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文章原始标题:The Wandering Earth 2


A New Benchmark for Hardcore Sci-fi Film
johnnyengram24 January 2023
The Wandering Earth II tells a disaster story from an oriental point of view instead of the western one (which is getting more and more cliche), where humans work as a team to face the overwhelming crisis. There's no hero who can save the Earth single-handedly; still, every effort matters.
In many ways, TWE II is a true sight for the sore eyes in nowadays movie industry, even by the criteria of Hollywood. Outstanding visuals & acoustics, compelling narrative, numerous convincing concepts and details, and furthermore, a much more "universal" human value. It raises the ceiling for movies of the same genre to a whole new level.
If you let go of all the stereotypical thinking and preconceived bias against Chinese movies, then TWE II is definitely worth seeing (better in IMAX).


A Chinese Sic-fic Movie Totally Different from Marvel
dwq-8011422 January 2023
It's a disaster sci-fi film with a novel epic narrative. Unlike Marvel's individual heroism, The Wandering Earth 2 is more about the values of a community of shared future that unites all mankind. The special effects, needless to say, were a huge improvement over the first film, and the plot filled in the first film's shortcomings. At the same time, as a sequel, it did not regress like most movies, but made obvious progress, the overall score is 8 points, encouraging score is 2 points, looking forward to the third part to bring us a better story.
By the way, it's a prequel! Not a sequel. However,it doesn't matter for me.


Some feelings
adachen-9886222 January 2023
Words that keep flashing through my mind. Utilitarianism, the good of most people; individual hero: indifferent Creator, eternal history; the value of liberal arts students once again useless hahaha (archaeological pictures count?) The movie's been showing a problem: if you are a train conductor, two tracks, one above two people, one above ten people, where do you want to press. This is also the teacher repeatedly in that phrase "fair". From Liu Peiqiang shut his teammates out of the door to fight with the people who destroyed the space elevator, to Han Doduo to give his son's father a place in the dungeon, to his escape to give up his position to others, to over 50 years old to detonate the nuclear bomb. I can't help but wonder if someone is evil if he goes against the good of most people.
The red light that keeps flashing on 550W, that is the relentless monitor, like our Creator. It doesn't matter what humans think at this moment, our joys and sorrows, nor our hopes for the future. We are merely a part of history.
The final quote from Moss, "The optimal solution to save mankind is to destroy mankind," is a terrible thing to think about.
If destruction is the optimal solution for history, human beings will definitely try their best to avoid destruction, even if the end is the same.
This reminds me of another short story written by Liu, Cretaceous Past, the story of the destruction of dinosaurs.

我脑海中不断闪过的词句。功利主义,大多数人的利益;个人英雄:冷漠的造物主,永恒的历史;文科生的价值再次无用武之地 哈哈哈(考古图片算吗),电影里一直在展示一个问题:如果你是列车长,两条铁轨,一条上面两个人,一条上面十个人,你会怎么选择。这也是老师反复在说的那句“公平”。从刘培强把队友关在门外与破坏太空电梯的人搏斗,到韩朵朵在地下城里给儿子的父亲留位置,到他逃跑时把位置让给别人,到50多岁的战士引爆核弹。我不禁要问,如果一个人违背了大多数人的利益,他是否就是邪恶的?

Incipient epic momentum -- A sense of the Wandering Earth II
xuweibb22 January 2023
The whole film is based on grand narrative tone, currently the best Chinese science fiction film. For a long time to come, it will also be the ceiling of Chinese science fiction movies.
The whole film is balanced, with the large-scale modern terrorist attacks, the differences between countries due to contradictions, and the choices and observations of small people. Humans are complex, but proud to be a species. In the context of the Russia-Ukraine war and the end of the epidemic, it will give you courage and confidence to live in the future to see how we overcome the common difficulties of mankind.
In fact, the most science-fiction line in the whole film is a branch line, which is the relationship between Ma Zhao and Tu Hengyu. The author uses them to directly reflect the alienation of human beings from science and technology. However, I am deeply afraid and hesitant about the idea that "science and technology can produce the same free will as human beings, and machines can replace human flesh and blood". That conversation with moss at the end of the film opens up a new dimension to the franchise
"Civilization without people is meaningless."


Fantastic movie!
jameshuang-9253724 January 2023
Not only in terms of plot but also terms of special effects, this movie completely surpasses the previous one. It can be said that the roles of Wu Jing and Andy Lau in this movie can be described as remarkable. It is said that Wu Jing made other actors try to be as natural as possible to make a good fighting scene, which is enough to show his dedication. Secondly, as a prequel to the first film, this film fills in the gaps of the previous movie in many places, especially the easter egg part at the end of the film, which is a deep foreshadowing for the third film. By the way, if you are also a fan of sci-fi movies, I recommend you to go to the theatre to enjoy this movie, it's worth the price.


A different kind of science fiction commercial
wbszds23 January 2023
This film is a sequel to Wandering Earth 1, which tells the story of Wandering Earth 1. Instead of telling the story with a single protagonist and main plot, it uses a chronological narrative. Divided into three plot lines to cross the story, with a crisis to promote the development of the plot. Although this approach will affect the audience's grasp of the characters and specific Settings, it weakens the narrative mode of individual heroism and makes the whole film more realistic and epic.
If you're looking for a Hollywood-style blockbuster with special effects, The Wandering Earth 2 has you covered. The film opens and closes with plenty of disaster scenes, complete with vivid special effects. But the difference is that the Wandering Earth brings digital life, real life, and artificial intelligence into the film's key plot, giving the film a philosophical height. In addition, The Wandering Earth 2 is not as full of extreme nationalism as described by some review websites. In the story, the governments of various countries cooperate and the world's astronauts sacrifice for human beings all convey a kind of humanist thought. The choice of many characters in the face of disaster makes the emotional control of the film reach a high level that is difficult to achieve in general commercial films.
Of course, the film still has its flaws. The emotional scene in the middle of the film drags a bit. If special effects aren't your thing, the high-intensity explosions and three-hour sessions will be so energy-sapping that they'll put you to sleep. If you get caught up in the movie, be careful not to drink too much water. It can be painful to hold in your urine.


A stunning marvelous sci-fi/disaster movie
wwhwyt25 January 2023
This is a wonderful movie, completely different from the Hollywood movie narratives by emphasizing on the efforts of all humans from all countries rather than individual 'super' heroes. The special effects are on a par with those in the top Hollywood disaster/sci-fi movies, such as Interstellar, Avatar, and so on. I wish the movie could be even longer, as its current length made the narratives a little rush. The subtitles could be made in larger fonts because there are so many different languages spoken that you'd have to read the subtitles no matter what your mother tongue is. Thus, in principle, I should have given it a 9/10, but I still gave it a 10/10 as an encouragement. Look forward to TWE III.

这是一部精彩的电影,与好莱坞电影的叙事完全不同,它强调的是所有国家所有人类的努力,而不是个别的 "超级"英雄。特效与好莱坞顶级灾难/科幻电影中的特效不相上下,如《星际》、《阿凡达》等。我希望这部电影能够更长,因为它目前的长度让叙事上有点仓促。字幕可以做成大字体,因为有很多不同的语言,无论你的母语是什么,你都得看字幕。因此,原则上我应该给它9/10分,但我还是给它10/10分作为鼓励。期待浪球3。

A great progress
imthomasye22 January 2023
After all, the success of the first film is related to its fine grinding for a long time. The production cycle of the second film is much shorter, which inevitably makes people think that the sequel may not be as good as the previous one. But it turned out that I was wrong. Although the film is long, there is no nonsense. The story has held people's hearts from the very beginning, making people unable to move their eyes. The plot weakness of the first part is greatly improved in the second part. The writers must have spent a lot of time on the plot to tell the complete story. In terms of special effects, although there are some flaws in CGI technology in some small places, it can be said that it is another great progress in China's special effects. This film has brought Chinese science fiction to a new level. At the same time, there is not only science fiction in the film, but also the style of China as a big country. In short, this film has given us too many surprises and is worth watching.


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