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文章原始标题:China's state media said that young Chinese people 'look down' on the West. Is it true?


Bora Taş Lived in China (2015–2018)
Partly true and it became more prominent after 2020.
North Americans and Europeans were definitely privileged in China in past. They used to have a lot easier time finding jobs and partners. People used to be extra kind and helpful toward them. This is still how it goes in most developing countries.
In China, this started to change after the sexpat flow to China after the Great Recession in 2008. Then the internet became ultra widespread and China started having a hard time hiding racism against the Chinese in the West from the Chinese people. Then Trump came and started the trade war.
Then COVID-19 happened. The West lost millions of people to it and failed to avoid economic catastrophe. Worse, Donald Trump, the US president of the time, fanned the flames of racism with phrases like “Wuhan virus” and “Chinese Flu”. Genocide accusations didn’t help either.


So the Chinese people don’t see the West as a more advanced civilization anymore. They perceive it as a hostile civilization that is where it is because of its past success. They don’t really look down on the West because there is no narrative of national superiority in China. But they definitely don’t consider the West an example to look up to, and they don’t give preferential treatment to whites who live in China. When I was in China in 2018, the preferential treatment of expats was already mostly dead. They were mostly getting the same treatment as locals did.
It will be off-topic but this is also why the pro-democracy movement died in China. As the West stopped being the model for development, democratization stopped being a part of the progress too. It is just another foreign idea to the average Chinese nowadays. China’s peak Westernization was probably around 2015. It will culturally diverge again going forward.


Ashley Sun
The point of view in the article is a little inaccurate. Now foreigners in China will still get better treatment. But this kind of treatment is based on the fact that the Chinese regard you as a guest of this country. It is rooted in Chinese Confucian culture to treat guests better. This tradition will not change for a long time.
However, if you do not respect the laws or social ethics of this country when you are in China, the Chinese tolerance will be lower than before. From the perspective of the Chinese people, if the guest does not perform like a respected guest, then we do not need to treat him as a guest.


Gao Yang
There absolutely is a narrative of national and ethnic superiority in China- in fact it’s been like this for hundreds of years. Chinese in the past considered themselves the most enlightened race in the world. China has been a Nation-State for most of its history.


Bora Taş
“Chinese in the past considered themselves the most enlightened race in the world.”
True for every single civilization. Peoples commonly put themselves in the center of the universe. Even the common world map you use is arranged by the British to have Britain on top and at the center. But no other civilization other than the European one created things like the French and British colonial empires which spent an extraordinary amount of resources on forcing their own culture on the colonized despite not even considering colonials as citizens. They called it civilizing the colonials and they came up with a vast ideological framework to justify it.
That is what doctrinized racism looks like and it is pretty unique to the West. China’s racism is the social exclusion of foreigners at most. The Chinese don’t believe in their civilization being inherently superior and its ways should be emulated everywhere. If you want to prove otherwise don’t come with social media posts. Come with examples of institutionalized racism. Things like affirmative action which penalizes Asians for the sake of “equality” and the “Europeanness” of the Baltics, for example.


Gao Yang
I don’t know how Britain and France are exactly relevant here- both nations have enforced their culture on others, as have most strong nations done throughout history.
Of course, China can do what it wants with its own system of government, that’s not relevant to me or to the West, no matter how much I personally may oppose it. The issue comes when ethnic and State nationalism becomes a foundation for baseless accusations, slanders, and other attacks, especially against Western nations and ethnic minorities.
The vast majority of Asians in the US support Affirmative Action, as do most other minorities, as well as other initiatives by the US Government that allow for benefits in many fields for ethnic minorities to succeed.


Bora Taş
France and Britain are relevant because their cultural imperialism is historically unique and shaped many Western ideas that are prevalent even today. The phrase of the civilized world the West still uses is a legacy of colonial empires. The politicization of values was how colonial empires were justifying their expansionist policies. Only values are different in 2022. Back then the excuse was bringing civilization. Now it is bringing democracy.
All of this is a great example of doctrinized racism that doesn’t exist in China or anywhere else. You have to believe you’re superior to feel it is justified to bomb countries to bring them your civilization/democracy.
Speaking of affirmative action, it is definitely racism. I see many people complaining about it and I don’t even live in the USA. Even whites are quite penalized by it if they aren’t athletes. But it hits Asians the worst.
If you want to see what a national superiority narrative looks like you can look at what Eastern European conservatives have been doing with European identity. Post-WW2 European identity was all about cooperation. Then Eastern European conservatives took in the 2000s and turned it into something extremely racist


Micky Moist
There's no slander against the west i have told you before all that people says about racism and crimes are largely true.
Racisms against asian has even been institutionalized with affirmative action, if you says that most asina support affirmative action then it's the absolute evidence that they have been brainwashed, what kind of people works against their own interests?
Again there's no way that china or any country in asia is more racist than the west, the amount of physical violence against foreigner in china is way less than the violence against asian in the West


Gao Yang
Basically, majority of the tens of millions of Asian Americans including recent immigrants have been brainwashed. That totally makes sense.
They definitely are not true. You don’t see people in Southeast Asia being racist to Chinese people even though Chinese tourists have such a terrible reputation. The slanders are false and unfounded entirely.
Racism against Asians, don’t make me laugh, most Asians support affirmative action, and we don’t need Mainlanders speaking for us either. I suggest you to know something about a topic before talking about it.


Micky Moist
Yes, it makes sense when we look at the policy again what kind of people works against their interests if they're not brainwashed?
Huh? Chinese tourist are commonly found in tourist area, they're not found everywhere in the city, also chinese tourist behaves badly but white tourist commit crimes, there has been multiple report of pedophiles from the west who molest children in southeast asia
Most asian support affirmative action, but is affirmative action a legalized form or racism? We all know thay affirmative action penalized asian, any asian who support such thing is indeed brainwashed


Gao Yang
If affirmative action was a legalized form of racism, which it is not, then most Asian Americans wouldn’t support it. And yet they do, so they aren’t brainwashed. Remember you’re taking to an actual Asian American. Which I know you don’t do much, seeing as how you don’t know much about the Wet outside of false slander and fallacy making. Gonna call me brainwashed?
I brought up Chinese tourists to make a point relevant to racism in host countries, so why are you using whataboutism and bringing up white tourists? That’s not relevant at all.
Most Asians actually end up benefitting from affirmative action anyways, including me. Thanks to the US Government as well as Columbia University, I was able to get a scholarship to go study in America in my youth.


Micky Moist
Lol what?? Again is affirmative action penalize asian in favor of black and Hispanic? Yes absolutely, so why are asian support it? It literally go against their interests? The only answer is that they've been brainwashed.
Huh? I dont know why you use Chinese tourist im southeast asia, we're talking about china and the west nor Southeast asia.
Most asian dont get benefits from affirmative action it has been proven that the implementation of affirmative action actually benefits white women the most, most asian are penalized by it

【回复】哈哈 说什么呢??再问一次,平权法案是不是不利于亚洲人,而偏向于黑人和西班牙裔?是的,显而易见,那么为什么亚洲人支持它呢?这简直违背了他们的利益吧?唯一的答案就是他们被洗脑了。

Gao Yang
I mentioned Chinese tourists in Southeast Asia because you don’t see those nations being racist to Chinese people despite they have such a terrible reputation and act poorly and uncivilly in these nations. So again, why did you bring up white tourists?
And I am telling you that there is no such racism against Asians and that Asians can benefit from affirmative action and other programs. The only brainwashed person here is you, who is unable to accept the truth from an Asian American himself.


Micky Moist
Which is irrelevant to the whole topic at all, we're talking about racism in china vs racisms in the west not Southeast asia. Which in this case the overwhelming evidences show that the violence against chinese people in the west happen more often then the violence against westeners in china.
Huh? And I'm telling you that it's simply not true because ot has been proven that affirmative action penalized asian in favor or non asian


Most Asians actually end up benefitting from affirmative action anyways, including me. Thanks to the US Government as well as Columbia University, I was able to get a scholarship to go study in America in my youth.
Speak for yourself. I got screwed by it. All of my Asian American classmates got screwed. Even our top class genius got denied to his preferred university because he was seen as a liability as his good grades and extracurriculars were seen as a “suicide risk” instead. We have to compete against each other — it is the only route we’re given!
I support affirmative action in the context that it is better than nothing for the purposes of black-white racial relations but it is absolutely one of the shittiest positions that the US could take. It solves almost nothing, creates a lot of animosity, screws us, and is really just a measure that is meant for white people to pat themselves on the back for being “enlightened.” When in reality you and I both know that the only acceptable answer is reparations. Something that a supermajority of the US will not even consider.
Mainlanders are absolutely right in calling out affirmative action as harmful to us. There are much better solutions, ones that solve the situation for all minorities.

【回复】引用Gao Yang“事实上,大多数亚洲人最终都会从平权法案中获益,包括我。多亏了美国政府和哥伦比亚大学,我才能在年轻的时候拿到奖学金去美国留学”

Pras Sethiyo
The issue comes when ethnic and State nationalism becomes a foundation for baseless accusations, slanders, and other attacks,
That's has been favorite tools of the west, Anglo Saxons west especially, thanks to the widespread adoption of English. You're one of the little insignificant examples (the major one would be something like, Iraq WMD’s or uyghur genocide)

【回复】引用Gao Yang“当民族和国家民族主义成为毫无根据的指责、诽谤和其他攻击的基础时,问题就出现了”

Kevin Chen
You can always find few individuals holding a racist views in China, but overall there is no such narrative in China of racial superiority like you could find in Western countries. After all, the Chinese civilization was built upon cultural similarities rather than racial background, even the notion of “Han” ethnicity was the result of racial mixture over thousands of years.


Por Yong Ming
Sorry outside of fringe groups, there is no such racial superiority narrative in Western countries either. How else can you explain India born Indians rising to head companies like Microsoft and Google, or ethnic Chinese heading Nvidia and AMD? Or Obama becoming US president and Sunak becoming UK prime minister? One of Western countries’ great strengths is their ability to attract the best talents regardless of race and give them an environment with which to thrive.


Kevin Chen
If so, what was the reason for the recent “Black Lives Matter” movement?
And what was the reason for recent demonstrations of “Stop Asian Hate”?
The above were not cosplays, they reflected deep racial divisions in the American society that has been going on ever since American independence.




Li Pengii Former Import company owner (2000–2017)
This isn’t just a Chinese thing. I remember the UK in the 1980s.
EVERYBODY wanted to be an American kid as the place seemed incredibly awesome from what we saw through television and media of the USA.
I recall a kid who had the surname Snell. His dad was an American and he’d fly over there every break he had. He had photos of him shooting guns and riding motorbikes off road. It seemed much more awesome than what we had in the UK.
Then the internet started coming online through dialup and via IRC a lot of people there seemed to complain about working rights (there weren’t very many) and medical bills. The great decline was in the early 00s. Where there were other Snells who showed awesome pictures of stuff in the USA. I was fascinated by the muscle car culture at the time.


But as time went on you’d find our more nasty things and realise how it was very messed up. Some people grew up in developing China and America was literally a shining city on the hill. But by the 00s the shine had worn off.
A similar thing in Japan happened. The big thing as Bora Taş says is when the western economy imploded in 2008. Prior to 2008 you got a trickle of shysters and shitheads that went to East Asia. These people were treated well because they were from a better society apparently.
It was seen that they were forgoing a better life to educate East Asians. The fuckups were seen out outliers and just a bad apple in a barrel of apples. 2008 changed all of that.
Why would you come to China if your life was so great in the USA/UK/Canada etc.
Few people could give satisfactory answers and a LOT of them were suddenly no longer treated positively as they had been before.

日本也发生了类似的事情。正如Bora Taş所说,2008年西方经济的崩溃是一个重大转折。在2008年之前,你会看到稀稀拉拉的骗子和混蛋去了东亚。这些人受到很好的待遇,因为他们显然来自一个更好的社会。

The millennial generation also actually went to the western world and the shine and glow was replaced by reality that it wasn’t a paradise out there. The younger ones also got VPNs and saw what the rest of the world thought about us.
Then the trade war came about.
Then Trump, then covid.
It’s what Alain De Botton said in Status Anxiety or where you’re told never to buy your dream car or meet your heroes where you think doing or getting a certain thing will make your life awesome. Once you get to see it in the flesh it’s far less impressive and your dream is shattered.


Xiao Wen
Some westerners originally came here with great joy, hoping to discover a new Japan or an upgraded version of Thailand or the Philippines. At first, we thought they were interesting, but then we found some real rubbish among them. Unfortunately, we don't recycle western garbage now.


Bill Chen
This is good writing!


Josh Bergeman
I agree this is good writing! I don’t always agree with Li but I can’t deny that he writes amazing well. Plus he seems like a really nice guy.


Jonathan Carlson
As a foreigner (from the US) living in China, I feel that I should point out that not all foreigners are like this.
I, for example, decided to become an EFL teacher because I have a passion for studying languages (in high school I studied Spanish and Japanese, in college I studied Japanese, Latin, and Ancient Greek. I’ve also dabbled in Italian and Dakota - a Native American language). I wanted to share the joy and excitement of discovering, learning, and using a new language. I specifically chose to come to China because A. I didn’t know the language and B. I also love history, and I knew that China has history stretching back 5000+ years.
Also, living in China has made me realize that the society that has grown here, is a fantastic society to live in. I am not here to extract wealth, hunt women, or party until I collapse. No, I hope that one day to get a green card, settle down here, and start a family.
I am just as, if not more disgusted by the kinds of people that you describe - after all, they give all us foreigners a bad name.

例如,我决定成为一名EFL教师,因为我对学习语言充满热情(在高中我学习西班牙语和日语,在大学我学习日语,拉丁语和古希腊语。我还涉猎过意大利语和达科他语(一种美洲土著语言)。我想分享发现、学习和使用一门新语言的喜悦和兴奋。我特别选择来中国是因为: A、我不懂中国的语言;

Its not just China. Most of Asia has this issue. Superiority complex mixed with oriental fetish has created this huge bad batch of western travelers to Asia.


Michael Furlong
You know Li, Articles like this really make me think well of you but then other times it's just so full of resentment and bitterness. I wish this was your quality all the time.
Unfortunately I saw alot of this behaviour in east Asia while working. Half the “teachers" were absolutely useless and some were straight up abusive and anti- social. I always wondered how they could keep their jobs.
Then I realised, because the managers didn't care about education. They just wanted a body in the room that weren't bad enough to scare away students.
Im glad the worst are being kicked out because they bring a bad name to everyone. Better no English teacher than one that does more harm than good.
But however bad they are, its nothing compared to the messed up shite that some immigrants in the UK get away with. Korea started deporting the trouble makers about the time I was leaving (though that was more “students", failed “businessmen", and other riff raff that overstayed their visas). I hope China will do the same and Europe as well. No society should be the dumping ground of another society's problems.


Joe Martin
As an American I didn't even know about our shit-pats, sorry that we sent over our worst.


Happy Yadav
I find the concept of “racism" itself very funny. We have recorded history of approximately 5000 years. Out of these, only last 300 years ( I know I am being generous but let’s take it) the west was more powerful than east ( India and China to be precise).
This sums up to 6 % of total time. The western nations have only been in power for 6% of human timeline and they think they are the master race and look down at others. Seriously ??
When eastern nations started rebuilding themselves, they started becoming insecure. Today, China is an “autocratic, without freedom, slaves ( I literally have read pieces saying CCP uses slavery and child labour), copy cat and poor quality material producer ( yeah while being largest consumer)”.
Funny, innit??


Jason Tan
I believe US is losing respect worldwide, not just young Chinese


Western Decline Lives in China (1990–present)
Something has been wrong with the West since 2008.
In the past two decades, the leaders of various Western countries have been selected very strange.
The European economy has stagnated since 2008.
Many people who travel, study and work in Western countries bring real information from the West back to China.
The Chinese are beginning to feel that the only advantage of Western countries is to promote themselves.
The most important thing is that the West promotes itself too well, and the gap between it and reality is too big.
We think the West is a bunch of liars.


Goku Wingardium Lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
It isn’t just young Chinese people who look down on the United States in its current form. The US is what the Chinese refer to when they say the West. When we say the west, it means US and Europe.
The US is one of the worst examples of democracy, and is listed as a flawed democracy. I’d prefer Sweden or New Zealand if you want actual democracy


Peter Ole Kvint Creative boss. at The Internet (2008–present)
I don't know if it's true. That the young Chinese look down on the United States. But isn't there something wrong in the US? Just a little bit?


Clifford Nelson Former System Engineer
I have some friends in China, not that young, should be some indication, and I have also noticed how use to be a lot of Chinese I would work with in the tech industry and now there are not so many young Chinese, only Chinese that have been in the country for decades. This is despite the fact that at least in California there are so many Chinese in schools like CalTech and University of California, Irvine. With time it seems that the attitude towards the United States has changed. Of course, attitudes towards Chinese by Americans have become more negative, they hear about the beating up and murder of Asians in the United States, some know about the lies that propagate on Western media, they get the impression that the west does not care about its people with the way they handled the pandemic, they also hear about all the murders in the US by police (about 1500 per year vs about 1 per year in China), and all of the mass murder events in the United States. Seems like there is little desire among Chinese in China any more to move to the United States. Of course, other parts of the west may be different, especially since there is not the same level of violence in countries like Germany as there is in the United States.


Q: China's state media said that young Chinese people 'look down' on the West. Is it true?
A: Who cares what they think and like, or how they act? Hitler also taught German youths to be bigots.


Gilbert Koh Knows Chinese
It's hardly surprising (if you regard the USA as representing the West).
I mean - even within the USA itself, you have all those people running around, blocking highways, burning buildings, looting shops, destroying vehicles, as they protest against white cops brutally killing black people.
If you see those protestors/ rioters as violent criminals, then basically the USA has hordes of criminals running around freely. If you see them as standing up bravely for civil rights, well, there are so many of them and they are so angry - this tells you that something has gone severely wrong with civil rights in the USA.
In other words, it's not just Chinese youth having a low opinion of US society. US society itself has a low opinion of US society.


Peter Kaye worked in Taiwan, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia etc.
More than likely, seeing how the “west” slanders them all the time, I would look down on them as well, for making up all those slandering lies. Who wouldn’t?


Ashley Sun
To be exact, in the past, young people in China exaggerated the advantages of Western society while ignoring the shortcomings of Western society and regarded Western civilization as a better civilization. Now they don't think so. Now the views of young people in China are more balanced and objective. They regard the western civilization as an ordinary civilization, which has both advantages and disadvantages, but it cannot be used as the development direction of their own country in the future. They tend to continue to learn from the advantages of the West, but avoid the mistakes of the West and create a new civilization belonging to their own nation.
In fact, all civilizations and countries in the world should treat other civilizations and countries in this way.


A famous painter in China's Qing Dynasty said a famous saying. He said, "化我者生,破我者进,似我者死." He means that if someone can master my painting skills, he can survive among painters. If someone can break through my painting skills, he will be more famous than me. If someone just imitates my paintings, he will be unknown and looked down upon.
Every country and civilization has its own personality. It should neither be arrogant nor belittle itself. It should learn from the advantages of other countries and civilizations according to its own actual situation to make itself better. This is what every country and civilization should do.