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文章原始标题:The Wandering Earth 2


[9/10]The most astonishing Chinese Movie!
phoenixmok 12 February 2023
"The Wandering Earth" is a 2023 sci-fi action movie that is truly a work of art. Directed by Frant Guo and based on the novella of the same name by Liu Cixin, this film is set in a future where the sun is about to expand and swallow the Earth. To save humanity, the leaders of the world come together to launch a daring plan to move the planet to a new star system using a massive network of engines.
The special effects are top-notch and the attention to detail is impeccable. The film's world-building is impressive, creating a believable and immersive future world that is both terrifying and hopeful. The Wandering Earth is a stunning achievement in the realm of science fiction cinema and a testament to the power of the human spirit.
The Wandering Earth is a triumph in every aspect. The cinematography is breathtaking, the soundtrack is powerful, and the story is engaging and emotionally charged. It is a sci-fi film that will leave audiences breathless and inspired.
In conclusion, "The Wandering Earth" is a movie that will appeal to fans of science fiction and action, but also to anyone looking for a film with heart, breathtaking visuals, and a thought-provoking story. The film is a testament to the power of the human spirit and a reminder that even in the face of insurmountable odds, we can achieve the impossible.


yadongwei 12 February 2023
The human beings in this movie, from mutual suspicion in the face of the crisis to unity in the end, the victory of the wandering earth is the victory of internationalism.


[10/10]Far beyond my expectations
cosmolepton 12 February 2023
I had no expectations for this film before going to the theater, but I decided to give it a shot because I enjoy Cixing's fiction. However, I do not want to use the word fantastic, it far exceeded my expectations. The best part of this movie, in my opinion, is a group of people from various backgrounds trying to solve a common problem with a serious attitude. Yes, I said serious attitude because I'm sick of superhero movies in which a small group of heroes fight and joke and fight and joke again. This film demonstrated an appropriate attitude toward a common people's crisis. I'm looking forward to the next Cixing movie.


[6/10]A visual masterpiece
Padreviews 11 February 2023
A must for any sci fan - here's the future and it's China .
This is a prequel but you don't have to have seen the wandering earth to enjoy this
This is an absolutely visual masterpiece but at 3 hours it's too long had it been 2 hours it would have been 8/10
It's mostly in English but a lot is in chinese so requires a high degree of concentration to enjoy having to read the subtitles
It's a political metaphor for international cooperation but rather than the USA being in the driving seat it's China this is the new world order with Russia playing second fiddle .
The premise itself is incredibly far fetched but don't let that spoil the enjoyment- Let's look forward to the future


[10/10]definitely a 10
sandrahoo 10 February 2023
The Wandering Earth 2 is a revolutionary piece of work, deserving a score of 10 out of 10. The portrayal of astronauts over the age of 50, who willingly detonate a nuclear bomb to preserve the continuation of humanity amidst a crisis, is a unique concept that I have not encountered in Western mainstream values. The film's soundtrack is similarly unparalleled in Chinese cinema and television. The background music during Tu Yaya's connection to the network elicits goosebumps, and the repetition of the same note of "ah" by a young girl, reminiscent of binary code, is truly impactful.
Respect to Director Guo Fan!


[6/10]The Wandering Earth 2
CinemaSerf 9 February 2023
Now then, it's best - I think - to just accept that there is very, very, little plausible science to this save-the-planet movie. The format, and the story, have oft been done by Hollywood before so it's not top of the originality tree either - but it's still quite a watchable and well produced movie.


[6/10]Great sci-fi movie but bad plot and bad scrlpt make it downgraded
Jf12345 9 February 2023
There are some good and bad parts in this movie.
1) First, this movie has amazing and outstanding CGI effects. As an audience, I really enjoy ALL of the CGI fighting scenes. The CGI scenes really impress me to make me believe that the earth is dooming. And the production is even better than The Wandering Earth 1. The design is also very detailed. So, these really impress me a lot.
2) The topics in this movie are also interesting because it discusses the different culture conflicts for the apocalypse. I am surprised because there isn't any political propaganda and nationalism in China in this movie.
3) However, there are also bad parts in this movie. First is its duration. Its duration is almost 3 hours. So, there must have been some conversation scenes that bored the audience, including me. And these conversation scenes are not just boring, and all of the characters always talk about the specific scientific terms which confuse mine.
4) Weak plot. To bring out a series of the big crisis, some scenes are not interrelated with previous scenes. The director wants to focus on the Assembly of the United Nation, TuHengYu and LiuPeiQiang but the scenes are not strongly connected with each other. Seems feel like there are 3 independence timelines because the main characters do not interact and affect each other.


[10/10]Give you 10 reasons
g-90712 8 February 2023
1. The story is not one hero save the earth,it's everyone will be hero. It's totally different from Hollywood.
2. There are more than 20,000 actors. That includes Andy Lau.
3. Peripheral products plan to crowdfund 100 thousand yuan ,Finally, it was crowdfunded 120 million. Over 1200%.
4. The movie has 3 story lines and 1 inside story. If you know. You will feel incredible. If you don't know,It will confuse you.
5. Tech props from movies. There's a version of that in reality,like the engineering vehicle,the bone machines,the planes,the headphones.
6. All future technologies are supported by scientific theories,like space elevator, phased array nuclear bomb, digital life,and the time after the earth changed. All backed up by scientific theory.
7. The director used to find the foreign SFX team. But it's too expensive. And the SFX ask him:"Why don't you make a spaceship?"They can't image and unstand the oriental idea. Finally ,the director choose the chinese SFX team.
8. The actor of Zhou JieZhi have had cancer. His vocal cords were damaged. They fixed the recording by AI technology. And to make the other actors younger by AI.
9. The movie has the Soviets because the Soviets were the first country to put a man in space and the first country to build a space station.
10. The meaning of the story is that the fate of all people in the face of disaster is the same. We can only be saved together. There is no point in being selfish.

1. 这个故事不是一个英雄拯救地球,而是每个人都会成为英雄。这和好莱坞完全不同。
2. 有两万多名演员,其中包括刘德华。
3. 周边产品计划众筹10万元,最终众筹了1.2亿元,超过1200%。
4. 这部电影有3条故事线和1个内幕故事。如果你知道的话,你会感到难以置信。如果你不知道,它会让你困惑。
5. 电影中的科技道具。现实生活中也有类似的东西,比如工程车、外骨骼、飞机、耳机。
6. 所有未来的技术都有科学理论支持,如太空电梯、相控阵核爆、数字生命和地球改变后的时间。都有科学理论的支持。
7. 导演过去常常找外国的特效团队。但是太贵了。特效团队问他:“你为什么不造宇宙飞船呢?“他们无法想象和理解东方的思想。最后,导演选择了中国的特效团队。
8. 周喆直的演员得过癌症。声带受损。他们用AI技术修复了音频。通过AI让其他演员更年轻。
9. 电影里出现了苏联人,因为苏联是第一个把人送入太空的国家,也是第一个建造空间站的国家。
10. 这个故事的意义在于,在灾难面前,所有人的命运都是一样的。我们只能一起得救。自私是没有意义的。

[6/10]If you liked the first one...
VHS_for_Life 8 February 2023
Then you'll probably like this one more. It's an improvement, but not enough to make the film anything special. I enjoyed the ending and thought some of the characters were interesting. The English that was spoken throughout the film was distracting as it seemed like it was dubbed over by corny 90s video game voice actors. Seriously, how big was the budget on this film? They can't afford to hire some English speakers that sound human? I wish the movie was 100% Chinese and not jumping between several different languages. I wasn't a fan of the first film but I liked this one a little more. I'll never watch it again but I'm not disappointed that I gave this film 3-hours.


[1/10]poor scenario
chrisdoit 7 February 2023
Its good special effects can't cover up its poor scenario. Deliberately sensationalizing is very theatrical. The actors always had better choices but they wouldn't. In the last scenario of the movie, all the people sent to launch the root sever were died, but the leader still believe they could finish the job to save the world. It's very very ridiculous. How could one person be insisit it in that situation? IThis movie is only for the patriot. But if the movie including in too much political issues, it won't be a good creation. Only for the patriots to see. So I rated one star, I think the rating is way to high.


[8/10]A visual treat for sci-fi blockbuster fans
jemmadilemma 7 February 2023
If you are a fan of science fiction films, action blockbuster films, or both, then this movie is for you. This movie takes the usual Hollywood sci-fi movie tropes and puts a unique Chinese spin on them. Without getting into details, it's about a group of scientists and astronauts trying to save the world from imminent destruction while governments disagree on the best course of action. The movie takes us on a wild ride as teams of heroes face moral dilemmas and make sacrifices to secure the future of mankind. At its core, the film delivers a hopeful message about the power of humanity when we work together to solve problems - a message that is sorely needed in the current times.
Pros: Jaw-dropping action sequences, slick CGI and some thought-provoking technological and philosophical concepts that will make you think about where humanity is headed in the future. Themes such as AI and automation, our increasing dependence on technology, the meaning of human existence and mortality, and the future of civilization, provide plenty of food for thought. There is also a major plot twist in the third act that you will not see coming, so stay tuned till the end, especially during the credits (there's an Easter egg scene that hints at a possible third installment to this franchise).
Cons: The movie is bit lengthy, at nearly 3 hours, so make sure you avoid drinking a lot of fluids before or during the movie. (Apparently the director already cut 80 minutes out of the movie, so it really was the equivalent of two movies packed into one.) Also, because the movie is multilingual, some languages are dubbed weirdly in some scenes, but it's easy to overlook this because you'll be too busy marvelling at the visuals or trying to keep up with all the action sequences.
Conclusion: If you are a fan of sci-fi action blockbusters then this movie is for you. Definitely do not miss it in cinemas - this is a movie that needs to be seen on the big screen.


[10/10]so nice
zhangshaotu 7 February 2023
If you hate the countless times Americans have saved the world, welcome to take a look at this. At the moment of the great disaster, there are no superheroes, only countless ordinary people who have stepped forward. It is you who have saved the world, all of us, and everyone on earth, not some superheroes who wave the threat away. This movie tells us that the world is ours, save or give up, The fate of the whole world is in the hands of all the people, not superheroes or God. People are the main body in the long history. Miracles are made by countless people. Natural disasters are carried by countless people. Human beings do not need superheroes. The ordinary people who stand up between us, the ordinary people who smile in the face of sacrifice, and the ordinary people who do not turn back in the face of disasters are enough to protect our world, Our earth, we do not need gods, nor do we need superheroes, we ourselves, enough to protect our own earth, enough to protect our own world.


[10/10]My parents and my son all love this movie
shute-33015 6 February 2023
I'm watching the Wandering Earth 2 the third time this weekend.
I got goose bumps when I first see the every first scene - when the VTOL fighter started from ruined city - too much of convincing details, beautiful scene and what a sound effect!
The second time I watched it, I brought my parents together with me. I was prepared that they might leave in the middle as my dad is 80 years old and my mum has a bad back.
Guess what, they didn't even move till the light was on.
My 12 years old son loved it. He said the scene when the bad guys attacking the elevator was scary - that was supposed to be a funny part to me through.
All in all, all three generations in my family enjoyed this film.
The documentary style full of countless convincing details fit the set perfectly - It is the end of the world and everyone of the whole mankind stands out and works together to save the mankind.
The only thing to complain here in Melbourne Australia, is that the film is not in iMax.


[10/10]Tale of two Films: The Wondering Earth II and Avatar
pencilpaperdailystockpick 6 February 2023
It is pretty good actually, sort of reminiscent of movie Inception, but it has the better part of the movie 2012 and Inception that will keep you on the hook the whole movie, twists and turns. One thing I want to point out that I felt that it can have a better character development, the main character and it dialect can be more polished (and I don't think you can simply attribute this the poor quality of the translation), we need not just good graphics.
I was at the same day I watched the latest Avatar, Avatar felt less intensed (and filled with the latest American Identity Politics propaganda narratives - - a plot that is literally used in EVERY SINGLE this type of Hollywood movies: a wh1t3 guy from an tacky portraited overly advanced "civilized" society "saves" indigenous less advanced "non - civilized" people from destruction by his own people (ego - stroking, isn't it?), this one just packed so much more actually Sci-fy stuff in there without the weird Identity Politics narratives.


[10/10]A shocking story
zhuzhenyu-78335 6 February 2023
No matter the plot, emotion, meaning, or special effects, this is an epic film.
It describes the solidarity, courage, and dedication of the human race in facing global disasters. These spirits transcend national boundaries, regions and races and are the most glorious part of human nature.
Anyone who loves science fiction films will like it. This film's contribution to the history of science fiction films is only second to "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Interstellar", but it contains a kind of examination and praise of human beings.
Of course, I think it should be dubbed into English to expand its influence in North America because it's too tiring to watch subtitles for three hours. I watched it twice before I fully understood the plot.

任何喜欢科幻电影的人都会喜欢的。这部电影在科幻电影史上的贡献仅次于《2001:太空漫游》和《星际穿越》 ,但它包含着对人类的一种审视和赞美。

[9/10]Wonderful movie
keycool-32124 6 February 2023
This film shows the way people will respond to crises in the future. People coming together to solve problems. It's very different from the Hollywood films we usually see, and it give me something new. The visual effects of the film are great, and the sci-fi part is fantastic, the space elevator is really cool. Finally, you must remember to watch the egg, this egg explains many strange places in the film, it can help you better understand the film and its sequel, including the digital life plan, MOSS's behavior motivation, the cause of the Jupiter crisis. Looking forward to more and better film works in 2023.


[10/10]The best Sci-fi Movie of the Century
mingo_review 5 February 2023
Review Detail:
Positive Message: 9/10 Yes, we humanity need to work together to solve problems.
Positive role model: 8/10 Work as team, take the responsibility, honor the relationship you have with family and acquaintance.
Diversity: 10/10 You have so many countries represented, except Americans who are not happy cause they're not in leading role, or with a team of scientists (dominated with white Americans)
CGI quality: 9/10 Top of the market.
Sci-fi details: 9/10 Most parts have legitimate scientific institutions as advisors
Storyline: 8/10 Complicated three line of plot suitable for every one.
Music: 9/10 One of the best music composers from China
American Theater system: 1/10 Poor location, poor equipment, and racism against foreign films.


[10/10]a nice movie in 2023
x-56478 5 February 2023
Compared with Wandering Earth, Wandering Earth 2 has a better sense of picture and plot compactness. At the beginning of the film, "the space elevator was attacked", which can be called a visual feast. "Space elevator" is a space transportation mode conceived by Arthur Clark, a famous popular science novelist, in the Spring of Paradise in 1978. It imitates the elevator and sends the spacecraft into space, with low cost and high safety. It is expected that human beings will complete the first "space elevator" line in 2050. But what exactly and how the "space elevator" works, ordinary viewers have no intuitive feeling. "Wandering Earth 2" shows its grandeur, especially when it is destroyed in the attack of the enemy. Even if you read countless films, you will also be shocked, which can be called the peak level.

与《流浪地球》相比,《流浪地球2》具有更好的画面感和情节紧凑性。影片开头的“太空电梯被攻击”,堪称一场视觉盛宴。“太空电梯”是著名科普小说家阿瑟 · 克拉克在1978年的《天堂之春》中构想的一种太空运输方式。它模仿电梯,将航天器送入太空,成本低,安全性高。预计人类将在2050年完成第一条“太空电梯”线路。但“太空电梯”到底是什么以及如何工作的,普通观众并没有直观的感觉。《流浪地球2》展示了它的宏伟,特别是当它在敌人的进攻中被摧毁的时候。即使你看了无数次电影,你也会被震撼到,可以称之为巅峰水平。

[7/10]Expected the plot to be tighter
bohemianrh 5 February 2023
Good things about the movie: special effects were really cool, I love Andy Lau's performance, I believe it's a type of role he has rarely attempted. Spectacular movie.
Now moving on to the bad: parts of the plot were not closed and left one scratching their head - what was the point of that? Is this thing evil or not? For a movie of such high production quality, I really expected the plot to be tighter. The movie could be shorter. The UN parts were long and didn't add much to the movie for the most part except for one speech.
Overall, similar issues as the first movie. Even disregarding the nationalistic tone, plot logic has been sacrificed for grandiose scenes and lines.


[10/10]some si-fi explaination for this movie
zk-23706 5 February 2023
There are two ultimate "doubts" that have not been found convincing answers. 1). Why do humans continue to receive warnings of future disasters? Who is helping mankind? 2). Why MOSS can affect the macro physical world (such as the broken 550C safety latch, such as the safety latch of thousands of UAVs that were removed at the same time).
I concluded that the Wandering Earth II (prequel) is a "meta universe" simulated by quantum computation in the virtual space of MOSS. Yes, it is a "Matrix". The difference is that the human body of the Matrix is not dead, but is connected to the matrix MATRIX through a cable. In Wandering Earth II, human digital life already exists in the quantum computing space of MOSS, and its physical body may have died or hibernated (not relevant to its digital life).

我的结论是,流浪地球2(前传)是一个在MOSS虚拟空间中通过量子计算模拟的“元宇宙”。是的,类似《黑客帝国》。不同之处在于,《黑客帝国》的人体并没有死亡,而是通过电缆与矩阵相连。在《流浪地球2》中,人类的数字生命已经存在于 MOSS 的量子计算空间中,其物理身体可能已经死亡或冬眠(与其数字生命无关)。

[10/10]Science fiction is often accompanied by unrestrained imagination
siehharry 5 February 2023
Science fiction, also known as science fiction, originally existed in literary fiction, reflecting the growing ambivalence of the time brought about by the impact of science and technology on society and individuals.
For me, a good science fiction work should have at least one novel and powerful science fiction setting, and the underlying logic of this work is to compare with the most real and naked realism of human problems.
The Wandering Earth series, single-handedly, elevated Chinese sci-fi films to a world-class level. This is not a stereotypical personal heroic adventure story, but a grand human epic!


[10/10]Don't miss it in IMAX or 4D theater!
archtak 5 February 2023
One of the best Sci-fi movie of all time!
This movie is really action-packed fast action from the start. In the middle there was some dense plot development and a lot of information to be learned, and the BMG really helped out.
It is definitely better than Interstellar in terms of pace and excitement with lots of characters that you don't see in a single story line Hollywood movie.
This movie is not a typical Shakespearean drama with one story but multiple story line and multiple timeline and multiple conflicts. It is very overwhelming almost, and at the end of the movie, left me thinking, "Wow! How crazy was that?!" I am still feeling breathtaking days after the movie. A lot of people have gone back to see it for the 2nd time just to fully capture the whole story, I know that I definitely missed details because it was fast-faced and full of realistic space actions!

【10星】不要错过 IMAX 或4D 影院!

[10/10]It is a great sci fiction to reflect the importance on the cooperation
zhangyansongm 5 February 2023
This movie, is more mature than the first episode of wondering earth. Giving the bigger picture on a higher level of cooperation when the human race facing the catastrophe, leads to a huge story in a more clear and complex way. With the story continues, it seems to tell, it is not the heros to make the history, but it is the mankind to make the history by the joint effort.


[10/10]An excellent and imaginative idea
hang-95962 4 February 2023
It's an excellent sci-fi movie!
First of all, and most importantly, the idea, taking the Earth and finding somewhere else for surviving, is quite imaginative. Most of sci-fi movies (tbh, I think, all) about space talked about flying into universe with spaceships to explore the galaxy. This is a completely new idea presenting a way to fly to somewhere with our planet together.
And it also gave a quite different experience to feel the story. The movie set three story-lines and there is no connection between people in different story-lines. That's really rare. There are two lines or three lines in many stories but characters always knew each other or they were just separated for different tasks. At the same time, three independent story-lines made the movie too saturated, although it has three hours.
In a word, that is really worth to try if you like sci-fi.


[10/10]Enjoy the best Sci-fi film of this decade.
pop_xin 4 February 2023
Hey, don't care about who created it. Just as a Sci-fi movie fan, enjoy it, the film recalled me the Star War 1-3, people unite and against the fate.
If you have the oppotunity to enjoy it in IMAX cinema, you'll love it. The bomb on the moon, the space elevator, the fallen space station, the music, everything is so cool. I really want to go back and watch the film again just after I finished it.
There's almost no verbose elements in this 170 minutes film, the only moment which you can go to the toliet is the 2 mins Liu peel an apple to her wife, take the chance.
Our future is the galaxy, don't focus on the arguments between the countries, we, human, should spot outside our planet.
Try it, you'll like it.

如果你有机会在 IMAX 电影院欣赏,你会爱上它的。月球上的核弹,太空电梯,坠落的空间站,音乐,一切都非常帅。刚看完这部电影,我真的很想再看一遍。

[10/10]Great level of details and would love to watch again in cinema
olivery-60639 4 February 2023
Comparing to the first episode, the level of details goes exponentially higher and you'd feel your brain running at high capacity to cope with those information across the entire movie. Sometimes I'd wish if it could slow down and elaborate some more.
The most thought-provoking parts are about digital life and the meaning/definition of existence, and what AI thinks of the 'optimal' solution for mankind. The 550 series quantum computers are very real and I firmly believe future QC can be self-control, self-adaptive and self-learning, or can even write its own OS. What would happen next? This reminds me the movie 'Her',


[8/10]Future is expected
hzrwmsxz 4 February 2023
The color egg saved the whole movie.
Why the drones were out of control suddenly and the whole control system was lost?
How Tu and his digital daughter survived after the accident and why they two?
Why the inventor of primary edition of MOSS rejected uploading human mind to the MOSS to create.immortal digital human?
A. I. Would evolve, faster and smarter than the most talented human being.
Creating the drones havoc to push the whole people to the Wandering Earth plan, as there was no more time for arguments.
Dr Tu was a new father and a MOSS related researcher, while his daughter would passed away but could survive as digital, any more choice would he choose?
Moss keeps continuously evolve, which way, survival and destruction, would it lead to?
To be or not to be, that's a question.


[10/10]Wow wow honestly I did not expect this
robertgittings 3 February 2023
Wow wow honestly I did not expect this, Hollywood has met their competition.
Wandering Earth 2 is a thrill ride of epic proportions! From the moment the film begins, you are transported to a world of adventure and excitement. The special effects are top-notch, the storyline is captivating, and the characters are endearing. You will find yourself on the edge of your seat, cheering on the heroes as they face incredible challenges and face the unknown. This film is a must-see for any sci-fi fan, and it is sure to leave you feeling inspired and uplifted. Don't miss out on this incredible cinematic experience, Wandering Earth 2 is a true masterpiece!


[10/10]Epic scale, better than interstellar
apangochn 2 February 2023
Both the epic scale and the story line are very Chinese! The movie Interstellar is also about earth being no longer inhabitable, so why not find another habitable planet, and let's organize a team of explorers, and go colonize some place else. The Wandering Earth, with its Chinese cultural background, says, well the sun is dying, so let's pack up earth and move it to another star system. We'll build 10,000 "earth engines", and make a 2500-year plan to move the whole planet. We'll all work together to make it happen. And when things go wrong, let's send out a message, and half a million people, in various teams, jumped up to try to fix the problem. The visuals are just stunning.