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文章原始标题:China plans 39 million-mile race to Mars to catch up with Nasa


With the Long March-5 now back in action, China can move ahead with its aggressive 2020 launch schedule, which includes sending another probe to the moon and taking steps toward building a space station expected to be finished by 2022, according to state media. “The return of ‘Fat Five’ is a heartfelt victory for Chinese astronauts,” the state-run People’s Daily said in an editorial.

据中国官方媒体报道,随着“长征五号”重新投入运行,中国可以继续推进其2020年的发射计划,其中包括向月球发射另一个探测器,并采取步骤建造一个空间站,预计在2022年完工。中国官方媒体《人民日报》在一篇社论中说: “‘胖五号’的回归是中国宇航员的一次衷心的胜利。”

Chandi Fenku
Meanwhile, india is dead-busy elevating the status of cows as their #1 god. - UP: 0 DW: 7


Nationalist Citizen
We should have laws like China so that we can avoid spending money on unnecessary things. - UP: 0 DW: 0


riyaz khan
you people of china go to mars,we r busy in art 370,caa,npr,ram mandir,demonitisation,gst,rapes,mob lynching....... - UP: 34 DW: 24


Dravidian Nationalist
India is ready to implement CAA and NRC on Mars. - UP: 73 DW: 97

印度准备在火星上实施 《公民法修正案》和 《国家公民登记册》。

ashraf elahie
Well Said Dear - UP: 7 DW: 12


Yes why not... keep religion out of space... - UP: 0 DW: 0


aaaa bbbb
We have lot of cows to take care!. - UP: 3 DW: 5


Chandi Fenku
Project Cow is india's biggest project in this century! - UP: 0 DW: 0


Azeezur Rahman
Read the history who created division don't blame on common people - UP: 0 DW: 0


Feel sad as an Indian..we have destroyed the scientific temper instilled by Nehruji.. Chinese leaders are educated folk... nowadays ours are chai, pakoda sellers, and bootpolishwallaas. - UP: 52 DW: 64


Tony Stark
but India and specifically ISRO has grown far too much in last 6 years as compare to 70-80 years prior to it... - UP: 0 DW: 0


Nationalist Citizen
Scientific temper instilled by Nehru.. I think you are joking. Nehru would have instilled playboy like temper nothing more. He was 1950s Hugh Hefner - UP: 1 DW: 0

尼赫鲁灌输的科学态度...我认为你在开玩笑。 尼赫鲁只会把花花公子一样的脾气灌输给别人。他是20世纪50年代的休·海夫納

Srikanth R
You are the reason why India is not as prosperous as China - UP: 8 DW: 8


Every country has certain unavoidable politics happening while their space agencies get on with their jobs quietly. For example, US is embroiled in the Impeachment fiasco while NASA keeps doing it's assigned job. China is embroiled in Hong Kong while it's space agency continues its job. So the same thing is with India and ISRO. - UP: 5 DW: 0

每个国家都有一些不可避免的政治事件发生,而他们的航天机构扔继续悄悄地工作。例如,美国被卷入弹劾丑闻,而美国航空航天局一直在做它该做的工作。中国卷入了香港事件的同时,中国的航天局也在继续工作。 所以印度和印度航天局也是如此。

Kurnal Madhyan
Let them waste money on Mars, Venus anything. India should keep focus and work on improving economy. - UP: 28 DW: 18


Prateek Singh
Pakistan make similar comments when india sends satellites - UP: 5 DW: 2


ashraf elahie
But Our Economy Is Also Dipping Since 2014 - UP: 5 DW: 3


Chandi Fenku
Saving the cows..... - UP: 0 DW: 0


swapnil guha
When china is going ahead in rocket speed ... then we indians r fighting and opposing to so many internal matters and slowing down the developmental speed .... we should feel ashamed for it - UP: 24 DW: 3

当中国正在以火箭般的速度向前进的时候... 我们印度人正在内斗,反对太多的内部事务,减缓发展的速度... 我们应该为此感到羞耻

Ravindra Ramarao
Dont feel ashamed ok. We have ISRO and they have done wonderful achievements in space world. - UP: 0 DW: 5


Ashwani Kumar
ISRO was established in 1969. - UP: 0 DW: 0


Thaniyath Jose
But no one can defeat our PM who orbits the earth regularly. - UP: 16 DW: 4


Bonny Moraes
Next stop could be Mars. - UP: 0 DW: 0


Rajan Karunakaran
Chines scientific devolement in space sciences is appreciated. - UP: 13 DW: 0


Mandar Kale
despite having same population with china and having democracy india is nowhere near to China's growths - UP: 13 DW: 1


Murali Mohan
don't compare China and India as former is communist country. no protests allowed no free speech and no free expression or free media. if we too have such rule, certainly we too overtake China, subject to no corruption - UP: 7 DW: 1


Pasupathy Nemam Natarajan
There are no freebies in China. No vote bank politics. You work to earn. No reservation for jobs no reduction of cut off percentage for clearing exams. People who are corrupt face firing squad. Remember the fellow who adulterated baby food with melamine, who was shot dead. There is fear of law. - UP: 12 DW: 0


ashraf elahie
ha ha ha well said - UP: 2 DW: 0


Babloo Sharma
So what... India has the highest number of mandirs. Both china and US together doesnt have that many temples. All Indians should be proud of it. Those who are not are anti nationals and should go to pakistan. Lets support BJP to get more temples. - UP: 12 DW: 5

那又怎样... 印度的寺庙数量最多。中国和美国加起来都没有那么多寺庙。 所有的印度人都应该为此感到骄傲。 那些不是反国民的人应该都去巴基斯坦。让我们支持人民党建造更多的寺庙。

Ashwani Kumar
Bitter truth. - UP: 0 DW: 0


Rajesh Ganesh
while BJP people still think Sun emits "OM" sound n Cow exhals Oxygen. - UP: 10 DW: 2

而印度人民党的人仍然认为太阳发出“ 眸”的声音,奶牛呼出的是氧气而不是二氧化碳。

Sandeep Srikumar
China is 40 years ahead of India. India should compare itself with Iran and Pakistan. - UP: 9 DW: 3


Nationalist Citizen
We need laws like China. No one is above the premier. UP: 3 DW: 0


Bonny Moraes
And in some respects we are lower than them. No problem there. We have rich ancient history and unique culture. - UP: 0 DW: 0

在某些方面,我们比他们更落后。 没问题。我们有着丰富的古代历史和独特的文化。

Kalmokta Banchanbali
Very good .. that is exactly what Feku is doing now.. Everything is compared to Pakistan and cultural superiority is compared with Iran - UP: 2 DW: 1


Fossil By Then
Soon, South India will rival both NASA and China on the space front. Only obstacle is North India..! Of course, they can try flying over North, so there is no interference in the name of religion, caste or regionalism.. - UP: 8 DW: 3


We should appreciate Chinese efforts... - UP: 8 DW: 0


America, China they want to find whether is there possibility of life else where other than our planet but the irony is here in our own planet fighting with each other..... always ready to strike each other. Can't we first make our own planet living heaven? - UP: 7 DW: 2

美国,中国,他们想知道除了我们的星球,是否还有其他星球有生命存在的可能性,但讽刺的是,我们自己的星球正在互相争斗... 随时准备攻击对方。 难道我们不能先让我们自己的星球成为天堂吗?

Bonny Moraes
They say life began in water, from there it evolved and began living on land, trying to go to other planets could be the next step in evolution. - UP: 0 DW: 0


Swami Vivekanand
China should first try to match with our Chandrayan 2 and Modiji's iconic hug with Isro chief. - UP: 6 DW: 4


India magic
Nobody can match India's CH2. ISRO can turn a total crash/smash into 98 percent success, upgraded by Modi to total success. That's Indian magic - UP: 0 DW: 0


We are busy giving adhaar to cows. - UP: 5 DW: 3


China is winning the race and our C#pm playing divise politics. - UP: 5 DW: 3


Nationalist Citizen
Democracy and Freedome of Speech being abused in India. To straighten people like you I hope one day we can replicate Chinese policies in India - UP: 1 DW: 0


Hemant Gupta
India was the first Asian country to reach Mars. But there's is no mention of India super power in space. Is this arrogance or ignorant?? - UP: 5 DW: 3

印度是第一个到达火星的亚洲国家。但是文中没有提到印度在太空领域是超级大国。 这是傲慢还是无知?

Ram Mishra
Because Congress were not ruling the country at that time . So it will not be counted. - UP: 2 DW: 0


Modi ji already working on this and will be ready in next 2 months. Even Modi ji will send man to Mars in 2021 - UP: 5 DW: 2


Yelnik Retaw
Modiji is God himself. Boycott China. India is a superpower, we can destroy china anytime with surgical strike. - UP: 4 DW: 6


Anoop T Raju
Who are you.. Please leave.. - UP: 0 DW: 1


BIG Indians
India can destroy China by Indian BIG mouth alone. One huff and puff from Indian BIG mouths China will be gone. - UP: 1 DW: 0

印度仅凭一张大嘴巴,就可以摧毁中国。 印度的大嘴巴吹出一口气,中国就会消失。

Brijesh Kumar
Only reason India may explore Mars is to send all CAA protesters there. We don't need them. - UP: 4 DW: 1


Bllog Suri
India should stick to providing basic needs to its people. That will progressively strenghen thw country. Forget space. Instead become experts in satellites. Sell the services to the world. - UP: 4 DW: 0


Dravidian Nationalist
USA and china still trying to reach Mars, India has already started construction of the Ram temple on Mars - UP: 4 DW: 1


Ram Dularay Verma
China is taking rivalry with Us to another planet . India is beating the drums of rivalry with China but none knows for what. - UP: 4 DW: 0

中国正在把与我们的竞争带到另一个星球上。 印度正在敲着与中国竞争的战鼓,但谁也不知道为了什么。

Nav RuhMaa
dragon preparing for mars ! tiger struggling to land in moon ! - UP: 4 DW: 2


China is good at stealing. A Chinese scientist (Lee) working in NASA on the Mars lander program suddenly disappeared to China. In fact, China doesn't even send an orbiter to Mars. But suddenly they jumped to landing mission. So partly blame the US for their stupidity. Credit goes to Chinese thieves. - UP: 3 DW: 0

中国擅长偷窃。 一位在美国宇航局火星着陆器项目工作的中国科学家(李)突然消失去了中国。 事实上,中国甚至没有向火星发射卫星。 但是他们突然就跳到了火星登陆任务上了。因此,在一定程度上要归咎于美国的愚蠢。归功于中国的小偷。

sour matt
Such nonsense comment only reflects your stupidity and jealousy. - UP: 0 DW: 0


Indian nuts
Indians stole all rockets and space technology from Russia. - UP: 0 DW: 2


Khan Mars
A Pakistani scientist (Khan) working in ISRO on India Mars Orbiter program suddenly disappeared and emerged in China to lead China's Mars Lander mission. - UP: 0 DW: 0


There was never any Chinese scientist Lee worked in NASA Mars lander program. Shameless liar. - UP: 0 DW: 1


Prateek Singh
it doesn't matter. We have more pressing issues like unique identity of cows and sex ratio of cattles - UP: 3 DW: 3


M Kalashnikov
Meanwhile our infrastructure is crumbling and we're wasting billions on this. - UP: 0


Terence Clark
Why is this always set up as a competition between the US and China? The competition model of looking at it is unhelpful. China is reaching exploration goals and adding more to our collective knowledge of our solar system. We should be celebrating that instead of making it some kind of race. Let's congratulate them for their successes, cheer them on, and enjoy the benefits of their research instead of automatically making it a pissing contest every chance we get. - UP: 1


I don't think it matters who gets there first the fact that we (humans) will even get there will be amazing - UP: 0


Mars will be the 51st American State - UP: 0


wooper shooper
I wonder who will make it there first. My money is on NASA. - UP: 1


Charlie Horse
War in Mars , Chinese will say Mars is theirs. - UP: 0


Fellow White Person
China should be spending money on gay rights.. - UP: 0


John Slap-a-ho
Gross - UP: 0


India will also create but required strong support in politics - UP: 3 DW: 1


All the technology used by China is from the west not never its own. - UP: 3 DW: 0


Indian tech
All the technology used by India are Indian indigenous: India-Suzuki, India-Toyota, India-Samsung, MIG29, SU30K Rafale jets, aircraft carrier, submarines, rifles with bullets, all Indian inventions since Videc time - UP: 1 DW: 1


Vishal Raj
That's good, China is leaving our Earth - UP: 3 DW: 1


Manish R Sinha
China will soon become bankrupt after competing with USA - UP: 3 DW: 3


Yule Kharpuri
true cause US is the 🔨 of all nations.... - UP: 0 DW: 1


wishing Indians
By India and US accounts, China economy already collapsed multiple times. Keep wishing - UP: 0 DW: 0


Del D
chinese are paying modi and amit shah to continue with communal riots n take economy backwards - UP: 3 DW: 3

中国人付钱给莫迪和阿米特 · 沙,让他们继续搞社区暴乱,让印度经济倒退

Shyam Murty
Chines working in usa are stealing technology from usa.Taking disadvantage of democracy . - UP: 3 DW: 3


real India
Wrong. China is stealing technology from India. Rockets that can lift 25 tonnes to near earth orbit and 14 tonnes to geo-synchronous orbits, 350 kmph bullet trains, mega dams, bridges and wrold largest super highway networks, all stolen from India - UP: 0 DW: 0


super India
A perfect descri1ption of the superpower India - UP: 1 DW: 1


Lashtam Pashtam
China is already competing with the USA, EU, Japan & Russia. Indian politicians are racing ahead to get reservation upto 100% by 2025 with the help of the great judges from the High Courts & Supreme Court. India is now on a countdown to compete with Syria, Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Lebanon etc. by 2025. - UP: 3 DW: 1

中国已经在和美国、欧盟、日本和俄罗斯竞争。在高等法院和最高法院的伟大法官的帮助下,印度的政治家们正在争先恐后地争取2025年保留职位。 印度现在正在倒计时,到2025年要与叙利亚、布隆迪、乌干达、埃塞俄比亚、黎巴嫩等国竞争。

Arun Choudhary
China is going to beat u s a. In future time - UP: 3 DW: 5


Ramesh Sargam
I appreciate China's advancement in space science. But what I don't like is advancing (poking) its nose in India's personal issues like the Kashmir one. - UP: 3 DW: 0


Chalu Pande
who cares.. I only know I am loosing my income - UP: 3 DW: 3

谁在乎呢... 我只知道我的收入在减少。

Saurabh Walia
You are a tiny person and your worries are tiny. Take care - UP: 3 DW: 2


Manohar Rakhe
I am all for research that helps people living on earth. NOw, there are thousands of people dying in every country round the globe due to illnesses that don't have a cure . Children & adults dying of malnutrition or lack of clean water. And yet, here we are spending multiple crores of rupees/dollars/yens or what have you, on research that does not directly help our own population right here on earth. Research is ESSENTIAL. There is no argument there. but please think of our own planet first, - UP: 2 DW: 3

我完全支持帮助生活在地球上的人类的研究。现在,全球每个国家都有成千上万的人死于无法治愈的疾病。死于营养不良或缺乏干净饮用水的儿童和成人。然而,我们却花费了数千万卢比 / 美元 / 日元或者其他货币用于研究上,并没有直接帮助我们地球上的人口。研究是必不可少,这是毫无疑问。但请先想想我们自己的星球,

real India
Idealistic fool. Who cares about starving and dying people on Earth? and for that matter in India? India is only interested in becoming a superpower, space or on earth, for national pride and bragging rights. - UP: 0 DW: 1

理想主义的傻瓜。谁会关心地球上饥饿和垂死的人们?那么在印度呢? 印度只对成为一个超级大国感兴趣,无论是在太空还是在地球上,都是为了民族自豪感和炫耀的权利。

China is not competing with us??? - UP: 2 DW: 0


Bijender Kumar
How india will get the funds for such kind of ambitious projects, its too busy with feeding its always growing population without enough resources - UP: 2 DW: 0


UAE space
If India can beg France to launch its heavy satellite, what's wrong for UAE to rent a heavy lifting rocket of Japan to Mars? In case you don't know, Japan is far ahead of India ISRO in space technology - UP: 0 DW: 1

如果印度可以乞求法国发射它的重型卫星,那阿联酋租用日本的重型火箭去火星又有什么错呢? 如果你不知道,日本在太空技术方面远远领先于印度太空研究组织。

Avi Mathias
if India wants to reach the height of China then first it has to bring one child policy - UP: 2 DW: 3


Bllog Suri
Are you mad? - UP: 1 DW: 1


Yule Kharpuri
very true... over population has made India poor.... - UP: 1 DW: 1

非常正确... 过多的人口使得印度变得贫穷..

Fossil By Then
RICH Indian CULTURE..! - UP: 0 DW: 1


proud Indian
What's new? India already reached and landed on Mars way back, beating both China and Russia. While India is doing real scientific work in space, China is just trying to catch up with India by propaganda. ISRO is the best in the world. - UP: 2 DW: 3


saksh UMAN NOT manky

当中国人连排灯节火箭都做不出来的时候,为什么还要竞争呢? 呵呵呵

Eye Star
China is competing with US in space race. India dragging its feet courtesy of two GUJI BANIYA MODI AND SHAH. Bring country to a halt and destroy its glorious past. Both need kick at the back. - UP: 2 DW: 1


Jagadish Sahu
First I challenge the developed countries to stop the fire in Australia. . show your talent there ... idiots- UP: 2 DW: 0


Anthony Kalia
China is the next superpower India no place to hide India you.Worship China or Perish - UP: 2 DW: 5


We all have seen things made in China. Cute looking low quality stuff. - UP: 1 DW: 1


cute LLias
Have you seen electric buses in all Indian cities that are pride of Modi? All are imported BYDs from China. They are not only cute but also the best quality of the world. What do you say? - UP: 2 DW: 1


Babu Sabu
Chinese movements are very painfully hurting the BIackies from all angles and directions. - UP: 1 DW: 2


Mohammad Khalid Ahmad
We are competing with Pakistan not USA - UP: 1 DW: 3


India is competing with India, we are the best and biggest democracy and people power. We hold the higest amount master degrees in thr world. Love mother india and protect our democracy and diversity. - UP: 1 DW: 0


Jai Gupta
China is a heading in new direction where everyone is following America's path hut china is creating his path - UP: 1 DW: 2


Rational Indian
And we are stuck in politics of appeasing so called minority communities & politics over cast creed and religion !!! - UP: 1 DW: 0

我们陷入了安抚所谓的少数民族群体的政治中,政治必须凌驾于信仰和宗教之上! ! !

China has money, will power, no political obstacles and also talent, so they take on anyone in the world. - UP: 1 DW: 0


Konfucius Ken
NASA's Opportunity rover has roamed , collected and analysed samples, sent back high resolution images and videos as well as data from Mars in 2007. Please watch the video uploaded by Atrum courtesy NASA on youtube. Even the sandstorns and low night temperatures of -75° C were endured by the rover .That will take one big catching up schedule in cost , technology and time. Wish China and India the best. - UP: 1 DW: 0


Meanwhile India will keep sending junk sats and useless moon missions on a technically outdated defunct launch vehicle which spews space junk - UP: 1 DW: 8


space is BS - UP: 0 DW: 0


parab DVs
NASA or SpeceX or China should prepare advanced space ships with greater speed to reach Lunar or Mars surface faster, in couple of years. With the help of AIs they should arrange waters from earth to Lunar or waters from Jupiter moons or Saturn moon Enceladus to Mars surface to make human colonies there in next 5 years.' - UP: 0 DW: 0

美国宇航局或者 SpaceX 或者中国航天局应该在几年内准备更快速度到达月球或者火星表面的先进太空飞船。在人工智能的帮助下,他们应该安排从地球运输水到月球,或者从木星卫星、土卫二运输水到火星表面,以便在未来5年内在那里建立人类殖民地。

Sanjeev Kumar
Chinese can do copy and paste but can't do R & D. - UP: 0 DW: 0


India R D
China bullet trains running at 350 kmph, with 600 kmph models already tested. India is running express trains at 55 kmph. India R&D? Show it. - UP: 0 DW: 0

中国子弹头列车时速350公里,已经测试了每小时600公里的车型。印度的特快列车时速为55公里。印度的研发? 先表现出来。

Bonny Moraes
Things are looking up, for China I mean. - UP: 0 DW: 0


This is the bad side of capitalism. Consumerism, americans wanting so much buying power, that made china rich and the biggest rival. Now US is going to spend money to balanve that power ration. - UP: 0 DW: 0


Nice - UP: 0 DW: 0


China plans 39 million-mile race to Mars to catch up with Nasa. Where is Russia these days. - UP: 0 DW: 0


India should build bases on the moon. - UP: 0 DW: 0


building India
You mean cow statues and temples on the Moon? - UP: 0 DW: 1


Hasan Pat
Waste of money ! - UP: 0 DW: 5


Nation First
Good Space Race.India should join the race equally. - UP: 0 DW: 0


Bijay patnaik
Good news. Let them fight in Mars and spare the world. - UP: 0 DW: 2


Gs Goppalkrishnan Hyderabad
ambition is wonderful. but to see the need and reason for it. sreaming to habitat human is not wrong and not new. but these missions will not solve the current issues of mankind. I think india is reasonably well place and no need to enter any unnecessary competition - UP: 0 DW: 1


Suvle Seeker
Suggestion to ISRO: Match China's achievements or go home. - UP: 1 DW: 1