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文章原始标题:Why PM Modi’s still so popular even as India fails to fight coronavirus


NEW DELHI: India is battling one of the world’s highest coronavirus caseloads, its worst-ever economic slump, shuttered factories, farmer protests and the deadliest border fighting with China in decades.


Yet Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to remain as popular as ever. Opinion polls in Bihar, where from October 28 to November 7 he faces his first major electoral test since the pandemic, show his coalition comfortably retaining control of the state government. A poll in August said 78% rated his performance as “good to outstanding” compared with 71% last year.

然而,印度总理纳伦德拉•莫迪似乎仍像以往一样受欢迎。从10月28日到11月7日,比哈尔邦的民意调查显示,他的联合政府很好地保持了对邦政府的控制,这是他自大流行病爆发以来首次面临重大选举考验。8月份的一项民意调查显示,78%的人认为他的表现“出色的好”,而去年这一比例为71% 。

One of those supporters is Sanjay Kumar, 22, a carpenter who was beaten by police in April for violating India’s strict lockdown while cycling from the capital New Delhi to his village in Bihar -- a journey of more than 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) -- after he lost his job. He’s still unable to find regular work.

22岁的木匠桑贾伊 · 库马尔就是这些支持者中的一员。今年4月,他因违反印度严格的禁令而遭到警方殴打。他在丢掉工作后,从首都新德里骑自行车回比哈尔的村庄,路程超过1000公里(合620英里)。他仍然找不到正常的工作。

“Some people are not getting all the benefits because of corruption in the middle and that is not his fault,” Kumar said, noting that Modi can’t control the spread of the virus if people don’t wear masks. “No one can question his good intentions,” he said. “He is sincerely trying his best to give poor people food and work.”


Many other Modi backers also blame others for India’s woes, and there is no shortage of targets: Federal bureaucrats, state governments, village leaders, opposition parties and even their fellow citizens. The prime minister has helped endear himself to India’s poor by meeting their daily needs with programs to supply cooking gas, toilets and housing, all while taking measures to bolster the status of the Hindu majority over religious minorities.

许多其他的莫迪支持者也把印度的困境归咎于其他人,而且他们也不缺目标: 联邦官员、邦政府、村领导人、反对党,甚至他们的同胞。印度总理通过提供燃气、厕所和住房等项目,满足印度穷人的日常需求,与此同时,他还采取措施,提高占人口多数的印度教徒相对于宗教少数派的地位,从而使印度穷人更加亲近自己。

In the absence of significant national opposition, voters have been willing to give Modi a very long leash, according to Milan Vaishnav, director and senior fellow at the South Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


“This kind of politics, however, is not without its shortcomings,” Vaishnav said. “it will be harder in 2024 if he cannot make more rapid progress on the economy, employment, and governance.”


Since winning re-election, Modi revoked Article 370 of the constitution that granted special autonomous status to India’s only Muslim-majority state, Jammu and Kashmir, and approved a citizenship law that discriminates based on religion. He has also pushed for a national citizens registry in the northeastern state of Assam


“He is popular because he has ideological clarity and he’s only implementing what the BJP had promised in their manifesto, like the promise to repeal Article 370,” said Arun Anand, research director at Delhi-based think tank Vichar Vinimay Kendra.

总部位于德里的智库维查尔·维尼迈·肯德拉的研究主任阿伦•阿南德说: “他之所以受欢迎,是因为他思想清晰,而且他只是在履行人民党在宣言中承诺的事情,比如废除第370条的承诺。”

Modi has positioned himself along with other populist leaders across the globe who feed off anxieties that minority groups will one day supplant the majority even though Hindus make up 80% of India’s population, according to Sudha Pai, New Delhi-based political scientist, author and former pro-vice chancellor of the Centre for Political Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University. He’s also been adept at leaving the details of policies to ministers and bureaucrats who take the blame if something fails, she said.


“Now we have a populist regime that has created a leader that can’t do wrong,” Pai said. “He has this way of speaking like a godman.”


As India’s Covid-19 outbreak became one of the fastest growing in the world, Modi shared a carefully choreographed video in August featuring him feeding peacocks in his official New Delhi residence during his morning exercise regime. That kind of imagery has helped cement an image of Modi as “a monk-like ascetic who can be trusted with one’s life,” said Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, a political analyst who has written a biography on Modi.

随着印度新冠疫情的爆发,成为世界上感染病例增长最快的国家之一,莫迪在8月份分享了一段精心编排的视频,视频中他在新德里的官邸晨练时喂孔雀。政治分析人士尼兰扬 · 穆霍帕迪亚曾撰写过一本关于莫迪的传记,他说,这种形象有助于加强人们对莫迪的印象,即他是“一个像僧侣一样的苦行僧,可以把自己的生命托付给他”。

Sahebrao Patil, a 60-year-old driver in Maharashtra who suffered a loss of income after the lockdown, is among those who say Modi can do no wrong.
“I believe with all my heart that Modi cannot lie,” he said. “We don’t even ask who’s the candidate. We just vote for Modi.”


Sreenivasa Naidu
Modi is popular because he is a good human and unlike other politicians, he cares about his country more than he cares about his family or himself. The same cannot be said for people like Mamata, Rahul, Thakreys, Pawars etc. They are are traitors and have no sence of nationalism in nthem. - UP: 128 DN: 31


Arjun Malwankar
hahaha, how much money did you get paid to post this comment ? - UP: 2 DN: 8


Sreenivasa Naidu
I can understand that ur payment from Congress or Pakistan is delayed and hence the frustration. And Unlike you, I don't get paid. I am only speaking the truth which is ratified by most people in this forum. - UP: 7 DN: 0


Good reply sir. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Arjun Malwankar
If you are not paid for making such comments, there is only one other possibility. With out getting personal I am saying that one has to be dumb to make such comments. - UP: 0 DN: 3


Siraj Ahmed
we dont need a good person, we need the somone who is more qualified and should know how to run the show - UP: 3 DN: 8


You mean a someone who can speak good English, corrupt to the core, support the extermists who want India to be destroyed etc. Modi is leading the fight all the enemies and he is fairly succeeding in his efforts. Indians trust Mr Modi and we do not care what you guys think. - UP: 4 DN: 0


Good writeup. Tell us one thing that has changed in your life in past 6 years. Now don't blame others. You can get a lot more honest people than our current PM. But that does not qualify to rule a nation. - UP: 0 DN: 0


India has not performed "worst" in Asia. India has one of the highest population density in Asia. Which country in Asia is testing as much as India? - UP: 18 DN: 4


Modi is by far the best PM india has ever had or ever will have. He has fixed issues pending since independence. He has strive hard to get people of this country start loving and believing in the country again and that includes everyone inclusive of all religion. He needs to stay till atleast 2029 to finally get India closer to a developed nation - UP: 56 DN: 17


Arjun Malwankar
hahahaa, each and every word of yours suggest that you are from the paid BJP IT cell. Come on. Stay quiet for some time. Will you ? - UP: 3 DN: 5

哈哈哈,你说的每一个字都暗示着你来自人民党付费的 IT 小组。得了吧。安静一会儿。你觉得呢?

Anoop Prasad
These so called elite people will keep on speculating the reasons of Modi's popularity and he'll continue becoming more popular. Because he knows how to touch heart and minds of people. - UP: 46 DN: 9


Mritunjaya Halakatti
Modi Govt Failed ?? check your facts. India death rate lowest in the world. when complared with US India is 4.5 times bigger in population and our infection rate is very low. - UP: 39 DN: 12


Rinku Singh
India death rate is highest in Asia. Go and check worldometer. And why are we comparing to US, which fared most poorly? Do we want to say we are 2nd from Bottom? - UP: 5 DN: 9


Manohar Srinivasan
Strong on ideology, simple personal life style, clarity on communication, hard work, corruption free at the top, ruthless and fearless implementation of ideas against all odds, these qualities of Modi and his Government are reasons for his continued popularity - UP: 39 DN: 10


Our armies are dying on border, poor people are dying on street, millions of migrants include kids and 70 are walking 300-700km on barefeel without shelter and food, but useless feku gov was using Covid crisis on building up fake image, can't protect border, can't protect army, can't stop locusts can't project poor migrants, can't pay salary to doctors risking life to save patients from COVIDcan't protect helpless women and kids and can't protect economy,can't protect government department, can't protect jobs WHY DO INDIA NEED UNEDUCATED FAKE LIAR WHO WORK FOR FEW RICH BUSINESSMEN, TAKE CREDIT OF OTHER HARD WORK FOR PUBLICITY, AND USE CELEBRITY FOR OWN ADVERTISEMENT. WHY DO INDIA NEED UNEDUCATED FAILED LIAR SHOW MAN AS PM. - UP: 0 DN: 0


105 Nikhil
What can we expect from a left-leaning media house and how can you conclude that India losses the coronavirus battle? - UP: 26 DN: 2

我们能从一个左倾的媒体机构期待什么? 你又如何得出印度输掉新冠疫情之战的结论?

If your definition of being smart is limited to insulting bhakts, then you should be pitied! - UP: 18 DN: 2


Desh Bhakt
Confused slaves don't even have the brain to believe in the looters and scammers. They only know to wag their tail in front of their master - UP: 6 DN: 4


Vamsi Krishna
The author of this article wants to create negative feeling about Modi. Modi is doing good work automatically his popularity is high......- UP: 25 DN: 9


Sundaram Subramanian
He may not be the game changer but at least he did not do grand scams. Still corruption is prevalent at low levels but he can not control everything. Alternatives are worse than him. Simply blaming center for everything is not going to work. stop blaming state or central government for their mistakes. - UP: 24 DN: 5


Rishi Raj Malhotra
who says he has failed to fight corona virus, he has controlled in best possible manner people of such a large country, with duffer opposition - UP: 19 DN: 19


Compare to Africans who have done a far better job - UP: 4 DN: 4


There are a lot of articles on Narendra Modi as to why is stays so popular. Indian Janata sees him as one Prime minister who is clean, has not ammassed any wealth for the last 20 years despite being the chief minister and then the Prime minister. He is dead against promoting relatives .He follows policies with the good of India at heart and regardless of what Cynics ,some intellectuals and opposition may like people to believe HE IS SECULAR IN TRUE SENSE. - UP: 19 DN: 5

关于纳伦德拉 · 莫迪为什么这么受欢迎,有很多文章。印度人民党认为他是一个清廉的总理,在过去的20年里没有积累任何财富,尽管他先后担任过首席部长和总理。他坚决反对提拔亲戚。他的政策是以印度的利益为中心的,不管愤世嫉俗者怎么说,一些知识分子和反对派可能希望人们相信他是真正意义上的世俗主义者。

Compare with African countries such as Congo and Uganda - UP: 2 DN: 2


Narasimha Prakash
Oh. Its a write up by Bloomberg ! - UP: 16 DN: 0


But why blame PM for the failure of coronavirus.. - UP: 16 DN: 3


uday shankar
The way the article is written , the writer do not want Mody popularity, and he says currency ban was a failure. Why he is popular because of many failures? that is his question, and for him there is no answer - UP: 14 DN: 3


Chandra Vempaty
The headline is wrong and deliberately misleading.India did not fail to fight Covid 19.For a nation of India's size, population, diversity and complexity India has handled the situation remarkably well.Further India's response to the pandemic was based on scientific advice. - UP: 14 DN: 2


Jagannath Ray
Thats because the previous PM was a puppet and Modi Ji has the guts to take decisions and face the consequences... - UP: 11 DN: 5


Rajeev Chenthamarakshan
This is because he is leading a corruption free Central Government ! - UP: 11 DN: 6


Gaana User
Really??? Plz tell GDP(Nominal) rank of India in 1948, 1997, 2003, 2013, now??? - UP: 2 DN: 4


aaaa bbbb
India not fails to fight coronavirus it's doing good against it. People's of India handling it better. - UP: 10 DN: 2


Arabian Nights
Because Indians are Gullible. They blindly believe everything this man says and that's exactly why they are called Andhbhakts, Blindfollowers.... - UP: 9 DN: 16


mohammed mansoor
unfit PM of india, flop in all department function , destroy Indian econmy -23.6 negative growth . only telling lie so people call him feku PM, worst PM of Indian history . - UP: 9 DN: 13


I am surprised to see how can people be so blind and not differentiate between stories, media and truth. India is already falling in many ways and we the people of India are just hearing stories and praising it but doing nothing to change it (even few of the educated ones). Also, no democracy is left, no one can openly speak against Modi otherwise they are beaten/abused - UP: 7 DN: 4


Sharad Srivastava
All you are doing is describing yourself on seeing yourself in the mirror. - UP: 0 DN: 2


Illusion has been created by some media that Modi is strong. But it is not so. Modi's glamour has started vaning. Nowadays these type of articles are coming up in numbers. We do not know whether this is a paid one or there is any other compulsion from any quarters to publish such articles.Sanjay Singh mentioned in the article may be a imaginary character or one among many illiterates in Bihar who does not what is going on around him. In any case we cannot judge anything from a person. What is puzzling is magazines like Bloomberg publishing such article.Article is not depth in it's analysis and there is no figures to support the arguement. It seems that article is being publish just out of compulsion. - UP: 7 DN: 1

一些媒体制造了莫迪很强大的假象。但事实并非如此。莫迪的魅力开始消失。现在这类文章越来越多了。我们不知道这是否是一篇有偿的文章,或者任何其他强制性发表这样的文章。文章中提到的桑杰 · 辛格可能是一个虚构的人物,或者是比哈尔邦众多文盲中的一个,他不知道自己周围发生了什么。无论如何,我们不能从一个人身上判断任何事情。令人困惑的是,像彭博这样的杂志发表了这样的文章。文章的分析不够深入,也没有数据支持这一论点。看来这篇文章的发表完全是迫不得已。

Ayan Choudhury
Paid news! Even Hitler was very popular during his time. - UP: 7 DN: 2


modi modi
Modi is still popular because Indians are big talkers but low achievers. All Indians can see themselves in Modi. - UP: 6 DN: 1


Stawan Mujumdar
Worst thing is his blindness, arrogance which wont let him accept mistakes which everyone makes, ego which is like dictator unable to face any criticism properly leave alone working with everyone for improvement . He has narrow mind which thinks only he is right, which is saddest for democracy. UP: 6 DN: 3


Patriot Indian
All his popularity are manipulated by BJP IT cell and his popularity is not real. all fake and fabricated to propogate BJP image. Nothing real. - UP: 6 DN: 1

他所有的支持率都是由人民党的 IT 部门操纵的,他的支持率是不真实的。所有都是都是为了宣传人民党形象而伪造的。完全不真实。

Madhukar Bhargava
Common man has lost faith in present government, it only paid media which is spreading fake news. - UP: 6 DN: 6


Bibin Koshy
Mr. Modi is popular because sycophantic media outlets like TOI can be easily bought. - UP: 5 DN: 2


Ashok Shah
India (Midi) has not failed to fight Corona virus. The recovery rate is as high as around 85% and the death rate is around 1.2%, perhaps the lowest in the world. - UP: 5 DN: 2


Ujwal Sharma
Foolish article - UP: 5 DN: 2


Bharat Sharma
Our India is land of Baba's, we love Babas, we are obsessed with Baba... who give sweet sounding lectures and we love to judge them by their words not deeds and results. PM Modi knows this very weakness of common Indians masses and successfully exploiting the same. Once you become Baba people will worship you even if you rape their daughter , still they will defend and say it's conspiracy against our beloved Baba. Baba is supreme , even superior to god, defending them is bhakt's duty no matter what happens to his own family or country ... Baba can't be wrong. - UP: 5 DN: 12

我们的印度是巴巴的土地,我们爱巴巴,我们迷恋巴巴... 他们给我们甜蜜的演讲,我们喜欢根据他们的言语而不是行动和结果来评判他们。莫迪总理知道普通印度民众的弱点,并成功地利用了这一弱点。一旦你成为巴巴,人们会崇拜你,即使你强奸他们的女儿,他们仍然会辩护说,这是对我们亲爱的巴巴的阴谋。巴巴是至高无上的,甚至比上帝更高等,无论自己的家庭或国家发生什么事情,保护他们都是巴巴的责任... 巴巴不可能是错的。(译者注:印度人对灵性大师的尊称,身体的给予者是父亲,而灵性的再生者是巴巴。)

Utipal solanki
Modi has no personality, full of hate and has no future plan for India and indians are loving it I suppose.The media is pro-modi so all is a hogwash and people think that all is well, but take my word India has lost reputation and credibility and is on the downward spiral.Gay guys don't marry that's the only sensible reason that Modi has no child to pass on his fortune. this guy is not single for a great India he just does not like women :) in his bed. great and will be the greatest soon. - UP: 4 DN: 0


modi pub
Modi is still popular due to his excellent pub lying machines which constantly spit out lies to fool Indian people. - UP: 4 DN: 2


New cases coming down doesn't mean that infection rate has come down. In fact infection rate has gone up many fold but only thing is that people are not going to doctor just to avoid more suffering. - UP: 4 DN: 0


PM modi is the 2nd Iron man of India after independence.Who can take strong decision in favour country instead of all kind of obstacle. - UP: 4 DN: 3


The writer should get his/her mind checked in the nearest hospital, who claims India has failed in fight against Covid! Go, leave India and live in USA or Europe where deaths are 10 times higher per million population. - UP: 4 DN: 3


Hamzah Iftikhar
he needs to resign he is our enemy - UP: 4 DN: 0


Roushan S
Who is saying he is popular? - UP: 4 DN: 4