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文章原始标题:Messages from other worlds? Mysterious radio signal detected by high-tech Chinese telescope

内容简介:世界上最强大的射电望远镜之一接收到了一个奇怪的信号,中国的天文学家对此仍然感到困惑。 这种罕见的现象无法解释,科学家们说他们不想过早下结论。

Chinese astronomers remain puzzled over a strange signal that was picked up by one of the world’s most powerful radio telescopes. The rare phenomenon cannot be explained and scientists say they don’t want to jump to conclusions.

世界上最强大的射电望远镜之一接收到了一个奇怪的信号,中国的天文学家对此仍然感到困惑。 这种罕见的现象无法解释,科学家们说他们不想过早下结论。

China’s Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) has detected a repeating fast radio burst (FRB) – unexplained radio signals coming from outer space – for the first time last week, according to reports.


First discovered in 2007, FRBs are extremely rare, with fewer than 100 having been documented to date.


FRBs usually only appear once, making them extremely difficult to track. Curiously, the FRB detected by the Chinese telescope has been observed before.

FRB通常只出现一次,这使得跟踪它们极为困难。 奇怪的是,中国望远镜探测到的 FRB 以前也被观测到过。

Known as FRB121102, the radio signal was first discovered in 2012 and later repeated in 2015. The signal came from a dwarf galaxy located three billion light years from Earth.

这种被称为 FRB121102的无线电信号在2012年首次被发现,随后在2015年再次被发现。 这个信号来自距离地球30亿光年的一个矮星系。

Between August 30 and September 3, FAST recorded dozens of pulses from the FRB.

在8月30日到9月3日之间,FAST 记录了数十个脉冲信号

While undoubtedly exciting, not enough is known about the enigmatic signal to draw any conclusions about what could have created it, according to Zhang Xinxin, an assistant engineer with the National Astronomical Observatories of China.


Some theories have already been ruled out, though. The astronomers say that they are certain that the signal is not the result of interference from aircraft or satellites. The scientific community remains baffled by FRBs and where they come from.

然而,一些理论已经被排除了。 天文学家说,他们确信这个信号不是来自飞机或卫星的干扰。 科学界仍然对FRB及其来源感到困惑。

OK, there is a signal from the outer space. Even if some one was out there, what we can offer them? Wars, destruction, suffering, hunger, desperation, money, greed, weapons, deseases? We are mere bacteria on the face of this beautiful planet, not even understanding ourselves, yet alone be able to have an adult conversation with someone from another world

好的,有一个外太空的信号。 即使那里有外星人,我们能给他们什么? 战争,毁灭,苦难,饥饿,绝望,金钱,贪婪,武器或欲望? 我们只是这个美丽星球表面上的细菌,甚至不了解我们自己,却能够与来自另一个世界的人进行成年人方式的对话

Yes. Our species has not progressed much (if at all) from the cave people bashing each other's heads over a chewed bone. Only now we have iFrvits.


Lilly Brighton
we have merely become more efficient at mashing each other with fancy weapons ...


And most importantly lets not forget those of the political left and right paradigm who still advocate and worship fiction garbage like it was gospel and enable a destructive and criminal system that has centralized epic wealth at the expense and suffering of countless and enslaved them.


They are not requesting, they are offering help to humanity. Their planet is already dying.

他们不是请求,而是在向人类寻求帮助。 他们的星球已经在死亡。

And what do your reckon we will do? 1. F off, we are full or 2. Sure guys, come in, don't mind the mess?


tell that to usa


James Bond
We will spread our religion of peace to them. Aliens need to be liberated too. Lol.


We cant' offer extra - terrestrials anything. It's what they can offer humans. Something simple, like peace on earth. If we want to have an intelligent conversation we need to converse in binary code, the language of the universe.

我们提供不了外星人任何东西。 而是它们能给人类带来什么。一些简单的东西,比如地球上的和平。 如果我们想要进行一次有智慧的对话,我们需要用二进制——即宇宙的语言,进行对话。

I don't believe binary code is the language of the universe.


Chris Jackson
We can offer them, Democracy?


Kelsey Bouchard
3 billion light years away. If this is an alien signal they would be so far ahead of us we'd be less then stone-age to them so yeah nothing we could offer and chances are they wouldn't even bother with any contact.

30亿光年之外。 如果这是一个外星信号,他们会远远领先于我们,我们和他们相比,差不多是石器时代,所以我们可以提供什么,而且很有可能他们甚至不屑与我们联系。

Monsatan 5G ...
Chinese exports are so famous, even aliens couldnt resist to contact alibaba


Lone Wanderer
Ignorance, human... Ignorance....


Because radio is a universal "language", just like math. So if a advanced civ is truly advanced, then they would've already invented radio to explore the universe and observe stars emitting etc... One thing I myself do not understand is, why scientists search for planets similar to earth when searching for ET life outside our planet when Aliens could have adapted to different environment just as humans did on earth. This means that Aliens could live in an environment like Mars or other planets, not just exo planets.

因为无线电是一种通用的“语言” ,就像数学一样。 所以如果一个先进的文明真的先进,那么他们应该已经发明了无线电来探索宇宙,观察恒星发射等等。 有一件事我自己也不明白,为什么科学家在寻找外星生命时要寻找类似地球的行星,而外星人可能已经适应了不同的环境,就像人类在地球适应不同环境一样。这意味着外星人可以生活在类似火星或其他行星的环境中,而不仅仅是太阳系外面的行星。

what he means is radio would already be obsolete for any civilization only a few hundred years more advanced than us. it's like someone sitting in a forest today with a slingshot, waiting to shoot down a carrier pigeon with a letter. good luck.
on the other hand, it is indeed very ignorant of us to believe that life elsewhere in the universe should be carbon-based and require oxygen and water

他的意思是,对任何比我们先进几百年的文明来说,无线电已经过时了。 就像今天有人拿着弹弓坐在森林里,等着把鸽子射下来。 祝你好运。

You do understand the FRB is from three billion light years in the past, right?


given how many million/billion years it took for the signal to get here, they have probably evolved to using mental telepathy to communicate by now.


firstly, who says the civilisation is any more advanced than us? Secondly, it would take a very long time forcing signal to reach us. Thirdly, just because we intercept a signal, does not mean it was intended for us

首先,谁说文明比我们先进? 其次,我们需要很长的时间才能收到信号。 第三,仅仅因为我们截获了一个信号,并不意味着它是针对我们的

Uh, 3 billion light years away, any civilization on that planet has been around a fair amount of time since that radio burst originated.


inb4 someone just let the microwave oven door open by accident


Perhaps it's a signal to us, to let us know that the "Earth Experiment"
will soon be terminated...


Kevin Smith
and the aliens are still waiting for the chow mein they ordered!


Lilly Brighton
I think the alien invasion may have taken over politics and banking lol


It can't be from anything 'intelligent', can it??? I've watched many, many science fiction movies and if there's one universal truth, then, when E.T. decides to call, he, she, it will want to talk to THE PRESIDENT so he, she, it would NEVER send a message to the Chinese!!!!! Hmmmm or perhaps E.T. is even more intelligent than we think...

这信号不可能来自任何‘有智慧’的生物,是吧? 我看过很多很多科幻电影,发现有一个普遍真理,就是当外星人决定联系时,它会想要和美国总统说话,它永远不会向中国人发送一条信息! 嗯....也许外星人比我们想象的更聪明......

I really dont think we/anyone should be messing around beyond this planet at anytime or ever " you never ever know what is out there and when you do its going to be too late"


Translated- There is a huge asteroid heading towards your ball of atmosphere called earth. We believe it may miss, but wish to send advisory notice in advance. Kind regards, Planet Yreccxkonickovikch

“有一颗巨大的小行星正朝着你们的星球——地球前进。我们相信它可能会擦肩而过,但还是希望提前发出通知。 致以诚挚的问候”——来自yreckxkonickovikch星球

Chinese people are aliens with advanced technology, sorry i am not being racist, i love them, get a copy of the I Ching from 3000 years ago and study it and the Buddha's teaching

你拿一本3000年前的《易经》 ,研究它和佛陀的教义

Anyone who recalls when Ronald Reagan spoke to the outer space.....in english of course! The teens were old enough to shake their heads, at least those who were not indoctrinated in USA.
And now there is search for outer existence..............how about to focus on earth's problemsolving instead of searchig for some Don Quijote narrative.

任何回忆起罗纳德 · 里根对外太空讲话的人... ... 当然是用英语! 这些青少年已经到了摇头的年龄,至少那些在美国没有被洗脑的人是这样的。
现在我们正在寻找外在的存在... ... 不如专注于解决地球上的问题,而不是寻找唐吉诃德式的叙述。

Well, if anybody sent that signal deliberately they did so over 3 billion years ago so it's pointless getting excited


Don't get all excited about aliens. These bursts are of a power far, far in excess of what any civilization could produce. More like a star pulsing radio waves.

不要对外星人感到兴奋。这些爆发的脉冲远远超过任何文明所能产生的能量。 更像是一颗恒星爆发的无线电脉冲。

I thought merging blackholes and collapsing stars etc also emit radio or only gamma? Why is this so exceptional again?


Now, I definitely will be buying Huwaei and everything chinese, from now on.


It's a message, "The Great Filter is Ahead. Everybody is doomed."


The message was translated "Make America Great Again" who would have guessed?

这条信息被翻译成“让美国再次伟大” ,谁能想得到呢?

Duncan Gill
They forgot to say the radio signal said"Stop the USA for all your sakes"!

他们忘了说无线电信号说“为了你们所有人类,阻止美国” !

Marc Letourneau
As we evolve in technology, we are capturing clues that we are not alone.


Earth has been around for billions of years, think we haven't been fund and even manipulated yet?


Auschwitz Tours
Before some decades the Chinese government discover a UFO, they just never admit it.


china i believe in u, but not NASA.