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文章原始标题:US politics in reality ‘more interesting than House of Cards,’ entertains Chinese amid pandemic


When Chinese people became bored while staying at home most of the year in 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the farces of the US election in 2020-21 have provided a great amount of entertainment and there continue to be endless updates streaming in about the current US political situation and the presidential elections to Chinese social networking platforms.


The farces of the US election are not going to end so soon since Donald Trump's supporters and some Republicans are still trying to make certain changes before the final result will be confirmed by the Congress. They have launched massive new rallies and protests in Washington DC, with officials and police in DC warning residents to "leave your guns at home," Reuters reported on Tuesday.

美国大选的闹剧不会这么快结束,因为唐纳德 · 特朗普的支持者和一些共和党人仍试图在国会确认最终结果之前做出某些改变。路透社周二报道,他们在华盛顿特区发起了大规模的新集会和抗议活动,特区官员和警察警告居民“把枪留在家里”。

Thousands of Trump supporters, including some far-right nationalist groups that openly carry firearms at protests elsewhere, are expected to converge in the US capital starting on Tuesday to oppose Congress' certification on Wednesday of the Republican president's election loss on November 3, 2020 to Democrat Joe Biden.

成千上万的特朗普支持者,包括一些在其他地方的抗议活动中公开携带武器的极右民族主义团体,预计将从周二开始聚集在美国的首都,反对国会在周三认定共和党总统在2020年11月3日的选举中输给了民主党人乔 · 拜登。

"I thought the show was over already. This will be very interesting, does anyone want popcorn?" said a Chinese web user on the Chinese Twitter-like social media platform Sina Weibo. The hash-tag "#Trump to launch a massive rally to challenge Biden's victory" has received 11.23 million views on Sina Weibo on Tuesday.


At the last moment of the long drama that is the US election, the atmosphere is becoming increasingly more intense. Ten former US secretaries of defense are cautioning against any move to involve the military in pursuing claims of election fraud, arguing that it would take the country into a "dangerous, unlawful and unconstitutional territory," AP reported.


Ten former Pentagon chiefs, from both the Democrat and Republican parties, signed into an opinion article published on Sunday in the Washington Post that implicitly questioned Trump's willingness to follow his constitutional duty to peacefully relinquish power on January 20, the report said.


The related hash-tag has also received 16.66 million views on Weibo on Tuesday, which show that topics about the US election are still very attractive among Chinese web users. The hash-tag "#US election" has now already received 13.6 billion views and 2.13 million comments.


The Trump show


Released on Tuesday, statistics from Shanghai-based news outlet The Paper show that Donald Trump has become the most searched individual on Weibo, appearing 589 times on Weibo's trending list, surpassing epidemic experts, online celebrities and popular heartthrobs in a very significant year in human history.

上海澎湃新闻周二发布的统计数据显示,唐纳德 · 特朗普已经成为微博上搜索次数最多的人,在微博的热门话题排行榜上出现了589次,在人类历史上意义重大的一年里,超过了流行病专家、网络名人和人气明星。

"Nobody knows more about trending on Weibo better than me," an internet user mocked Trump via a Weibo comment, adding that "Weibo would face huge losses after Trump steps down" since the entertainment will largely subside.

“没有人比我更懂微博上的流行趋势”一名网民在微博评论中嘲笑特朗普,并补充说“特朗普下台后,微博将面临巨大损失” ,因为这种娱乐节目将基本平息。

Chinese experts said Americans or other Westerners might not understand why Chinese people are just curious about but don't admire US democracy, but instead treat it as a variety show which is much more interesting than House of Cards. In fact, Chinese people are pretty familiar with the US election and most of them can objectively observe and compare it with the Chinese national conditions.


House of Cards is the most famous US TV series viewed in China that has helped many Chinese people learn about how US politicians struggle and vie for power. Now Chinese people might learn that the scr1iptwriters of this TV series have actually underestimated how much drama really occurs in US politics.


Some experts of US studies said that in House of Cards, Chinese audiences have learned that US politicians have a very vague bottom line. As long as they can make gains, they will betray anyone. In reality, Trump has just proven that there is no bottom line at all, as he empowers his family members in the White House as much as he wants, and uses presidential authority to pardon many people with close connections to him.


House of Cards tells the audience that mainstream media outlets are influential and can impact politics, but in reality, Trump shows that he can use social media networks to undermine the influence of mainstream media and the conservative new media can even consolidate Trump's base by selling anti-intellectual information or conspiracy theories.


On diplomacy, House of Cards shows that the key officials or leaders of the US can use their own power to damage US diplomatic ties with other countries to serve their own personal interests. In reality, Trump has done much, such as launching a trade war against China, killing an Iranian general and withdrawing from international treaties and organizations, to harm US ties with many countries around the globe to serve the interests of specific interest groups and his own family.


A comment on guancha.cn, a Chinese news portal website, about Trump's conversation with Georgia election officials that were leaked by media says that "this is why Americans stopped filming House of Cards, Trump is much more interesting than Frank Underwood [the main character in House of Cards]."

中国新闻门户网站观察网上关于媒体泄露的特朗普与格鲁吉亚选举官员的对话的一条评论称,“这就是美国人停止拍摄《纸牌屋》的原因,特朗普比《纸牌屋》的主角弗兰克 · 安德伍德有趣多了。”

Zhang Weiwei, a professor and director of the China Institute of Fudan University in Shanghai, told the Global Times on Tuesday that Chinese people don't admire the US electoral system because the Chinese system is "election plus selection" and the top leaders of the country need to at least have governed a population of 100 million with maturity, morality and accumulated experience.

周二,上海中国复旦大学教授兼主任张维维告诉《环球时报》 ,中国人并不钦佩美国的选举制度,因为中国的选举制度是“选举加选拔”,中国的最高领导人至少需要以成熟、道德和积累的经验来管理一亿人口。

So in Chinese culture, or by Chinese standards, people here won't accept elected US presidents to lead their country, not to mention Trump, even Barack Obama or George W. Bush, because "they are slightly below the bar," Zhang said.

所以在中国文化中,或者按照中国的标准,这里的人们不会接受当选的美国总统来领导他们的国家,更不用说特朗普,甚至是贝拉克 · 奥巴马或乔治 · W · 布什,因为“他们略低于门槛”张说。

Lü Xiang, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, told the Global Times, "Trump's performance during his presidency is lower than the standard of many presidents of underdeveloped countries, which is absurd and unusual," said Lü.


Before the US election campaign, Chinese social media was enveloped with anger and offense after Trump called COVID-19 the "Chinese virus" in March 2020, but only one month later, Chinese netizens were amused and shocked by Trump's silly suggestion to US citizens that an injection of disinfectant to the lungs can defeat coronavirus.


US politicians like Trump, State Secretary Mike Pompeo, hawkish advisor Peter Navarro and some other Congress members who made ridiculous statements and acted with hostility against China have seriously offended Chinese people. According to a survey conducted by the Global Times poll center in December 2020, 65.6 percent of nearly 2,000 Chinese participants across 16 major Chinese cities find the Trump administration to be unfavorable.

美国政界人士,如特朗普、美国国务卿迈克 · 庞皮欧、鹰派顾问彼得 · 纳瓦罗和其他一些国会议员发表荒唐言论并对中国采取敌对行动,这些美国政客严重冒犯了中国人民。《环球时报》民意调查中心在2020年12月进行的一项调查显示,在中国16个主要城市的近2000名中国参与者中,有65.6%的人认为特朗普政府不受欢迎。

US politicians like Trump and incidents like the death of George Floyd, as well as the failed handling of the COVID-19 epidemic situation in the US, have seriously damaged the credibility of US democracy, and all of these give the Chinese public more confidence in their own social and political systems in comparison to those of the US, said analysts.


Shen Yi, a professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University, said that it's not just about confidence, but watching US politics in detail can bring about quite a lot of fun.


Shen has attracted more than 1 million fans on Weibo and the Chinese YouTube-like video website bilibili.com as he uploaded many videos to share his opinions about the US election.


Shen burst into laughter during a performance in a video uploaded in December. He said, "It was so funny to look at Trump supporters and his opponents having debates online."


Shen recalled what he saw in an online chat group. A Trump supporter who is an extreme right-winger said, "If Trump steps down US civilization will be finished," and the most interesting comment came from a Chinese person who unbelievably admired US democracy and hated the Chinese political system, he refuted Trump supporters saying, "Do you know how hard it was in the past four years [when Trump was in the White House]? We can't speak for the US here [because Trump's poor performance makes him much less convincing in China]!"


When the US is acting hostile toward China and making great efforts to suppress and stigmatize the Asian country, it's always entertaining to see the mess in the US for most Chinese people, and they would love to see "public intellectuals," who subjectively promote Western democracy in China and criticize the Chinese system with their bias, get slapped by reality and in particular the epidemic situation in the US, which is human nature, said experts.


I watched several seasons of House of Card, until Trump started campaign.


lol. We all will miss Trump.


The Chinese can laught at what happens in the US: for us Europeans it is more difficult because we have them at home with their weapons


Shailesh Shrestha
Reality is worse than the house of cards.Warmerica has banded with 4 other blind eyes to terrorize people all around the world.Meanwhile preaching "Freedom" n "Democracy".


Although Trump was an utter piece of sh*t and an incompetent buffoon. Imma miss him.
Really enraged the crowd I hate.


His Twitter transparency was on point as well
He’s one hell of an entertainer.


Would've voted for him if it wasn't for COVID


I think anyone would fail. It is systemic.


I don't think scapegoating Trump is valid any more.
What we've seen today is the culmination of a long-standing accumulation of passive aggression from a significant minority/borderline majority of the population of USA, who refuse to give up their petty selfishness and sense of entitlement, their guns, their amendments, their right to behave like a disordered mob at any moment of their choosing.
America's problem is compounded by the equally idiotic nutjobs on the opposite end of the political spectrum who could just as easily burn down a police station if they felt so obliged.
This has been brewing for decades. How on earth is Trump to blame for all this??
On the contrary, Trump is a symptom, not a cause. Naturally, Trump will vanish over the next month, but the disease and the internal rot will still be there.


His mismanagement of COVID has really hurt the country. There’s a limit to trolling, when people’s lives at stake. We have lost more than 350,000 here in the US. We might reach numbers at high as the Spanish Flu; 500,000. Some say, when all is said and done, we might even exceed civil war death count of 750,000. That would make this the single worst loss of American lives on American soil.
had he started on infrastructure (through public private partnerships to keep taxes down) at the beginning of his term, and managed COVID well, he would have easily won re-election.


Han Patriot
American healthcare was already rotten to the core before he got elected. Medicine is sold at 10 to 20x the cost price due tot he pharma lobby. Once the dollar printing stops, the effects of the corruption can be felt right away.


If the Chinese like to live in a police state that is their business.


Better than in the Indian livestock pen.


Han Patriot
Have you been to this police state? Yes women can walk in cities with no fear of rape and robbery. Robbers get caught within 30 minutes being detected.


Who would reading and watching Chinese media? They make China sound idyllic and crime-free.

谁会阅读和观看中国的媒体? 它们让中国听起来像田园诗一样,没有犯罪。

I see more prisoners in US than China. Everyone knew who is world police.
Everyone knew who is rape capital, be proud of what?
Chinese girls can walk on the street in mid night, ALONE. Indian girls can be gang banged under the day light on the main street.
Ask 1000 Chinese, are they willing to live in India? 1000 hell of no no.
If you can't post with sane mind, why you come to pdf?


Yea 100% bro


You must have a reading comprehension problem. I wasn't talking about India.


Feel insulted on US behalf?
!ndians, on the other hand, are dying unaccounted for, allegedly, happily, in a place where herd immunity becomes the norm.
I believe it wasn't India police beating with heavy sticks the low caste running on feet from theinefficient virus lock-downs.
But, that's perhaps justified for !ndian elite. Who cares about couple of millions dying from hunger every year when the herd is so numerous.


Another cutey wutie idiot to add to the collection of cutie wutie clowns
So adorable ! :D:D:D
I yearn so much to pinch your cheeks lovingly :-):-):-)


Han Patriot
Apparently you only watch English 'Chinese' media right genius? Go to China one day and you will understand and then you will go home feeling frustrated and will shout I want Delhi to be the next Beijing or Shnaghai or whatever.


!ndians just need to compare and contrast social media awareness of pollution in !ndia and China to see the filthy cacoon the !ndian illiterate have been living in.


Reading and watching Chinese news media one gets the impression that the CPC is perfect. So perfect, in fact, that it's infallible. The only institution that claims infallibility is the Roman Catholic Church.


Meanwhile you folks simply believe you're free. Ignorance is true bliss I suppose.


The US police need to decide if they want to defend the people that are trying to abolish them


a real police state is like the following: a woman in India is gang-raped by five men only to be 'raped again by a police' when she went to report the crime in latest horrifying sex attack in India


i don't care. i just love them beautiful scenery :D

我不在乎。我就是喜欢他们美丽的风景线 :D

Hope that this signals the beginning of the end of U.S. global hegemony and U.S. global empire.
U.S. has been sowing death, chaos and destruction all over the globe for decades, killed so many people, destroyed so many countries, generated so much bad karma and ill will that everything now is rebounding back on U.S. itself.


Thank you for this news article, it is mind awakening.
Injustice, double standards, oppression are the core values of the USA/EU regimes as seen with their history in Africa and elsewhere, and their present in Africa and elsewhere. they fights all those who uphold justice, fairness and the end of their oppression.
the communist party of China is a blessing not only to China but to the world, because it policies are promoting and protecting justice, fairness and an equal world order.


This is the most beautiful scenery lol

这是最美的风景了 哈哈 #图

Not even House of Cards could have imagined anything like this.


Robert Molyneux
Was it President Johnson who said it was better to have everyone inside the tent pissing out, rather than outside the tent pissing in?
The USA has 50 tents one per state, and one for the federal government, and all its politicians pissing on each other.
The real question is what is the best way of debating issues, coming up with solutions, and implementing them. Having 50 solutions about the same issues might allow “a thousand flowers to bloom”, as Chairman Mao suggested - or 49 wastes of time.
China has one very large tent, and everyone inside. Whether this manages to harness the energy and resourcefulness of 1.4 billion humans better and more efficiently than the 50 tents of 70 million people (on average), we are (maybe) seeing today.
I used to think that the US system allowed for “cream to float to the surface”. Unfortunately, Agent Orange has shown that the other view of what floats to the surface can prevail.

真正的问题是,讨论问题、提出解决方案并付诸实施的最佳方式是什么。正如毛建议的那样,对同样的问题有50种解决方案可能是“百花齐放” ,或者是49种浪费时间的方式。

Phillip Tang
The Chinese political system is much more efficient than the American one. With the Chinese Government, there is only one consideration, is the decision good for the majority of the people. In America, there are too many interests vying for the same thing, the Rich, the difference classes of people, different races. It is almost impossible to please everyone.
I always put up this one good example. Seattle politicians realized early on, about 50 years ago, that they were in urgent need of a Mass Transit system and they State, County and City Governments all decided that it should go ahead with the project. 50 years later it is still not half done. It is because of the different interest groups fighting for their share of the cake, so to speak. Each tier of government has to please their constituents. All the decision makers have to please certain segment of society. Mass transit has to go through different cities, counties. The Democrats and the Republicans can never agree on anything. So our Mass Transit system goes through stop and go through the years and we do not have a definite date of completion.
In China the people realize early on that the Government works for them and for them only so they mostly accept the Government’s decision. The Government on the other hand makes the decision and go ahead full steam. Shenzhen is a very good example of how the Chinese system works. A former fishing village was chosen to be a duty free zone to attract foreign investment and develop into a manufacturing hub. This fishing village turned into a modern city within a short period of time. The Government decided that with the growth of the population it would need a Mass Transit system. When they made that decision, the new industrial city had less than 3 million people. They decided that they would have to build a Mass Transit system good enough for 10 million people or more. Once the decision was made the work started within 6 months. It was finished within 3 years. A brand new World class Mass Transit system appeared almost like overnight. Right from the start, it is a much better one than the successful system in the south, Hong Kong. That kind of efficiency will never happen under the American Political system.


Christopher Street
I couldn't speak to the Chinese political system, having no direct experience with it. On the other hand, our political system is inefficient, and arguably becoming less efficacious as the years pass, and political discord persists.
That said, the US political system remains among the best available. Much of that emanates from the protections granted under the Constitution, that allow such disagreement and discord. A slower, yet better answer for our society is the outcome of our system. The Chinese peoples have little voice or input on decisions made for them by their government.


Raphael Hukai
I like the word“noisy”. I do agree the US political system generates more “noise” then the Chinese one. And if you take the two-party politics away, the reason China is less noisy may be contributed to the “progress with time” mind set. Chinese government realizes the change is the only constant, and acts quicker in response to changes, whether it is market condition, social or population structure, or international environment, etc.
The US system makes changes difficult. Needs for due-diligence, party politics, legal complexity, even religious influence, all play a role. In general, democratic systems play well in “process”, and drag behind in “project”. However, a fair compassion of two system can not only use one’s strength with other’s weakness. It needs to be holistic.
Giving one example of government efficiency, where most people think Chinese government is vastly ahead. In reality, average Chinese citizens have to feed so many more government employees than US citizens. The typical civil/business request can be handled much faster in US than in China. The Chinese efficiency in people’s mind mainly come from two factors: #1. Chinese government and its policy can be stable without the effect of election cycle, so they can plan for longer term. #2. they can use policy to override law to adjust to market condition, and artificially create a stable social and market environment. In the other word, Chinese people and business do pay a price for certain advantage, and they seem to accept it.
I think both country find the system that works the best to the country, and both need to deal with the trade offs.


Jamie Cawley
China’s political system is currently delivering better and is much less noisy then the US system.
Hitler was elected, so elections alone are not safe, and elections were not what stopped slavery in the US.


Reminds me of Pelosi's 'beautiful sight.'
But, HK was not as beautiful as US Now.
I believe the scene in the US will become even more beautiful.


Place Of Space
American democracy fighters are like sheep comparing to HKers.


they took her chair and sh1tting in her office :D

他们拿走了佩洛西的椅子,还在她的办公室里大便 哈哈 #图

Murican must learn from Mao
Power comes from barrel of a gun.
Muricans for Trump must pick up Gatling guns and used it on all who are against Trump for President regardless of how the voting was like!


So beautiful sight of peaceful protestors.


America is big enough to afford two presidents, one for USA, another for USB.