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文章原始标题:So why don't Britain fight China again and retake Hong Kong?

内容简介:美国、中国、俄罗斯、欧盟都是列强,而英国是中等强国。 英国重新获得全球影响力的唯一途径是,在加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰等老领土之间的联盟中获得领导地位。

Christian Gunnerson
USA, China, Russia, EU are great powers. UK is a middle power.
The only way the UK can regain global power is if they can aquire a leadership role in an union between old dominions such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
There’s legitimate talks about a possibility of such an union under the name “CANZUK”. If such a bloc could be formed it would have considerable power.
However, if such an union were to form it would mostly just be a free-trade area/a trading bloc. And it would still be significantly lag behind the EU, China and USA in terms of population, economy and military assets, it would be stronger then Russia tho.
I think the union could make sense as these 4 countries share similar cultural heritage and are politically very close to eachother. It would effectively be an anglosphere that the UK would fit better in then in the EU.


I do not think CANZUK would be able to squeeze China economically nor do I think they could win a military war against China. So both of these options is off the table.
The real world is not like the James Bond universe where the UK is still a major global power, the empire can not strike back because the empire is long gone and the UK is reduced to the history books.

现实世界并不像詹姆斯 · 邦德的世界那样英国仍然是全球大国,大英帝国无法反击,因为帝国早已消失了,英国已经停留在历史书了。

Perry Smith lives in Great Britain
Because China is on the other side of the world? How are we going to convert our entire military across the planet without them noticing and responding? Keeping in mind China has the worlds strongest army right now, would make it incredibly unrealistic.
The days of fighting for empires is over, you cannot simply attack another world power that has both nuclear weapons and a lot of people, and control’s the world order for economic status.
While Britain continues to be a world power and strong country, and could potentially beat China on their own grounds, or in a naval war, they absolutely would not win on foot in Chinese territory against an army of Chinese size.
No one can beat China on their territory, sadly, we just have to live with that.
Also, why are we fighting to take back Hong Kong? It was leased to the UK, and the time has expired and now it must be returned.


Allan Kay
Quote: No one can beat China on their territory, sadly, we just have to live with that
.May I ask, why sadly?
You give the impression similar to that of a burglar fretting over the days when house breaking was so easy then.


Samuel Lee
why? it's because he is an offspring of pirates, robbers & drug dealers. so, sadly for them that those good glorious days are over for them. China caught up on industrialization. They can make huge guns now. haha!


Michael Regan
China have very limited capability of military projection, meaning they can’t attack anyone they aren’t close to/share a border with.
They have very little combat experience. America and Britain have a LOT.
China have very few allies. Apart from Russia, all other countries have strong allies who would come to their aid.


Eric Goodemote JD from Cornell Law School (2008)
The only reason Britain ever ruled Hong Kong in the first place was because Britain’s early lead in the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century gave it a massive economic and military advantage over non-European countries which allowed it to defeat China militarily with ease and bully it into ceding Hong Kong. That power imbalance in favor of Britain no longer exists and will never exist again, so Britain is no longer militarily capable of wresting any territory from China. Moreover, Britain’s culture and values have developed in a direction such that it doesn’t see itself as the kind of place that militarily conquers foreign territories anymore. In other words, Britain doesn’t want to and couldn’t even if it did want to.

【回答】康奈尔法学院 法学博士(2008年)

Narinder Dogra
China had leases Hong Kong to UK for some specified time.
When lease expired, China asked UK to return Hong Kong. UK returned Hong Kong to China.
The contract was faithfully followed by both sides.


Eric Goodemote
It was actually more complicated than that. Fresh from victory in the Falklands War, Margaret Thatcher wanted to see if she could get China to let the UK keep all of it. China demanded both the New Territories back and Hong Kong island itself. The only reason Britain ceded both back to China was because Hong Kong island was not defensible without the New Territories and Deng Xiaoping threatened to take it all back by force.


Samuel Lee
yea..just like falkland war. taking it back from the Argentinians was easy peasy.

【回复】是啊... 就像福克兰战争一样,从阿根廷人手中夺走就简单得很。

KokHin Lim Executive Director at CH Global Resources (2009-present)
China said to Britain, you got 2 choices.
One we, meaning both China and Britain look civil, you lower Union Jack, we hoist China's flag and do a charade that help to contribute to world peace.
Or if you do not agree, step aside we walk right in in 24 hours Hong Kong is ours. Margaret Thatcher turned to her military chief and they says take the first option,
The rest they say is history.

【回答】CH全球资源执行董事 (2009年-至今)

Samuel Lee
maggie wanted a lease extension. Deng gave her 2 choices.hk is china’s property. It's none of UK (ex-tenant) biz to meddle with.


Naresh Vasani lives in Delhi (2011-present)
As a friendly neighbor of China, India does not allow Britain to do so. As a superpower, India has worldwide influence. Although China is only a backward and poor developing country, its military strength is very strong. They even defeated the Americans in the Korean War. Even Americans pay high respect to the Chinese people. So the British did not dare to take back Hong Kong by force, just as they were forced to return Hong Kong to China because of China's strong military power.


Jay Bleu
Let’s play “True or False”, point by point:
“As a friendly neighbor of China”
False. India is indeed a neighbor but it’s far from being a friendly one. C’mon, get serious will ya?
“India does not allow Britain to do so”
False, big time. Since when India has any say in anything the Brits decide to do?
“As a superpower, India has worldwide influence”
False, again, big time false. Needless to explain.
“Although China is only a backward and poor developing country”
Somehow true, in the sense that China does proclaim herself to be a “developing country”, and a vast portion of that mass landscape needs to catch up with the larger cities. It is, however, well on it’s way.


“its military strength is very strong”
True. Strong enough to force the Indian border troops to back down without using lethal force.
“They even defeated the Americans in the Korean War. Even Americans pay high respect to the Chinese people”
True in the sense that nobody really expected the Chinese were able to push back the “U.N. allied forces” to where it had all began, albeit with great losses.
“So the British did not dare to take back Hong Kong by force, just as they were forced to return Hong Kong to China because of China's strong military power”
False. The Brits pulled out and returned Hong Kong was not because of the military capabilities, it was never a serious option, taking into consideration that Hong Kong had to rely on the mainland for things as basic as clean running water. The main reason is the Chinese allowed the Brits to stay until the expiry oif the treaty signed between the corrupted and weak Qing regime. When time came, China simply took back what was rightfully their land.


Samuel Lee
stop day dreaming ah neh.
firstly, india is not a friendly country. Its a war-mongering big bully in south asia. annexing goa sikkim kashmir jammu & assam states illegally. encoached territories of nepal bhutan Pakistan and china. Recently, India invaded china at the Himalayas border. India army got a bad beating by the pla border guards that it has forgotten the pain of defeat back in 1962.
secondly, India is not a superpower. its a poor 3rd world country with very low gdp & ppp. india poverty level is at 70%.


Mark Stratton
This answer is so factually inaccurate it’s hilarious.


Samuel Lee
very indian indeed.


Zi Yang Hum
This has to be satire, right?


Xiaolin Cong
If UK sends their all troops to HK to fight China, the most probable result after 3 months is,
1, lost 500,000 British lives,
2, burnt 5 trillions pounds,
3, lost 50% of Navy ships
4, still lost the war.
And within one year after the war,
1, UK pound devalues 100% or more,
2, Unemployment rate goes up to 40%,
3, Spain retakes Gibralta,
4, Ireland retakes Northern Ireland,
5, Scotland gets independence.
So, how do you hate UK to make this suggestion?


Zw Zhu lives in Tianjin, China (1989-present)
The Queen of Britain is very old, please don't frighten her with such things. Britain today is totally incapable of fighting China in Hong Kong, because the strength of the two is too far apart. Finally, Hong Kong is an island once leased by the United Kingdom. The lease expires after 99 years, and the apartment has been returned to the owner. That's the whole thing.


David Tipping
I think you need to read the history of Britain’s involvement in Hong Kong, including the salient parts of the agreements concluded at the time … What? You’ve read it? Which version, the verifiable British version or just the one put in your hands by your teachers?

【回复】我认为你需要阅读英国参与香港事务的历史,包括当时达成的协议的主要部分... 什么?你读过了?哪一个版本的,是可以验证的英国版本,还是你的老师教你们的那个版本?

Zw Zhu
Which part? Is there a different interpretation of the history of Hong Kong recorded by the United Kingdom? For us, Hong Kong was rented out like an apartment (of course it was coerced by force), and then the lease ended and Britain left, that's it.


David Tipping
Hong Kong island itself was not leased. And don't pretend you don't know that.


Zw Zhu
It is certainly not rented, it should be robbed or stolen to be precise, just like the Chinese cultural relics in the British Museum. I think that to describe the British occupation of Hong Kong as a "rent" is as decent as possible to the British. While I am saying these things, I don't even know whether Britain regards power and destruction as its glory or whether it regards order and construction as its glory. Because its ethical standards always use multiple systems and are unpredictable. Fortunately, today's China no longer needs to care about these.


Samuel Lee
some imperialists still think that they still have rights over china’s property.


David Tipping
Which “inperialists” are you referring to? I don’t think there are any remaining in the U.K.


Stephen Bull Museum Curator, Historian, Author
Because that would be crazy. Hong Kong was on a lease and the UK played by the book, giving up the territory - but at the same time getting China to approve special measures to leave behind democratic freedoms for 50 years. War is rarely the answer, and attacking a superpower 5,000 miles away is fantasy…


Victor Tang former Consultant, Researcher, and Author of Four Books
For the same reason Mexico doesn’t retake California, or Russia doesn’t retake Belorussia, or Germany does not retake Danzig, or France retake Algeria, or Turkey retake Greece, etc. etc …Think about it before posing such queries.

出于同样的原因,墨西哥不能重新接管加利福尼亚,或者俄罗斯不能重新接管白俄罗斯,或者德国不能重新接管但泽,或者法国不能重新接管阿尔及利亚,或者土耳其不能重新接管希腊,等等... 在提出这样的问题之前想一想吧。

Kl Leung former CEO/MD
On what ground to fight China? Even they did find an stupid excuse, like to liberate HK people, is the military capabilities of Britain at the same level as China? What they can do is buffing and please stay that way to avoid embarrassing.


Mark Cherry
China has vastly improved and well supplied military and close proximity to Hong Kong would mean if we sent the whole British army over there will probably only last about 24 hours without resorting to nuclear war weapons use.


Daphne Germain Ribble lives in Spruce Grove, AB
Because Hong Kong never belonged outright to UK. It was leased for 100 years and at the end of the lease we were obligated to return it to China.


Paul Rodgers Writer and editor
The balance of power has shifted somewhat over the past century. Please try to keep up.


Tze Yuan Ooi studied at University Malaysia Perlis
Well, they are welcome to try. Let's see how far they go once they step foot into Hong Kong.


Carl Winstanley
We’d be crushed and ruined even if we were inclined to try to retake it. It would be suicidal.


Alan Roberson works at Self-Employment
Because we had an agreement to hand it back of which we did . Do why would you fight for something that's not yours any longer . You need to educate yourself.


Tyron Nathan King lives in Lancaster University
No the UK could not take Hong Kong back.
Quite frankly a British military operation to retake Hong Kong would be a suicide mission, there is no way that a British task-force could retake Hong Kong, China is not Argentina and Hong Kong is not the Falklands Islands. So quite frankly trying to retake it now is insane. One must consider that the since Hong Kong was handed over the UK’s military power has declined and China’s military power has increased so these factors combined with the fact that China now controls Hong Kong not the UK means that a British invasion to retake Hong Kong would never ever succeed. So the UK definitely shouldn’t embark on any such operation.


Vidya Sagar Rao
UK can try gunboat diplomacy again - As an Indian I would love to see how that works out! wink


Lim Chiao
But first they need to find somewhere else to grow opium!


Quora User
grow it india and poison indian lands!


Paul Drax
Well, let’s see. Let’s assume we made it our number 1 national priority and diverted all available resources to the task. If we closed down the NHS and abolished the welfare state, and increased taxation too, we could plough all of that money into the military. After a decade or two, we might have managed to build up the RN to about ten times its current size, and built lots of amphibious landing ships so we could land hundreds of thousands of our newly recruited troops. We would need a number of large aircraft carriers too to provide the necessary air cover, and loads of submarines to ward off the Chinese navy from sinking our landing ships before they got anywhere near. After we had done all of that, we might have a bit of a chance of success. Maybe, but not guaranteed. Of course, that’s assuming the war didn’t go nuclear. The Chinese would also know we were coming and have plenty of time to prepare.
Don’t think most of that would go down well with the electorate, though, especially the raised taxes, abolition of the NHS, cutting of all benefits and probably conscrip1tion. Oh, and we would probably be considered a rogue state by this point, facing international sanctions, and we would be running a real risk of getting nuked. But hey, if we considered taking Hong Kong back was worth it…we could have a go.

尽管如此,不要认为大多数这样的措施会得到选民的支持,尤其是提高税收,废除国民保健制度,削减所有福利,甚至征兵。哦,在这一点上,我们可能会被认为是一个流氓国家,面临国际制裁,我们将面临被核武器攻击的真正风险。但是,嘿,如果我们认为重新接管香港是值得的... 我们可以试一试。

Philip Low
Sure enough, China will loan you the money to build your military plus subsidised water & electricity.


David Burt
More like a last hurrah.


Roy Tong former Works as Asia Pacific President
Why doesn’t Italy (Rome) take back UK? Why doesn’t American Native Indians, Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, Alaskan natives take back America ?
Simple ! They cannot because it is history and also they do not have the power (soft and military power to do it)
Hong Kong island and Kowloon was stolen when the Ching dynasty tried to stem out drug trafficking. The Chinese burned the opium (drug) and the drug traffickers (East India company, Jardine Matheson, Hutchinson and a lot more) together with their country Britain declared war and won the war with a very weak China. The drug kingpins then demanded Hong Kong island and Kowloon be given to Britain. Later New Territories and other parts (over 90% of current HK) were forced to be leased to Britain for 99 years.


After world war 2, China was a great sacrificer (Civilian deaths, infrastructure destroyed, Chinese military destruction to pin down the bulk of Imperial Japanese Armed forces. All countries were asked to return all lands back to China, Britain did not do it then.
After the end of the lease Britain had to return the land to China or face war. China at that time is no longer the disunited China and Britain had zero confidence in wining the war unlike Falklands thus decided to give back HK to China in return for protection and continued business operations for all British companies in HK.


Jason Tsang lives in The United Kingdom
No. Because China will fight to defend her territory. If you are to consider an invasion, you will need sufficient manpower, hardware and a huge war chest. Resources the UK doesn't have for such a campaign. Things have to be as bad as it was at the end of the Opium Wars for the UK to take back HK again.


Angel Li lives in Hong Kong
No, even if the people of Hong Kong or if the UK wanted to. China has become a force to be reckoned with in the past decade, becoming one of the most populated and richest nations of our world. China would never allow for a situation like the one you mentioned ever happen, and there’s no way the UK will be able to resist the great China’s power.


Norman Tan Frequent visitor to China since 1996
Hongkong is not a piece of toy that can be given and then taken back willy nilly. It's a place where millions live.
And China is not a small country. There is a reason why the UK decided to abandon Hongkong in the first place. They didn't think it's worth any British life to try to hold on to it.
In any case, the UK today is in no position to do much of anything.


Star Kon lives in Hong Kong
HK is the city of China, and it is not possible to separate HK from China peacefully. The only way is to conquer HK with super military power which i cant see UK has any chance to win the war even 1%.


Karl Dean lives in Dasmariñas, Cavite
What for? Hong Kong is a Chinese territory. There’s no sense for the United Kingdom to do that but if you’re asking UK’s capability, I don’t think so. The United Kingdom has to establish a strong logistics first to sustain war with China, a thing that’s impossible to achieve as surely South Korea and Japan will deny access for the British – They won’t want war against China, their largest trading partner and their brother.


Ray Comeau Been travelling to China since 2004
Thanks for Request
No not ever.
UK acquired possession of HK through gunboat diplomacy and that is not happening again.


Emanuel Leung lives in Hong Kong
Seriously? It ain’t happening. Not in a gazillion years. Hong Kong was acquired by force and gunboat diplomacy, as Ray Comeau said. HK was duly returned to China when the 99 year lease on the New Territories ran out.
It will not happen, it won’t happen and it will never happen again.

认真的吗?不可能的。再过多少年都不可能。正如Ray Comeau所说,香港是被武力和炮舰外交占领的。当新界99年的租约到期时,香港正式回归中国。

Derek Gould studied at The University of Hong Kong
The UK gave up Hong Kong as a colony in 1997, so what happens in - or to - Hong Kong is no longer UK’s business. Even if it were, UK is in no position politically, militarily or economically to ‘save’ Hong Kong.
The noises they are making now are just for show. The UK government knows it even if the British public don’t.


Larry Holmgren lives in California
Why Hong Kong?
Do you think (several rapacious) European countries would want to set up coastal colonies in China (or even India) to take goods out of China in exchange for European products?
How would the dialogue go?
Queen of England: We have come back to reacquire (take) what is yours.
China: We don’t need you, nor your help. If you insist, then I see rivers of British blood flowing into the China Sea.


Lolitta Ho lives in Hong Kong
Not without a huge war. Given that China has much more power and is more assertive, it has said repeatedly it will not idly stand by while someone else takes over Hong Kong.


Jaap Koole worked at Molenaar & Lok Consultancy
Yes sure. And the Vikings can take back England.
And the Saxonians too.
The Italians can take back half of it.
Or ask the people living there nowadays if it's OK.


Chan Loon Customer Relations Officer
Hey wake up. Hong Kong is China’s territory and China will unleash their full military might to defend her sovereignty.


OldFlower See Bachelar
It could happen when UK become one of chinese provinces.


David J Wong lives in Hong Kong
No, that ship has sailed (literally) when the last British governor of Hong Kong sailed out of Victoria Harbour on HM Yacht Britannia on the evening of 30 June 1997.
That act was powerfully symbolic: Britain relinquishing sovereignty over Hong Kong to China; the sunset of empire.China’s sovereignty over Hong Kong was recognized by the Sino British joint declaration, and neither the Sino British joint declaration nor the Basic Law contain any provision for Hong Kong to opt out of China.


That leaves military action as the only way for the UK to take back Hong Kong. Considering the state of the world today, that’s not going to happen either. British Hong Kong was a relic of the Opium Wars, in a time when the European colonial powers were dominant and China was weak, divided and technologically backward. That isn’t the case now. China today is an aspiring superpower with a rapidly expanding and modernizing military — and unlike the China of the Qing Dynasty, doesn’t seem to be in the habit of giving up territory to anyone.