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Katniss [rating: 5]
Perfect CG, amazing story! Love the space elevator so much! The discussion on digital life and human future is really meaningful. I feel like 3 hours is not that long, look forward to the third season!


Yansen W [rating: 5]
Great prequel, with nearly perfect CGI and soundtrack.


[rating: 5]
A global field of view which traditional Hollywood movies usually don't possess, unique storytelling method like a chronicle, thought-provoking.


ohayoo o [rating: 5]
Must Watch! Go to your nearest IMAX

【5星】一定要去看!去最近的 IMAX影院

Joe L [rating: 5]
So excited having watched this movie, looking forward the sequel.


sjnsjn s [rating: 5]
While I expected The Wandering Earth 2 to surpass the WE1, I did not expect it to exceed my expectations by a large margin. Special effects, details, score and editing are all top notch. Most importantly, the scri1pt, scenes, information and settings completely crush most space sci-fi blockbusters. For me as a sci-fi movie fan, the comprehensive quality of WE2 can temporarily rank No.1 !


Andrew L [rating: 5]
Best sci-fi ever. Not only good visual effects, most important: a serious story looking at the servival of a civilization ffrom above this planet.


Winston Y [rating: 3.5]
Indeed, the visual effects of this film are very impressive. The overall plot also completes the first film. It allows the audience to understand the background and circumstances of the Wandering Earth project. But the lack of it is that the first half is a bit muddled for the elaboration of the space elevator and digital life, which may be clarified in the next few parts, and I hope so.


song b [rating: 5]
A great movie,it shows the high standard of industrialization of China


Sheldon T [rating: 4.5]
The scene alone is amazing, to me is more enjoyable than the Avatar 2, as that one I have aesthetic fatigue after 30mins of amazing but similar water scene. The Sci-fi parts are hardcore and look stunning. The story is decent, it may need some science knowledge (high school level) to help you understand all the things they talking about, but without the knowledge you still get the idea what those scientific terminology lead to, like the tear apart of moon. A little over on parts like the dates shown up, and a little too much lens scene as a hint, but overall I like it very much, most fascinating hardcore sci-fi movie post Pandemic in my view.


Tori C [rating: 5]
A sci-fi movie worth watching, I will watch it a second time.


xinhang l [rating: 5]
(It tells a good story about love death and robots


ZJ D [rating: 5]
the best SCI-fi movie!must see


Kin-yee W [rating: 5]
It's the best sci-fi movie in currently world, so there.
And four year ago, I was watch movie "The Wandering Earth" with my family in the Spring Festival. In the end of that year, COVID-2019 is coming, so since 2019 to 2022 we never go to theatre, many people was died because of it.
In this Chinese Lunar New Year, when my families and I watch movie together again. When I saw Tu Hengyu, a role of "The Wandering Earth Ⅱ", in order to see his daughter by digital life. We knew it belong to break the law but we understand him. I believe everyone as me that when our families and friends was dead and gone.
No one has been able to create truly digital life now, it's a poor fact, if someone died just is never goodbye to the world.


Aiken H [rating: 5]
This is the epic of all humanity, including you and me.


Stanley H [rating: 5]
Honestly one of the best sci-fi movies in the market. It is a visually spectacular with exciting plot. Do not miss the bonus scene which elevates this movie to the next level.


libreshine [rating: 5]
I love the way collectively human kind conquer the crisis instead of fighting internally


Dnight L [rating: 5]
Better than The Wandering Earth 1


Dr Y [rating: 5]
Fucking Awesome! The other reviews were right. This is the BEST Sci-Fi Action blockbuster in Decades! Far and away beyond Avatar's league!


Eagleheart F [rating: 5]
Great story. Fantastic Visual effects. One of the best Sci-fi Movie. Similar level as Interstellar


Jiuyun [rating: 5]
So touched and so moved. People sacrifice to save human civilization. We need the hero.


Lucas T [rating: 4.5]
This film must be awesome, although there is some plots which are not completely logical. The huge world view and those incredible core of this film are the unique selling point. The bgm in the film is as good as the Interstellar. In sum, it is the greatest sci-fi film from China.


Henry R [rating: 5]
What a wonderful movie! 10x better than the moon fall


Congzhou Y [rating: 0.5]
Bad movie..... stupid plots and embarrassing acting

【0.5星】烂片... 愚蠢的剧情和尴尬的表演

Q Z [rating: 5]
Absolute Must See! One of the best sci-fi movies


jakiee y [rating: 5]
An amazing film! I wish China dirctors can direct more and more good films.


Jason C [rating: 5]
It's fantastic. I have to say that it's one of the best sci-fi movies I've ever seen!


Princeton J [rating: 5]
One of the best sci-go movies of the year!


zz j [rating: 5]
I'm lucky to get chance to watch the iMAX version (only available for ~3 days) in CA. It's such a shame there's no Dolby version available around.

【5星】我很幸运能有机会在加拿大观看 iMAX 版本(只有3天左右)。很遗憾这里没有杜比版。

pew p [rating: 5]
one of the most wonderful fiction movies I have ever watched


[rating: 4.5]
It is the best sci-film of china I've ever seen before.


bawula [rating: 5]
A must seen sci-fi movie.You would not want to miss this epic if you love sci-fi movies.TOP 5 in my list.


Luffy M [rating: 5]
A rare hardcore sci-fi movie with a huge layout and rich details, first-class action and special effects, and full-bodied character creation


Jane L [rating: 5]
In Hollywood movies, you can only see Americans saving the mankind. In Chinese Wandering Earth, mankind saved themselves. Different cultures, different values.


ZY Y [rating: 5]
Amazing!A Chronicle-like future apocalyptic spectacle combined with the expectation of human solidarity!


Nonasymptotic Statistics S [rating: 5]
Imagination and thoughts of the future of human, the fate, the giant projects, and various potential crises are the most fascinating part of the movie.


Lei K [rating: 5]
Best Chinese Sci-fi movie ever!


D W [rating: 5]


Jeffrey Y [rating: 5]
The Anthem of mankind is the Anthem of courage!


WTH [rating: 5]
An incredible film from start to finish!!!


[rating: 5]
Everything is perfect


Yutong L [rating: 5]
best Chinese sci-fic movie ever


Venchi [rating: 5]
A hardcore film differs from the former Sci-Fis'. After all it's really hard to imagine a Wandering earth. Chinese culture includes a special concept differs from the western world - home. Worthy.


Y. M [rating: 5]
A different take on the sci-if genre than your average Hollywood movie. It asks why the human civilization deserves to survive and prevail, it puts together a good answer too.


[rating: 5]
Best sci-go movies of the year!


[rating: 5]
it's really really good!!!!!!


LensherrGabrielSuPzpoooiT D [rating: 5]
C'est un film sci-fi magnifique


gggon a [rating: 5]
Science fiction that exists in Chinese values. fascinating!


Lester C [rating: 5]
At the very beginning, I don't have any expectation, but after finish the movie. I don't know how to express my emotional impact from the pass 3 hours. Recall this kind of impression when I watched the Avatar 1 long time ago, but after watched the wandering earth 2. I can tell the story is way deeper than Avatar 1 and It is a great story telling that I never had experience before and two main story-lines combine to one common goal to save the world link up very well. If you expect a super hero will show up as the normal movie do, you may be disappointed. If you want some great new experience. It is worth to watch and it is a superb movie in my top 10 list. And you will not regret to watch wandering earth 2 and since wandering earth 2 is the prequel of wandering earth 1. So I watched the 2 first and watch 1 .. great extension experience!!

如果你期待超级英雄会像普通电影那样出现,你可能会失望。如果你想要一些很棒的新体验。值得一看,在我的十佳电影榜单中,它也是一部极其精彩的电影。你不会后悔看了《流浪地球2》 ,因为《流浪地球2》是《流浪地球1》的前传。所以我是先看2再看1... 很棒的体验延伸!!

Elsa [rating: 5]
Amazing! Worth seeing!


Edgar A [rating: 5]
I just enjoyed this movie so much. Definitely a must see movie!


Miley [rating: 5]
For people who love sci-fi, disaster-action, just go to watch it, worth every penny really


yin y [rating: 5]
Top level CGI, lots of great SCI-FI concepts, AI, digital life, orbit elevator, quantum computing, great story line, deep philosophy of human nature

【5星】顶级 CGI,许多优秀的科幻概念,人工智能,数字生命,太空电梯,量子计算,精彩的故事线,深刻的人性哲学

Stan [rating: 5]
Best movie this year in my opinion.


Xuan L [rating: 1]
Very dragging. Story was poorly told in a really confusing way.


Jinkuan Z [rating: 4.5]
Way better than the previous one, needless to say, for people who love sci-fi, disaster-action, The Wandering Earth 2 is a must-see movie, it is worth every penny!


Longlong L [rating: 5]
It's really Wonderful.
Have watch it twice,but still can't handle to cry.


la a [rating: 5]
Best sci-fi movie at all time! Definitely recommend everyone who enjoys this genre!

【5星】有史以来最好的科幻电影! 绝对推荐给所有喜欢这一类型的人!

Robot Z [rating: 5]
Masterpiece,!Science fiction fans must see!

【5星】杰作! 科幻迷们一定要看看!

casey L [rating: 5]
The best Chinese movies of the year! Exciting! I love the spaces elevator!

【5星】年度最佳中国电影! 激动人心! 我爱太空电梯!

Jason L [rating: 5]
It's a new benchmark of the hard-core sci-fi movie.
For me, the most touching part was how humanity unites to pass on hope when faced with disaster.
It's not about a leader, a hero, or a country, but about unity, courage, and sacrifice.


Vince C [rating: 5]
a sci-fi movie with clever plot, grandiose narration, excellent visual design, excellent acting. It is a real sense of Sci-fi movie.


Yama S [rating: 5]
The Rise of China's Film Industry


Tonglu [rating: 5]
First in its kind in Chinese film history, and is comparable to Hollywood space films in terms of visual effect and CGI.

【5星】它是中国电影史上同类电影中最优秀的,在视效和 CGI 方面堪比好莱坞太空电影。

go h [rating: 5]
This is a rare breakthrough in Chinese sci-fi films. Individual heroes are suitable for families. Collectivism allows us to see the reality closer. Shooting from a Chinese perspective allows me to see a different style of film.


Geovani H [rating: 5]
Brilliant, I cannot stop thinking about the movie after watching it. It has stunning CGI and profound feelings. I love it! Would recommend to everyone!


North L [rating: 5]
Very good movie, the plot rhythm is very tight, and the special effects are also very good. The theme is good, without too much individual heroism, the emphasis is on teamwork and unity. Hope to see part three soon.


napster w [rating: 4.5]
A fantastical movie. That is a new stage of Chinese movie industry.


Henry L [rating: 5]
really better than the first episod


Jane L [rating: 5]
Amazing imagination! I can’t wait to see the third!


[rating: 5]
Fantastic! Beyond expectations. Best space sci-fi movies since Interstellar.


[rating: 5]
This movie wants to unite people all over the world during a tough time like today. I sincerely recommend everyone to watch this mature science-fiction movie which was made in an oriental nation and culture environment.


Kai W [rating: 5]
Quite wonderful sci movie


Ju J [rating: 3]
I need give a three because of the failed rhythm control. But I'd love to see a uniting-save-world story, truly. XD


[rating: 5]
definitely great movie!


J T [rating: 5]
I was initially shocked at ~3hrs duration, but to my surprise time past quickly. The CGI was very impressive, yet there were human emotional moments. It was good enough that I had watched it twice. Sadly, no IMAX in Malaysia for this movie. Anyways, there were some humorous moments, obvious ones and hidden ones. Definitely worth to watch. Nonetheless, this movie is not suitable for non-sci-fi fans. For those who like linear storylines, this movie might appear convoluted and messy, though it's not. In fact, after watching this prequel, watching the first Wandering Earth after would help you appreciate the 2019 movie more. Hope there's Wandering Earth III. ^_^

【5星】我最初被三小时的时长震到了,但让我惊奇的是,时间很快就过去了。CGI 很吸引人,但也有人类情感的时刻。这部电影很好看,我已经二刷了。不过这部电影在马来西亚没有IMAX,很遗憾。总之,有一些幽默的时刻,有明显的,也有隐藏的。绝对值得一看。然而,这部电影并不适合非科幻迷。对于那些喜欢线性故事情节的人来说,这部电影可能看起来晦涩难懂,尽管并非如此。事实上,在看完这部前传之后,再看第一部的《流浪地球》会让你更加欣赏那部2019年的电影。希望有《流浪地球3》^ _ ^

[rating: 5]
Grand plan, all mankind of one mind, romantic science fiction. Milestone level work that you must like.


Mao W [rating: 5]
It's the best Chinese Sci-fi movie I have ever seen !


Travel i [rating: 5]
Amazing plot and special effect!


Aaron [rating: 5]
Fabulous beyond words!


Devin S [rating: 5]
It encourages humankind to face future problems together, which is profound and insufficient currently.


Melinda H [rating: 5]
Great story! One of the best sci-fi movies for the past few years.


Daksh B [rating: 5]
Top 3 Sci-Fi movie in my ranking


Astra F [rating: 5]
Incredible movie. If it's not in Chinese I would even think it's a Hollywood's big project like Interstellar. However, with the developing of the story, I'm 100% sure it's not something you'll see in today's Hollywood movies, or any western movie in general. It's not about a super hero saving the world, but many normal people acting heroically, making sacrifices for the future generations, for human beings 2500 years later. I think it's a very oriental way of thinking, the collectivism vs the individualism. I don't want to, and I believe I'm not qualified to judge which one is right, or better, but it's important to keep an open mind and embrace the difference. This is also why I wrote my first review here - after reading the review that was arrogant, western centric, and full of bias in the NYT. I'm glad my Chinese friend recommended this movie to me.

我认为这是一种非常东方化的思维方式,集体主义 vs 个人主义。我不想这样比较,我相信我没有资格去判断哪一种是对的,或者更好,但重要的是要保持开放的心态,拥抱差异。这也是为什么我在这里写下了我的第一篇影评——在读了那篇傲慢的、西方中心主义的、充满偏见的纽约时报评论之后。我很高兴我的中国朋友向我推荐了这部电影。

Jeff D [rating: 4.5]
Really hardcore Sci-Fi movie from non-western view of the human society ~ there are some part a little bit broken the mode, but the over-all quality is really amazing!
Watch how we rebuilt the earth to become a Spaceship and start a new journey to find a new safe home!

【4.5星】真正的硬核科幻电影,从非西方人的角度看待人类社会~ 有一些部分有点打破常规,但整体质量真的让人拍案叫绝!

suyu b [rating: 4]
the backgound set in this mode attracks me a lot


Sijia H [rating: 5]
The best sci-fi movie I've ever watched!


Sean C [rating: 5]
A new benchmark of Asian Sci-fi movie. Magnificent scenes, a exquisite story, and quite different value delivered compared with traditional Hollywood Sci-fi works. Worth watching in the theatre.


Sendel T [rating: 5]
A landmark Asian science fiction movie, almost representing the highest level of Asian special effects technology, and the plot is compact and exciting, the scenes are also magnificent, in my opinion,it's one of the best science fiction movie in recent year.


Eeja [rating: 5]
Among the many Hollywood special effects blockbusters I have seen in the past, the special effects are always very delicate, making the whole film world looks like the real world. For example, "Transformers", which represents the highest level of visual effects, whether it is the protagonist Optimus Prime or the miscellaneous soldiers crushed in the background, their modelling levels are the same, giving viewers a convincing and overall smooth viewing experience. "Wandering Earth 2" undoubtedly also reachs this level. This means that the special effects industry level of Chinese science fiction films has reached on the new high level.
As a sci-fi film made by Chinese director, the storyline naturally has some Chinese main theme elements, but the film also casts the perspective of all mankind. The film shows humanistic scenes from all over the world, and the language used is not limited to Chinese but uthentic local languages.


[rating: 5]
pleasantly surprised


[rating: 5]
Let's unite!.Build the future of mankind together!


W A [rating: 5]
A movie that shows the true nature of mankind!


Yiming S [rating: 5]
Amazing movie never seen before.
Worth watching, a brand-new values ​​are never presented by Hollywood, and the effects and plot are no less than the past sci-fi movies.


Anthony Z [rating: 5]
In this age of the internet and fast information, how long has it been since you've seen a film like this? Exploring technology while respecting the poetry and creativity of humanity itself, refusing to be bored, to sink, to be artificially intelligent.
It doesn't give up to continue to go against the tide: to preserve the free human mind, not to deliver it to some "artificial intelligence" that can tug at people. Don't be paralysed, don't be blind, don't give up the struggle, keep pushing the limits of destiny and limits. Such a theme, in these times, has an extraordinary positive meaning.


Sharon H [rating: 5]
SOOOOOOOOO imaginative!


JJ l [rating: 5]
It is definitely a master piece!
Amazing CG, story line and the performance!
I would recommend SCI-FI movie lovers to give it a try. You won't be disappointed!


Qinlin Y [rating: 5]
Worth to see! But really need a few knowledge of sci-fi. Not just a popcorn movie!


IFN D [rating: 4.5]
Great disaster movie. The only thing I don't like is the confusing background. It should get a VO to explain why they are doing these things.


Tim G [rating: 4.5]
400 pages worth of information condensed into a 3 hours narrative. Packed with stunning visual/audio effects and dimensions of details, TWE 2 is definitely a must-watch for sci-fi enthusiasts who are seeking a break from traditional heroism in Hollywood films.


Queenie [rating: 5]
I watched it yesterday! I will watch it AGAIN!


M [rating: 5]
One thing I absolutely love about #TheWanderingEarth2 is how it paid respect to the Russia /Soviet space scientists. When Hollywood either downplays or demonizes Soviet space projects, China actually remembers the Russians are the most brave in space! Русские в космосе не победимы!


Lennon P [rating: 5]
The plot is definitely mesmerizing. It feels so alive. Although it is questionable for some decision-making and setting, but it's a great breakthrough and inspiration. I won't say it's perfect, but it's definitely one of the must-watch sci-fi. It's not a simple heroism or patriotism movie (like what we have in the past years in the sci-fi movie). I love it, just love it. Hope we can see more of it.


Rui [rating: 5]
Even though I prefer the 1st one more, but the second volume is still a very good movie


[rating: 5]
A very shocking sci-fi movie, and also a milestone of Chinese movies, it can compete with Hollywood blockbusters, Chinese movies come on!


[rating: 5]
Truly an awesome film. Even better than the first one.


Fei Y [rating: 5]
Excellent story, full of imagination.


GY L [rating: 4]
Top notch CGI
Director Gwo try a documentary ways to tell a story. Realistic.
No emphasis on personal heroism(Lead role only playing a small part in saving the word)


Shiyu Z [rating: 5]
Movies of the year, a milestone of Chinese filmmaking.


le l [rating: 5]
it is the best sci-fi movie in recent years!
and the story is so wonderful!
there's even a hidden line : when the Chinese leader shouts "ignition" in the film, he is not blindly confident in his own rescue team but he senses moss's presence and its blocking of the Internet, and threatens to tear the earth apart to stop it. (just like Luo Ji in the [three body problem])
There are many details in the film that imply that the Internet is restored long after the Chinese rescue team has completed the task (including the life time of the little girl, the communication of digital people is very fast). I think this is a very good design, which induces the audience to think that this is a common story, but in fact there is a very amazing game


kelvin l [rating: 5]
The BEST science fiction film in recent years


Claire J [rating: 5]
Stellar visuals & moving plot

【5星】杰出的视效 & 动人的情节

Renee Z [rating: 5]
Finally, it was not Americans rescued the earth.


Francis L [rating: 5]
Unbelievable! such a massive improvement in the Chinese movie industry.


Bethesda [rating: 5]
I cried when the senior guy said pilots over 50 stand out. Absolutely its an amazing story and I think our human should stick together. Good job! And I am looking forward to seeing the next!


Kelly J [rating: 5]
It's a Si-fi movie, but everything happened in the movie just make me think of everything happening around us today. During the time of crisis, like global warming, pandemic, humans should all unite together, helping and supporting each other.


Jeremy [rating: 5]
Walked in with 0 expectation, didn't see the original short novel. Walked out very satisfied!


Alex M [rating: 5]
Greatest movie in Chinese history.


Google is s [rating: 5]
Definitely worth the watch. If you're having trouble choosing a movie to watch for lunar/chinese new year, this is it.


shen h [rating: 5]
Hollywood will never make this kind of movie,What impressed me most is not the picture of the film, but its spiritual core! MUST see!


Rosemary Z [rating: 5]
I wish it could be shown in imax theatres in my city. Everything is great, and 3 hours just flew by.

【5星】我希望它能在我们城市的 IMAX 影院上映。所有方面都很好,三个小时就这么过去了。

Ri T [rating: 5]


[rating: 5]
Absolutely masteroieces.Mast to see movie at 2023!!!


Tianran Y [rating: 3.5]
This is a high-quality hardcore sci-fi, which are rare to see these days. However, character development is subpar.


Aqua H [rating: 5]
Humanity will never faded


Parallel L [rating: 5]
After watching the movie, I really felt the true meaning of the community of human destiny. When I was crying and watching detonate the nuclear bomb, I could not hold back my tears when I said "I'm in" in various languages. The Wandering Earth series can be said to be the ceiling of Chinese science fiction movies


EN Z [rating: 4]
i like it.Definitely worth watching. Far more than other science fiction films of recent years. Liu Cixin's novels always give people a cold feeling. Similar to the human race is facing a crisis, always make the right or wrong choice, each person's choice converged into the development of history. This movie has got its essence.


Bee L [rating: 5]
Complex storylines with impactful special effects, very enjoyable. I love how people from all over the world coming together making sacrifice to save the world, definitely much better than most sci-fi focusing on individual heroism.


X L [rating: 5]
Saving the world should be join effort of huan beings,but personal heroism


[rating: 4.5]
Definitely a milestone for Chinese sci-fi flims


Jay x [rating: 5]
Fantastic movie and huge investment. The movie tells about human biggest relocation for next 2500 years with 100 generations. It shows the importance of cooperation rather than hero worship. Hope there will be more cinemas to import this movie as our family drive more than half an hour to watch.


Bradley Y [rating: 5]
Movies on the same level as Interstellar.


IY [rating: 5]
I just want to say :
The vision, horizon, pattern, and setup in the Wandering Earth 2 have never been showed in Hollywood history!


Felix L [rating: 5]
It's truly the best sci-fi movie I've seen in 5 years. Maybe it leaves a lot to be desired, but it was, this is definitely the movie with the best special effects in Asia. The pace of content is very tight, but maybe a bit too tight. I think maybe it would be better to split the content into two movies? Generally speaking, the logic of the plot is good, and finally it is no longer the same individual heroism. Perhaps this kind of unity of the world can only be seen in movies. So I'm giving it a 5, and it's truly the best sci-fi movie I've seen in 5 years. It was worth my £18 movie ticket.


CrabNoodle [rating: 4]
It is a brand new type of sci-fi combined with a disaster movie. The film itself is excellent in the graphical display of what heavy industry work/machines look like. However, the risk management in the last part of the film is somewhat missing because, in the normal world, you would see plans with a backup plan and backup plan's backup plan.
+5 for the story of Liu's universe, -1 for the unlogical risk management.

刘慈欣的宇宙观 +5,不合逻辑的风险管理 -1。

Google [rating: 5]
definitely deserve a 5 star.


Julie B [rating: 5]
I watch it three times!!!!Gonna give it the fourth time this weekend! Everyone should watch it! The mankind save themselves!!


Kool C [rating: 5]
Easily one of the best hardcore Sci-fi movies in the past few years. Great visual effects, good soundtracks, ambitious and interesting storylines, the acting is top-notch too, I teared up a few times during the movie. Andy Lau gave a hell of performance there. Highly recommended!


Kat K [rating: 5]
It is a great Si-fi movie, in every way. I also like the value that it delivers—— let human beings unite together for survival.


Stamic [rating: 5]
A very well filmed sci-fi movie talking about a worldwide story in a new style.


T T [rating: 4]
This may sound like a critique, but this prequel is more like a standard popcorn movie than the first volume and it is now worth a view imo for people from all cultural background. There are some issues with the movie, like the intensity of the plot is a bit off, and some of the characters' arc are too intentional. But, it's a good popcorn movie like most sci-fi.
I found it personally offensive when some of these critics here disses the movie because it shows "government-approved" plot or "ccp ideology". How many of them have actually been to China? Not to mention how many of them experienced and learned enough about the Chinese culture to be able to distinguish it from any CCP ideals? How ignorant!


Bruce L [rating: 5]
To be honest, the mechanical special effects of Wandering Earth 2 have reached Hollywood standards, but the human special effects are still far from it. The special effects are stronger than the scri1pt, but no matter how bad the scri1pt is, it is better than Avatar 2.


Eileen G [rating: 5]
It has my mother tongue. Also the storyline is great.


Jessie J [rating: 5]
It's hard to believe it's made by China. It's a really good sci-fi movie I have seen recently. Cooperation is better than hero himself. Hope all people of the world could go-work hand by hand to make our earth better in the future.


Allen [rating: 5]
Watched this movie last night. Amazing visual and story!


Ethan [rating: 5]
Better than Avatar lol


Kona [rating: 5]
one of the best sci fi movies in my mind. im glad it happened in my life.


FPa n [rating: 5]
As you can see,It is doubtless that the wandering earth 2 is an astonishing movie. what is a hero?since all of us want to be a hero.the first thing we should know is its definition.the wandering earth 2 told us the answer.in the movie,everyone is their own hero.


Antonio W [rating: 5]
This is the best science fiction film I have seen in the past two years:)

【5星】这是我过去两年看过的最好的科幻电影 :)

[rating: 5]
A masterpiece. Makes you really think about what humans are doing and should be doing.


Aspirin J [rating: 5]
It's a landmark of Chinese sci-fi movie.
This is definitly one of the best sci-fi film I've ever seen! Only Interstellar and Matrix could match it. Intead of individualism, TWE-II tries to convey a more universal moral value of mankind, which is collectivism and unity of human in face of crisis. If Interstellar is a sweet fairytale that tells us love could transcend time and dimension, then TWE-II would be a precise blueprint picturing what future will be. From space elavator to space station, everthing in the movie seems so real and touchable. It's a sincere gift for all sci-fi fans!