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文章原始标题:China tells tech manufacturers to stop using Micron chips, stepping up feud with United States


US sanctions Chinese companies US whines when China does same - UP: 1 DN: 0


Nothing to explain or understand. They are using the same arguments than the US used against Huawei, and they are unproven as well ... This economic war will be very costly, time to spare money in order to face the next five years. - UP: 0 DN: 0

没什么好解释或理解的。他们使用的理由与美国用来对付华为的理由一样,而且也是未经证实... 这场经济战的代价会非常巨大,为了面对未来的5年,是时候节省资金了。

It may hurt their business a bit now but it’s something that should happen sooner or later for the greater good. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Io mis
This should have been done years ago right after Huawei ban - UP: 0 DN: 0


Is it really worth trading with China? We are pretty much paying for their military build up. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Looks like Ukraine war will continue - UP: 0 DN: 0


Howard the duck
Great, we don't want your stuff either - UP: 0 DN: 0


Good. Make China less hospitable for US companies to do business. Then maybe they’ll all leave. China has an extensive import/export network, but that can be replicated elsewhere, in countries that are less hostile. - UP: 0 DN: 0


True vision
China wants an economicwar, then the West must sticktogether to survive - UP: 0 DN: 0


Who couldn't see this coming? - UP: 0 DN: 0


BYEDONE is a moron
China is not “stepping up the feud.” China is responding to the constant provocations by the american pariahs banning Chinese companies. Get your facts straight. - UP: 0 DN: 0


STOP letting chinese into U.S. universities. - UP: 0 DN: 0


The US is being given an opportunity the like of which we have never seen: Any computer that does not have a micron chip in it is hereby disallowed. - UP: 0 DN: 0


The US started this, so its only fair that China respond in kind. - UP: 1 DN: 1


John J
China is mad because it's micro chip industry is dying. Now it is it is coming up with excuses for protectionism so they can salvage what is left. - UP: 0 DN: 1


The World needs to stop Made in China - UP: 0 DN: 1


That's good, it will free up chips for U.S. manufactures since there has been a huge shortage. - UP: 1 DN: 2


More for us! - UP: 0 DN: 0


Katie > Embold
You realize we are not talking about potato chips or shrimp chips? lol - UP: 0 DN: 0


Embold > Katie
We need microchips far more than snack foods! - UP: 0 DN: 0


The US Needs to quit buying China products...Those folks would be bankrupt quick...American Made Products for the US Only...China wants to keep playing games, We can do that....BOYCOTT CHINA GARBAGE !!!!!! - UP: 1 DN: 0

美国需要停止购买中国的产品... 那些人很快就会破产... 只需要美国制造的产品... 中国想继续玩的话,我们奉陪到底... 抵制中国垃圾产品!

Hornet Driver
The time has come to turn China into a radio-active wasteland. - UP: 2 DN: 2


205 > Hornet Driver
Wut? - UP: 0 DN: 0


US loves to use national security as the reason for blocking and sanction others, China can use the same tactic invented by US - UP: 0 DN: 1


It seems safer if we keep China at arms length. - UP: 1 DN: 0


Let them try to develop their own high end chips and equipment! - UP: 2 DN: 0


Stop buying cars with computer systems. We can produce much cheaper and still very nice cars without computers. - UP: 0 DN: 0


inferior amerikan cannot compete--humilited by China - UP: 0 DN: 0


Chuck K
I don't mi d cutting off China from western markets...short term pains but long term gains and more secure future - UP: 1 DN: 1

我不介意切断中国与西方市场的联系... 虽然有短期痛苦,但会有长期的收益和更安全的未来

China is not our ally - UP: 1 DN: 0


Chinese EVs and other products are a security risk as well, so as China did with Micron, BYD etc should be banned from the US market. - UP: 2 DN: 1


John > hololi
To be fair, China is just responding in kind to the U.S banning Huawei first. So if the U.S. decides to ban Chinese EV’s? Take a wild guess what China will do to Tesla? This economic war is a mess. BOTH sides bear responsibility and BOTH sides need to wake up. NOBODY wins in this war. - UP: 0 DN: 0


The citizens of the United States should stop buying anything that is made in China . - UP: 0 DN: 0


JR Federal Way > coldest
Tell all the people at Walmart in MAGA hats that. They bark about China and fill their shopping carts with the stuff. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Pull out of China and you won't have to worry about these raids. pretty simple HUH. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Take the business to other countries....Forget China....Its a matter of time they will be fighting us. - UP: 0 DN: 0

把生意带到其他国家去... 忘了中国吧... 他们和我们的战斗只是时间问题。

Wise man
What goes around comes around.Recession is just around the corner. - UP: 0 DN: 1


JR Federal Way > Wise man
Thanks Trump. His trickle down economics and continual dropping of interest rates to give him and his family big paydays is now biting us back. Then there's his TOTAL failure to lead during covid which forced mandates and lock downs sent the GDP to minus 35 and U3 unemployment to 17%. And people think he did a good job. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Dump China. US companies need to start ignoring the Chinese consumer base. - UP: 0 DN: 0


David > CrankDango
too late to go back, China now has the best overall tech level after U.S. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Memory chip has very limited function. Can 't think how that impacts security. - UP: 0 DN: 0


And our incompetent President allows China to run all over the U.S. We must get this man out of office......now! - UP: 0 DN: 0

我们无能的总统让中国统治整个美国了。我们必须让这个人下台... 现在!

Awesome. Thank you, China. Please extend your attacks to other US and Western businesses as well. You are on the right path. Your ultimate goal is to scare off all Western businesses so they don't want to invest in your economy anymore. - UP: 13 DN: 2


Simple solution. QUIT buying cheap Chinese Knock Off electronics that do not use our Licensed parts and materials. Since we are China's largest Foreign Market they will respond. - UP: 0 DN: 0


China market accounts for ~11% of Micron's FY22 (Aug) revenue. It may not a serious big issue now while losing the 11% revenue. But if China prohibited the chips from Micron to import into China, that will affect all the downstream and upstream components/products into China market and that will kill Micron. China never responds without any strategic planning ahead, let's see more surprises coming! - UP: 1 DN: 2


past time for Apple and others to move their manufacturing from China. That cheap labor certainly has not lowered prices on phone, appliances, computers or anything else. It has lowered quality on many items. - UP: 58 DN: 7


Moeman > Daniel
Of course Apple and others did not lower the prices. The money they saved by using cheap labors was used to enrich themselves even more. Welcome to capitalism. Capitalism = greed. - UP: 0 DN: 0

当然,苹果和其他公司没有降低价格。他们通过使用廉价劳动力而节省下来的钱被用来让自己更富有。欢迎来到资本主义。资本主义 = 贪婪。

BigMouthOnly > Daniel
I working in USA as an engineer and know well what level of people round me. They're lazy and sack of knowledge, but they are only good in talking, copy and stolen from other people work results. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Joe > BigMouthOnly
At least they know how to form a coherent paragraph. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Juan > Daniel
didn't lower prices because Apple and other wanted and did make more money, lower cost, higher prices, so blame US manufacturers, not Chinese labor. - UP: 5 DN: 0


Mike > Daniel
The purpose has never been to lower price. Your naivety is mind-blowing. The only goal is to maximize profits, the hell with you and the rest of the mass like you have a say. - UP: 11 DN: 3


Daniel > Mike
My next washing machine will be a made in the USA Speed Queen and likely my last one. - UP: 2 DN: 2


Wise man > Daniel
You can't afford to buy a US made washing machine or you have to take out a loan to buy one. - UP: 3 DN: 2


Funny how that 60 billion in Us taxpayer money ended up with Micron And not with startups . Now this . Here Comes the Excuses . - UP: 0 DN: 0


The US Government needs to negotiate with China on this ban, otherwise hundreds of thousands of Micron Technology Inc. employees will be out of jobs. - UP: 0 DN: 1


what is their alternative? - UP: 0 DN: 0


China is a friend to no one - UP: 4 DN: 0


So they tell them not to do it, but not mandating them to do it?A business will go with a supplier with lowest cost and steady supply, national security is least of their concern.Beside, SK Hynix and Samsung is the only one who makes the same high end memories with Micron. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Raymond G
This reminds me of when the U.S. tried to strong arm the world into not using 5G cell technology because U.S. telecommunications companies didn't want to spend the money to upgrade while China went all in. All of a sudden 5G was bad unless a U.S. company was selling it. - UP: 1 DN: 4


mod > Raymond G
Now we’re in 5G meanwhile they moved on to making 6G. I can’t wait for US to start accusing china of stealing 6G technology while we’re trying to figure out how 5G works. - UP: 2 DN: 2


My suggestion to Governor Abbott is to start shipping the illegal aliens to China,instead of bussing them to NYC - UP: 3 DN: 1


gary > Henry
HAHA, China don't play that dumb stuff. Say good bye , adios and don't come back. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Their "development" to date has relied heavily on theft of IP, with near zero help with trademark enforcement by authorities. That alone is an excellent reason to restrict tech exports to them. - UP: 33 DN: 11


Ron > Fred
No, the overwhelming majority were through partnerships. Go learn about China, you clearly need to. - UP: 0 DN: 0


alf > Fred
Hey Fred, how about try stop talking up a grand storm but just quit shopping at Wal Mart for a change? Oh, that's too tough on your family to put this in practice? - UP: 1 DN: 1


Logan > Fred
now Ford need Chinese battery manufacture electric vehicles - UP: 2 DN: 1


Fred > Logan
While EV's are all the rage, I'd argue the entire electic revolution, including solar and wind with power generation, is built on the ecologically disastrous base of lithium ion batteries. For vehicles, the superior tech is hydrogen combustion. The challenge with that tech being how to safely distribute and store the smallest atom known to humanity. - UP: 0 DN: 1


Wise man > Fred
EV are everywhere now, where is your hydrogen powered car ? - UP: 0 DN: 0


Great news for once from China. Now the rest of the free world can get more availability of Micron IC's. How about banning Intel, Nvidia, and AMD chios as well from being used in China. We can recover and bring more manufacturing back ti the USa and the rest of the FREE world! - UP: 7 DN: 2


US should be nice to China and provide them with all the chips necessary for them to surpass us in AI, in such a way that they can win the war without a single shot. This way they will enslave us while they replace all the workforce with Robots and they MAKE THE PCC the perfect replacement of this corrupt democracy we have. China will recognize Biden as the best president of the US and they will make a statue of Hunter as the helper of all this because according to his father he is the smartest person he has ever known... Right? - UP: 2 DN: 1

美国应该善待中国,为他们提供所有必要的芯片,让他们在人工智能方面超越我们,这样他们就能不费吹灰之力地赢得战争。这样一来,他们就会奴役我们,同时用机器人取代所有的劳动力,让他们的制度成为我们腐败的民主政体的完美替代品。中国会承认拜登是美国最好的总统,他们将为亨特立一座雕像,作为这一切的帮手,因为根据他父亲的说法,他是他所认识的最聪明的人... 对吗?

China warn US not to start the tech war. There no winner in tech war. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Micron provided their product to many foreign companies in China that mean many foreign companies have to stop doing business with Micron or these companies will be force to shut down the operation in China. - UP: 1 DN: 2


Logan > V
There are other vendors like Samsung and SK - UP: 0 DN: 0


Bummer that we can't all work together.... - UP: 1 DN: 0


Gotta be selective but now china finds its target. - UP: 1 DN: 1


V > Hariadi
Micron chips were used by many foreign company operate in China. Micron indirectly cost any foreign company have business with Micron to shut down their business in China. - UP: 0 DN: 1


Micron beg China government not to ban them. - UP: 1 DN: 1


I'm fine with decoupling from China. It's becoming a pariah for a myriad of reasons. - UP: 0 DN: 1


If a top producer of electronic tihs boycott your product(s), you know you’re in trouble but we’re not talking top company, we’re talking a top country. Layoffs on the horizon. - UP: 0 DN: 0


What china really means is; we have fully copied Micron chips, so we can now use Micron as propaganda against the US. - UP: 3 DN: 1


Micron will never again earn many billions dollars from China. - UP: 1 DN: 1


Very good. The U.S. did exactly the same thing to Huawei. Now it is China's turn. - UP: 9 DN: 7


Wise man > Lg
China learn it from the best, US and A. - UP: 1 DN: 1


Micron will downsize their workforce for many years to come. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Rice > V
It will take a while. We have been behind on microchip manufacturing for while in the US - UP: 0 DN: 0


There will be many layoff Micron workers in the US. - UP: 0 DN: 0


It is understandable for China to no longer trust US chip manufacturers in light of their own security, just like the US does not trust Huawei and Tik Tok. In the mean time, they can always get manufacturing technologies by recruiting the right people worldwide; everyone has his price. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Vic Aranda > CrazyCannuck
They has to many spies around the world....as long the prices is right!!! - UP: 0 DN: 1

他们在世界各地有很多间谍... 只要价格合适!!!

mod > Vic Aranda
You think we don’t have any?!? You know how people in US said China is spying on US with their satellites?!? We have 50x more. Get off your high horse son, we’re spying on everyone including our own people. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Bad news for Biden’s anti-China geopolitics and US economy. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Rice > Don
I don't where. We have been behind on manufacturing microchips. This might let some of these people go down to a 48 hour work weekl - UP: 0 DN: 0


The US should not allow Chinese EV's to get into the US market. Otherwise, the whole US market could be made UPSIDE DOWN. - UP: 0 DN: 1


Destroying China without a single bullet shot. Boycott all made in China. - UP: 1 DN: 2


mod > Al
Coming from a person with %80 of stihs in his house made or partly made in China while typing on his phone/computer consisted of parts coincidentally, made in China. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Rice > mod
We don't need China. We have to dependent on others countries for too long - UP: 0 DN: 0


mod > Rice
On the flip side, these countries also depending on China. Why do you think they’re band together to discuss how to go around China. That also means 1 disruption from 1 of these band mates will disrupt the whole chain. Then they will need materials, factories and workforce. Materials that China control abundance of, factories are mostly in china and workforce. - UP: 0 DN: 0


china want's to control everything around the whole world ha ha how long has this been going on ha ha it seems over 20 year's - UP: 1 DN: 1


This means the Biden Administration gave them everything they could possibly need. - UP: 0 DN: 4


The Divine Immortal
This is a numbers game and a matter of demographic studies. China, India, and Africa have A LOT of people. The USA doesn't even have to fit into that equation at all. China will manufacture their own microchips. If America really wants to do well, they will have to actually make the needed changes instead of always trying to focus the blame on China for everything. US has almost insurmountable domestic issues which they ignore and allow to fester, blaming China won't help. America may try to hobble China but that doesn't help America and it exposes bad intent on their part. Instead of the current approach, America should focus on their own domestic problems and try to solve them. - UP: 3 DN: 6


Michael > The Divine Immortal
they have 4 times the population but americans still outspend them 10 to 1we are the best consumers on the planet and so far every single bill has been paid on time and in cash. - UP: 0 DN: 0


china want's everything going there way they don't care about any one else - UP: 3 DN: 0


mod > John
Isn’t that how everyone is?!? What was trump motto again??? We are using up other countries’s resources and stock piling ours until needed. You think US give a tihs about anyone else?!? Time to wake up to reality son. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Well done, lmao! Karma- UP: 0 DN: 0


When they want to buy, our government don’t allow our companies or other countries’ companies to sell. When they don’t buy, we complain. - UP: 0 DN: 3


The complaining will continue and get much more pronounced in the next 5 years with the U.S. working on chip manufacturing outside China. - UP: 1 DN: 0


The U.S. needs to work harder to integrate South America into the world economy. Let China play it's own game, alone. - UP: 13 DN: 3


Joe > Fred
Modern life isn't possible without made in China products. Corporate greed has painted us into one hell of a corner. Even as a capitalist, I truly believe that. We need to return our manufacturing base back to America. As long as American politicians keep getting paid to look the other way, that will never happen. And yes. That applies to both democrats and the GOP. With everything that's happening in the world economy today, it's foolish to believe that DC has Americans best interest in mind. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Walter S. > Fred
South America isn't cheap, kid. It's more expensive. Which means Walmart and Apple phone prices would go up. The other problem is that Silicon's largest producer (by 10 x more than the 2nd place) is......China. Even Taiwan silicon vendors to TSMC cannot cut ties to China. - UP: 0 DN: 1


alf > Fred
OK, I'll stop using toilet paper from now on. A little bit of stinky air never hurts anybody. I am sure Fred will understand and sympathize! - UP: 0 DN: 1


Al > Fred
No, no, no! US would have done that long ago if it had wanted to. A strong South America is a security threat to the US. Too close for comfort. Even a relatively poor Brazil by western standards is increasingly posing problems. The strategy is keep them not poor enough to send us all the illegals, and not too rich to pose risks. - UP: 2 DN: 2


Jerry > Al
I agree 💯 - UP: 0 DN: 2

我同意 💯

Logan > Fred
South America countries are ditching US dollars now - UP: 1 DN: 0


Laura > Logan
That’s the truth. One year ago my dollar bought 685 Costa Rican colones. Now it buys 535. Keep this up and I’m going to sell my home here and convert to euros instead of dollars. The US is circling the drain. - UP: 0 DN: 1


They not only copy IP, they copy the US Governments policies. Can't they come up with anything original? - UP: 1 DN: 1


mod > Kol
Wow, you’re dumb. That’s like saying china was one of the earliest civilizations to read and write. Look at US now. US copied them. Why couldn’t US come up with something original. Wait what?!? They also sleep, eat, walk and run?!? No way!!!! US copied that too?!? - UP: 0 DN: 0


Kol > mod
They not only steals tech IP, they will copy any handbag, sneaker, sunglasses and now......a policy statement that is a word for word copy of US policy. - UP: 0 DN: 0

他们不仅偷取技术知识产权,还复制任何手提包、运动鞋、太阳镜,而现在是... 一字一字复制美国政策的政策声明。

mod > Kol
This was a quick google to what China invented. Paper making, movable printing, gun powder, ALCOHOL, silk, compass, bronze, kite, umbrella, the list goes on and on. Did we lift any of those?!? Where would we be today without alcohol?!? Gun powder? Stop embarrassing yourself son, without stealing from them, we would still be fighting with sticks and stones and getting wet in the rain without knowing where we are naked and without a proper paper contract to sue the other party. - UP: 0 DN: 0


When china do make it. I see the consequences it will be so bad the west will be begging china to work together. Don’t think china can’t make the what the west can. In few months china will announce they too are producing it. Then what lol - UP: 0 DN: 3


Now the US cried China economy coercion against US companies. - UP: 1 DN: 1


Now no foreign companies can have anything Micron products if the foreign companies operate in China. - UP: 0 DN: 0


They've already stolen the tech. No need to buy it anymore - UP: 0 DN: 1


Many American companies in China will get hit by retaliation. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Micron 10% revenue earning come from China that a big trunk of money Micron will lose out from China market. - UP: 0 DN: 1


China's statement on micron's products posing a national security risk is practically a direct cut and paste from the US accusation of Huawei's equipment. It will be fun too see the US government response. I hope they don't "resolutely oppose" like Beijing did. Ha! - UP: 20 DN: 4


alf > theartist
Hey, just do as I say and not do as I do. hehe! - UP: 0 DN: 1


The Left can't get enough of China and love them. They also hate America. - UP: 1 DN: 3


Biden has already approved a $100 BILLION Dollar Micron factory in Syracuse, NY that will be creating 9,000 high paying jobs..Biden also helped secure a $20 Billion Dollar IBM semiconductor chip manufacturing extension in upstate New York. - UP: 20 DN: 7

拜登已经批准在纽约州锡拉丘兹建立一家价值1000亿美元的微芯片工厂,这将创造9000个高薪工作岗位... 拜登还帮助纽约州北获得了价值200亿美元的 IBM 半导体芯片制造的扩建项目。

Walter S. > ------
Yeah well here's the problem. Silicon raw material vendors source their silicon from the top mining country in the world (2nd place is 10x less)....you know who is the largest? China. We all wish raw material can be produced elsewhere but not to the level of demand the world wants. - UP: 0 DN: 0

是啊,问题就在这里。硅原料供应商从世界上最大的采矿国家采购硅(是第二名的10倍)...... 你知道谁是最大的国家吗?中国。我们都希望原材料可以在其他地方生产,但并不能达到世界需求的水平。

alf > ------
Dream on, our government knows best. You know, when you are in a hole, just keep digging, and harder. What could possibly go wrong? - UP: 1 DN: 1


Wise man > ------
Biden said it ?When ? Did the GOP controlled Congress approve it ? - UP: 0 DN: 2

拜登说的? 什么时候说的? 共和党控制的国会批准了吗?

Katie > ------
What's the logic there? I thought Micron's products are banned, not its manufacturing capacity. Where are they going to find buyers for MORE Micron chips? - UP: 5 DN: 4


Luymas > Katie
"Where are they going to find buyers for MORE Micron chips?" That exactly the question most people are forgetting. China is a huge market for these companies. - UP: 0 DN: 2


gb > Katie
will hurt chinese mfgs a lot more than it will micron. - UP: 2 DN: 0


Katie > gb
er? - UP: 1 DN: 2


Brain > Katie
I don't bother arguing with these folks any more. Most of them just hurl insults and are seething with anger, which gives me a very poor impression of the average population (I come from the ivy towers so I have limited interactions with the average population).You're right; increasing supply does not increase demand. But if it helped them sleep at night...whatever, right? - UP: 0 DN: 1

我不想再和这些人争论了。他们中的大多数只是生气地骂骂咧咧,这让我对普通人群的印象非常差(我来自象牙塔,所以我与普通人群的互动有限)。你说得对,增加供应不会增加需求。但如果这能让他们晚上睡得安稳... 随便了,对吧?

------ > Katie
In fiscal 2022, Micron recorded revenue of $30.8 Billion Dollars and is the 5th largest chipmaker in the world. - UP: 3 DN: 0


Wise man > ------
Did you read Micron's outlook forecast ? - UP: 1 DN: 2


liberal fool
Will this effect the monies the Biden's family gets from China ? Is the Big Guy still getting his 10% from all fentanyl sales ? - UP: 1 DN: 5


Intel next. Nvidia and Qualcomm later - UP: 1 DN: 0


This will eventually become full blown economic war. - UP: 9 DN: 2


THEY STOP BUYING MICRON “ and we stop buying made in China” just for one month and you’ll see how that action will send shockwaves across the Chinese economy. Just imagine how will China will do to feed the billions of Chinese people if we definitely stop buying Made in China and push American manufacturers to move the production out China. !THE ECONOMY OF CHINA SIMPLY WILL COLLAPSE ! - UP: 14 DN: 8


Kalteldarian > Lilo
Let's do it!!! Let's get the party rolling!!!! - UP: 0 DN: 0


gary > Lilo
LOL, China has just started with Micron being one of the first companies feeling some pressure. There will be more. - UP: 0 DN: 0


J > Lilo
It's easily said than done. It will bring everyone high inflation and less quality of products made in other countries. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Doug > Lilo
WalMart will go belly up if we boycot China's products - UP: 0 DN: 0


Sweet_Poison > Lilo
Oh really? You didn't see how the west stepped over each other just to procure those ppc from China during covid? - UP: 0 DN: 0


randy > Lilo
i think your wrong we couldnt make it without china no more walmart dollar stores and all those cheap things we need - UP: 1 DN: 2


Kol > Lilo
do you recall what supply chain shortages caused during the pandemic? We are far too dependent on China for things to even consider such a move. - UP: 3 DN: 1


Kalteldarian > Kol
Well let's get INDEPENDENT real fast and see how they like it!! - UP: 0 DN: 0


k > Lilo
....dream on - UP: 2 DN: 1


Lilo > k
NOT A DREAM CAN BE POSIBLEIf we are just conscious that we are over buying so much junk that we don’t need and that later on ended up piling in our garages not only we will send a clear message to China but also we will help our finances .Example : My sister vs myself For years I have lived only with the most essential and I don’t buy anything unless I really needed it or I need to replace a broken one. By doing so I have save some good money by the end of the year that I use to buy a few CD OR BONDS. Now my sister on the other hand keeps buying all the time she most of the time over buys because she is a compulsive buyer like most women and some men . You got to see her garage is overcrowded with a lot stuff she doesn’t need but if you tell her anything she always find excuses to keep on buying more and more . IN GENERAL: I don’t let our economy System to dictate my consumerism because what maybe good for our economy is not good for my finances. - UP: 0 DN: 0

不是做梦,是有可能的,如果我们意识到我们买了太多不需要的垃圾塞满车库,我们不仅会向中国发出一个明确的信息,而且有助于我们的财务状况。例如:我妹妹 vs 我自己多年来只过着最基本的生活,我不会买任何东西,除非我真的需要,或者我需要更换坏了的东西。通过这样做,我在年底节省了一些钱,我用这些钱买了几张CD或债券。另一方面,我妹妹一直在过度消费,因为她和大多数女性和部分男性一样,都是强迫症买家。你会看到她的车库里塞满了不需要的东西。但如果你提醒她,她总是会找借口继续买更多的东西。

Sweet_Poison > Lilo
Yeah? Who's going to make everything from Christmas decorations to iPhone and Tesla? You think US is the only customer for China? Stop one month of Chinese import and you will find 80% of store shelf empty, you will see riot on streets before you see China flinched. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Good, this may lead to less Chinese junk cluttering store shelves! - UP: 18 DN: 2


Smitty > Ray
People will still buy china products for a decade. Who are you kidding? - UP: 0 DN: 0


Charles > Ray
and close down Walmart, Target and Amazon. - UP: 1 DN: 3


Good move by China. USA chipmakers are already in free fall, desérvedly so, for politicizing their sales. - UP: 3 DN: 17


Send all Chinese Nationals back to china - UP: 3 DN: 9


I really do not understand how the west can sanction China over and over again and then get indignent when they sanction back. - UP: 5 DN: 4


China retaliation will devastate western chip and chip equipment manufacturers. $300bln a year of import - they will reduce it one third and half of western companies go out of business. The other half will beg Chinese for forgiveness. That simple. - UP: 6 DN: 18


why china's cautioning its companies against micron's chips is "stepping up feud with United States"? - UP: 5 DN: 2


Tee Mee
iPhones are made in China. I can guarantee you I’m on my last iPhone. - UP: 18 DN: 4


Kalteldarian > Tee Mee
Me too!!!! - UP: 0 DN: 0


Bill > Tee Mee
You're an Apple sheep bro' You'll buy the next one out. - UP: 0 DN: 0


randy > Tee Mee
so many things are made in china you might as well give up on life - UP: 0 DN: 1


Kim > Tee Mee
You should kill yourself with a "Made in China" knife. I bet you would! - UP: 1 DN: 1


alf > Tee Mee
Hey, why not just throw your iPhone right now? Come on, I'm sure you can do it. Oh no? - UP: 0 DN: 1

嘿,为什么不现在就扔掉你的 iPhone 呢?加油,我相信你能做到的。噢,做不到吗?

Donut > Tee Mee
You might have a hard time finding any other cellphone that is made somewhere besides China. Just saying. - UP: 2 DN: 1


Retired1 > Donut
Samsung shut its last facility in China last year. They no longer manufacture phone there. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Logan > Retired1
Samsung phone also has components manufactured in China - UP: 0 DN: 0


Darren > Tee Mee
I salute you. Shame on isheep!!! - UP: 0 DN: 0


Does this qualify as "economic coercion" or just plain retaliation? lol - UP: 7 DN: 0


Kol > Katie
it's titt for tatt - UP: 0 DN: 0