和印度的繁荣在于边境的稳定,而不是像美国希望的那样互相争斗。

Duncan Yum
“China and India's prosperity lies in it's border stability, not fighting each other like what America wants.”
Unfortunately, India doesn’t share that idea.


Amir Patel
Both sides accuse the other of the same. But China needs to be more diplomatic and try to fix a meeting with india. And laso solve South China disputes. America will use all the Asian countries against China if China keeps acting rough. I am saying this as a constructive criticism my friend.


Roger Quek
Perhaps the choice of the location was due to the US was uncomfortable with security issues either in China or even any of their allies they visited?


Joe Louis
That's like playing kids game. We are talking about the 2 largest economy in the world. And the the rest of the planet need them to co-operate, work together to help develop and progress the world for a better place to live with dignity. Instead , the US first statement was about HK, Tibet, Taiwan and Xinjiang. Why they have to do that? To make China know that the US is in charge of the Narrative ? Is that the game the US is playing? Just to feel good that they are in charge? Common , you gotta be more serious and talk about trade. That's the main subject of the meeting, and not the Narrative of interfering in China internal affairs.
Trying to embarrass China's delegation. Actually is Pathetic.


Camille Yolande
Yes that’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re bluffing and telling the Chinese that it’s not the trump administration any more being idiotic and putting America on autopilot. They tried to stage a PR stunt with it for the domestic audience by asking the news people to leave but then the Chinese side hit back and it got televised. I suppose they were more civil later when discussing trade, but the nasty start probably tainted the rest of the meeting.


Da Zheng
The first is China invited by the United States. The second is Alaska, which is in the middle of the Sino US route


Glenn Lee
The Chinese are not American guests; this is American political theater at it’s worse. Unlike the Japanese and Korea visit, the Chinese has to go to the Lion’s den, sorta a command performance.


Duncan Yum
If you want Trump-ish drama, Washington D.C. should call Taipei instead of Beijing.


Oon Ban Cheah
This is just exposed the US intent that now I am back and I will call the shots from now and China has to abide by what I dictate. This is done in full view of the media and in the Republican state to boot. What a shock to the US team that they get lectured by the Chinese point blank! The Chinese did not play to the Americans scri1pt.


Cze Low
Marvelous response by China. Hit it on the knuckle.


Gimleong Ng
It was a very good counter punch.


Bryan Goh
I'm surprised the Chinese even bothered to show up at all.


Kris Lim
It is, after all the first important meeting since the Biden administration took over. The sensible thing for the Chinese to do was at least approach it with an open mind.


Erwin Lee
China is showing to the world that she is open to discussion not accusations or slander.


Yap You Wai
wonder if the US officials mixed up the Anglo-Saxon language re-discussion v. accusation? 🤪


Alset Alokin
That would be a diplomatic disaster. Western media would have a field day spinning and exaggerating. But China decided to play it cool and show the world that they indeed are serious in dialogues. It’s the ice breaker for the new administration and this only looks bad on the host instead. The petulant kid forgot China is a wise old man. The only wise old man left in the civilised world.


Ed Zhang
that shows the world we’re not playing, they are


Andrew Fennewald
Alaska is a pretty awesome place though.


Bill Chen
Please choose Anchorage for business meetings in future, for its awesomeness.
I'm sure clients and hosts will appreciate the salmon and brown bears. Maybe a moose or two too.


Andrew Fennewald
Seriously Alaska is one of the most interesting states in the US. It's not an insulting location for a meeting.


Bill Chen
So the secretary of state flies to Tokyo and Seoul to meet the pms but flies back across the pacific to meet THE CHINESE in an interesting location?
What is this, some kind of retirement round the world cruise?
The Chinese are honored to stay at the captain Cook hotel, who is a white icon that memorializes the genocide and colonization of the pacific peoples.


Erwin Lee
Lol that's a 4 star hotel. Omg what are they thinking.
They might have special upper-class treatment for the state guests. But… USA hosting state guests in a 4 star hotel?
What the…

他们可能会为国宾提供特殊的上流社会待遇,但是... 美国在四星级酒店招待国宾?

Lam Yc
The usa is having financial problems and must be frugal. The are into Trillion Dollars in Debt!


Rachel Casale
I just returned from Utah, which was an awesome place to visit. I was even in Park City, where Sundance is held. There is plenty of wealth and beauty there. However, unless I was specifically organizing a ski trip, I know it would be a terrible place to hold an international meeting. When we go to China, they offer us their best. The Chinese take being good hosts very seriously. They are aware that being sent to Alaska in the early spring and put up at a “good" hotel is very much an insult. It doesn't matter if you personally think it's a cool place. It was still wildly inappropriate and was meant as a slight.


Erwin Lee
I don't think Alaska is in top 10 places to held state meeting in the USA.
But you are right Alaska is interesting as tourist location.


Vincent Tan
Indeed…indeed its an interesting place…especially its low cost and after one runs out of ideas of places to visit.

【回复】的确... 的确是一个有趣的地方... 尤其是它的低消费,而且在你没有地方可去的情况下。

JOW Yuzo
Direct answer: The US side ought be ashamed to treat Chinese guests instant noodles.


George Lee
The disparity between the rich and poor is growing and so are developed and developing countries. Frankly, a host insulting a guest though the guise of a conversation or meeting, it is obvious that it meant to sow negative attention. If the leader can do this what do you think the white supremacists and etc. will think and behaviour in future? Minority groups in USA and various groups around the globe will be the one to suffer from this for decades to be. SIGH….!!!!

【回复】贫富差距正在扩大,发达国家和发展中国家也是如此。坦率地说,主办方通过谈话或会议的幌子侮辱客人,这显然意在引起负面的关注。如果领导人能做到这一点,你认为白人至上主义者等人在将来会怎么想和做出什么行为?美国的少数群体和全球各地的各种群体将在未来几十年内遭受这种痛苦。唉...... ! ! ! !

BingSee Teh
Chinese are courteous to acquaintances n friends whom we haven’t seen for sometime n to give a sumptuous meal in their honour is a prerequisite especially when there is an invite over a long distance .


Adam Brower
One does not invite friends and acquaintances to Anchorage.


Frank Cheung
That is because the USA is going broke and can only afford 4 star facilities???


Joe Louis
China had two heavyweights on the table. Across, there were two amateurs.
China delegation told them: You don't interfere in our house internal affairs. As we don't interfere in your house internal affairs. We won't tolerate you imposing your narrative.
Go to CTGN and watch the videos where the two Chinese diplomats scolded the US delegates.
One Chinese delegate said to the US, why you are telling reporters to leave. What you don't want them to see? You people champion democracy, but expelling the reporters in an Autocratic way. That was hilarious. US diplomats thought they were in charge. It backfired badly.


Shuami DeBeer
“One Chinese delegate said to the US, why you are telling reporters to leave. What you don't want them to see? You people champion democracy, but expelling the reporters in an Autocratic way.”
I read in the news outlet here that it was Blinken who called back the reporters to have his last words. Apparently from you said here it was the Chinese side who asked the reporters back. I searched for the CGTN video but could not find it on YouTube. Would appreciate it if you could post the link here.


Shuami DeBeer
I still can’t find the video you mentioned, but I found this article on SCMP:
The article details the events on that date. Apparently, the US side, who gave the opening speech first, appeared to veer from the scri1pt and started to make accusations on China. So Yang responded with his rebuttal: "Because, Mr Secretary and NSA Sullivan, you have delivered some quite different opening remarks, mine will be slightly different as well."
Then, Handlers started to usher journalists out when Yang finished speaking but Blinken and Sullivan waved them back in to say more.
Once Blinken and Sullivan finished their comments, handlers again ushered reporters out but Yang told the press to “wait”, and raised a finger of admonishment. The Chinese diplomat accused the Americans of speaking to them in a condescending tone. He said the efforts to nudge the press out of the room was an example of how the US did not support democracy.


Raymond Willis
A very funny reaction. I think the Chinese expressed their rather cold attitude towards the current administration, so the location was probably appropriate. The next time serious discussions are held it should be on a nude beach in Hawaii?


Huijian Wu CTO (2005-present)
I've seen people online say that this is an implication of not accepting a set of things prepared by the US.
Actually, I really don't think so. There is no need to make a fuss about Yang Jiechi eating instant noodles, as different people have different tastes.
If you have to think that this means something, then you can only think that the United States has a problem in diplomatic reception. Inviting key Chinese diplomatic officials to a meeting, only to not even have the food ready.
Of course this is not a problem, the U.S. side could not have failed to prepare food, only that the food prepared was not suitable for Chinese tastes.
To be honest, the food level of American catering is really not comparable to that of China, and most Chinese people can become professional chefs when they go to America. I went to Europe and the United States, many times also eat noodles, because most of the restaurant food, really can not eat.


Felix Su
Don’t worry, you get used to it. American food is quite good depending on where you get it. Same with other nations’ food. You just have to get accustom to it.
Who knows what the US did. It wouldn’t surprise me if the US intentionally set up food that they knew the Chinese delegation wouldn’t like.


Harban Singh
I thought for such an important meeting, the protocol is for the host to check what their guests wish to eat too. I once hosted an entourage of Harvard students in Johor, Malaysia & due to constraints of time I had to prepare both local & American food due to unforseen pre-visit communication constraints.


Effweye Young
The Americans were expecting it to be a “potluck” event? I’m sure they brought the potato salad, and thought the Chinese would bring the Chow Mein!
Either that, or the American culture of glorifying boorish behaviour, have now finally made its way into their diplomatic circles.
Pompeo was certainly no John Foster Dulles, but even in the case of the latter, American diplomats have consistently shown a level of sophistication that was a notch (or three) below their British, French, Russian, and Chinese peers.


L Ting living in HK
According to Taiwanese news report, Blinken deliberately subjected the Chinese delegation members to COBID-19 PCR tests at the Achorage airport before admitting them to Alaska. Furthermore, no food, not to mention holding banquet, had been provided to the Chinese side on the pretext of COVID-19 pandemic prevention measure.
Such low handed trivial trickery by a self proclaimed ‘Super Power’ and ‘World Beacon of Freedom, Democracy, Human Right…’?
That was why the head of the Chinese delegation started his remarks with words like this -
‘We have thought too highly of you (the Americans). You have not observed even the basic diplomatic protocols!’


Ivan Masli
Drawback of having a meeting in Anchorage I suppose. I even read that the hotel used is a 3 or 4 starts small and old hotel, which may not be prepared that well to host such high level meeting.


Heng Ong Huat Ah
That for Asian societies , for the Caucasian , they go Dutch . U wanna come over to my house , u better bring yr own food .


Christian Gunnerson
you have obviously never been a guest in the home of a western person before, because what you are stating is simply just a malicious and petty false claim. it’s common in all european countries to provide food for their guests. i would know this from living 37 years in europe and been a guest in many different households. do you think it would be acceptable if people go around spreading lies about your people?


Howan Cheung
I Live in the Netherlands, for more than 45 years. Food is not offered as a standard. If the Dutch start saying they are about to have dinner, this is not an invitation to join them. It is a hint that it is time to leave. This has been the case for 99.9 % of the time. Don't argue with me on this, this is the cultural norm.


Lydia Claunch
I laughed out; that’s so true, haha!


Mannou Hana
I don’t read too much into it. I think most of us can understand how we tend to work through lunch especially if we have an important meeting after that. Sometimes while working during lunch time, we can afford to slurp down some instant noodles while at the same time pounding on the keyboard or going through our materials.


Cze Low
Safer. No chance of accidental food poisoning. The Chinese learnt that historically.


Chris Wong
On being impolite, you would agree that this isn’t a normal host/guest relationship. The US side “welcomed” their Chinese guests with unhostly sanctions too. I guess nobody should be offended by any impoliteness from either side.


Yler Hank
USA side should prepare the lunch, it is the diplomatic protocol. The acting from USA,just for express some rude to china, let china looks lower than them.


Pk Leong
the matter was not instant noodles , the real matter was China do not want to sit down with the rude host for dinner n rather eat among themselves .
the host did not follow international protocol by first firing salvo during media session which is not acceptable. After criticising China , the host wanted to send the media away without giving china a chance to reply . That is not acceptable.


Yang Guo lives in China
During this China-US strategic dialogue, the US government made many diplomatic etiquette errors.
Yang Jiechi ate instant noodles for lunch because the US government did not provide food.
Please understand one thing: this dialogue was proposed by the US government and it was also an invitation from the US government to China.
Therefore, according to diplomatic etiquette, the United States should provide food.
But the US government did not provide any food, which is really - too barbaric.
After Yang Jiechi's eating instant noodles came back to China, Chinese people who knew about it believed that the United States became more and more like ancient barbarians, rather than moral people in modern society.


Andrew Ang
A country like China cannot even provide food for its own team, how laughable.


Yang Guo
The organizer of the conference provides food for the invited party, which is the most basic diplomatic etiquette.


Yunxue Chen
The opening speech took super extra time and made a very bad beginning for the talk atomesphere.
For such a meeting, there would be a lot of work needs to be prepared with some sudden change. Relevant people sometimes do not have time or mood to enjoy normal meal.


Byron Han lives in Silicon Valley
The eating of instant noodles humiliated no one. There’s no need to over-analyze this. Not everyone likes Western food or the American renditions of Chinese cuisine.
In fact many people find it pretty damn cool that such a high level government official is down to earth and eats instant noodles just like they do.
I wish I knew what brand it was.